The HUB at Philadelphia Insurance Companies - How we are adopting the future of work

Our internal community has been live for 15 months.  We gave the community a face lift in July with the assistance of Social Edge Consulting .  The Mosaic image map on the Homepage is very easy to manage and gives us a nice group of images to kick off the community.   The responsive design of this tool, enables us to manage it within the community without depending on a graphic designer. Our organic phased adoption approach has led us from Customer Service and Account Management to mobile worker support and ideation. 


Most consuming, participating, and contributing members are raving fans because questions are answered quickly and efficiently without major interruptions to their day.  It is a welcomed change from one off phone calls and emails. In areas where the answers are incorrect, this is a benefit as well, since it leads to transparency of a current broken process or misunderstanding that would otherwise go unnoticed.  The community is helping us build the trust networks we need to work more productively outside of our traditional silos.  This is beginning to happen at an accelerated rate as we work to integrate rewards and recognition programs within the platform.

Our last Participation Ladder Report, illustrated here, shows that we excel in the area of contributing, but still need to work on the adoption of 40% of our user base.

We have some idea jams, innovation challenges, and Champions group activities planned for this quarter that we are really excited about.

Below is a screen shot of the community homepage.  The second shows the "Exchange" which encourages cross department opportunities to connect, communicate, and collaborate.  The last shows an example of a sub-space to the Exchange.



The 6 Sub-spaces to the "Exchange" all have the same layout, each  with a description, community manager identification, and call to action.  I am specifically responsible for Shared Services IT space as well as many of the community manager responsibilities.

I work for a Service Organization that provides services to Philadelphia Insurance but, we are all owned by the same holding company.   I have integrated SharePoint 2010 with our instance to keep the formal communication separated from the informal and provide the rich content management features of SharePoint while enabling the strong collaboration aspects of Jive.  Since the company I work for (TMNA Service) offers other services to sister companies outside of IT, we are establishing a new community for the shared services company and will surface the information needed for cross company interaction through custom apps, bridging, and or external contributor features.  This solution is still in the early phases, but I would be happy to share where we end up at a later time.

Shared services.png

After 2 Jiveworlds and working with Jivers, customers in the local user group, and 3rd party vendors, I can honestly say it is a great supportive community and it really fits with what I am about.  I am happy to be an explorer work type and help pave the path for bigger and better things within my organization and beyond.

Cheers for now