Every year around Valentines Day you want to find a way to reach out to your peers and make them smile but not in a creepy or HR inappropriate sort of way.

Problem solved.

Use the links below to bring send any of seven different Valentines Day ecards to your friends and peers.  Make them smile and realize that you appreciate your friendship and great work, at work. You can't add any messaging, only to and from info will appear to ensure content remains acceptable.

(I don't track anything with these web apps so there is no disclaimer.  We will delete any and all entered data by the end of February.  Just enjoy these tools and have some fun)

Click here for my Valentines Day web app.

valentine app button.png

Save this web app to your mobile desktop and the icon above will appear and you can send some eValentines while on the train, not paying attention in a meeting or where ever.


You can also embed these cards in your favorite social business platform including IBM Connections, JIVE, and Salesforce.


Click here to send the Calvin & Hobbes style Valentine.

Embed code for Calvin & Hobbes eValentine



Click here to send the GR8 Job Valentine.

Embed code for GR8 Job eValentine


Click here to send the Heart Work Valentine.

Embed code for Heart Work eValentine

Heart Work.png

Click here to send the Roses Are Red Valentine.

Embed code for Roses are Red eValentine

roses are red.png

Click here to send the Star Wars Valentine.

Embed code for Star Wars eValentine


Click here to send the Star Trek Valentine.

Embed code for Star Trek eValentine


Click here to send the Boston Valentine.

Embed code for Boston Style eValentine


Contact Josh for more info, thoughts and ideas for future stuff.