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Think of a number but don't tell me.


Welcome to the Super Puzzle II, a fun and interactive way to learn more about me. Why about me? Actually it's not about me, but I'm the guinea pig here. The Super Puzzle II is an example of how you can use magic and a little creativity to get people to explore the nooks and crannies of your social business platform. For the sake of this experiment you will explore some of my digital properties, and in the process both learn more about me and help me guess that number that you just thought of.


So are you ready? You may want a piece of paper to jot some things down. Do you remember the number that you thought of? Any number will do but if you are not a fan of math perhaps keep it between zero and ten.


Please write down the number that you thought of.

Clue #1 - Vine

Vine is a handy little social tool that allows you to create and post very short looping videos. Everyone recognizes the value of refining your elevator pitch to something that is concise and effective, but can you get your pitch across within the six seconds of a Vine video? Click here to watch my Vine on innovation. To discover this clue subtract the numeral of the day I posted this Vine from the number of seconds I suggest for my innovation pitch.


Number of pitch seconds - Date of posting = Clue #1

Clue #2 - YouTube

I have created a number of apps, web apps and so forth but one of the coolest ones was my augmented reality hardware scanner. YouTube is a handy way to get your message across to audiences. Click here to watch my teaser clip about the Mobile Scan Book AR on youTube. Make a note of how long the movie says it takes to recognize a screw or a bolt.


Clue # 2 = # of seconds MSB AR takes to recognize an item

Clue # 3 -

A brand specific webpage is of course a great way to promote your product brand or service, or even yourself. Click here to visit my web page at Once there please find the download menu then open up my single page resume.

  • Add up the single digits in my cell phone number. The equation for my phone number aaa-bbb-cccc looks like this a+a+a+b+b+b+c+c+c+c ( __+__+__ )+ __+__+__ +__+__+__+__ = ____
  • Next add up the single digits of my house number ___ +___+___ = ____
  • Make a note of how many solutions appear in the management circle in the left hand graphical part of my resume.


To discover Clue # 3, divide the sum of my cell phone numerals by the sum of my house number numerals and then add the number of apps in the management circle to the result.

(sum of cell phone numerals ÷ sum of house number numerals) + # of solutions in management circle = Clue #3


Clue #4 - LinkedIN

I love publishing on LinkedIN. Click here to see all of my posts on LinkedIN, but for this clue click here for a specific article called Use yah blinka - A Massachusetts drivers guide to social business Please, read through the article and make a note of the route number mentioned in the section subtitled, The Boston Effect.


Route # mentioned in the Boston Effect section of Use ya blinka = Clue #4


Clue #5 -

In the video section of my webpage, there is a video about the time saving value of using social business instead of a traditional meeting. Click here to jump to the video section of my webpage, then choose the "Why use social business" video link in the green box on the right. Make a note of how many people Josh is trying to schedule a meeting with. (This clue does not include Josh, just the people he is trying to meet with )

# of people Josh is trying to schedule a meeting with = Clue #5

Clue #6 - is a nice casual networking and personal branding site. It's low key and less intense than LinkedIN and less overworked than Facebook. Click here to see my page. Look around as much as you would like but take note of how many linked social networks are indicated by icons on my page. They are all together and the should stand out. The first one is Twitter and the last one is FourSquare followed by a follow button.

# of social network icons on Josh's page = Clue #6


The magic

Take that number that you thought of earlier and subtract clue #1 from it.

Secret number - Clue #1

Multiply the result from above times clue #2

(Secret number - Clue #1) X Clue #2

Add clue #3 to the result from above.

((Secret number - Clue #1) X Clue #2) + Clue #3

Divide the result from above by clue #4

(((Secret number - Clue #1) X Clue #2) + Clue #3) ÷ Clue #4

Add clue #5 to the result from the equation above

((((Secret number - Clue #1) X Clue #2) + Clue #3) ÷ Clue #4) + Clue #5

Lastly divide the result from the previous equation by clue #6

(((((Secret number - Clue #1) X Clue #2) + Clue #3) ÷ Clue #4) + Clue #5) ÷ Clue #6

The number that you were thinking of is the result of this last step.

(((((Secret number - Clue #1) X Clue #2) + Clue #3) ÷ Clue #4) + Clue #5) ÷ Clue #6) = Your Number

(if you came up with a different number click here to check your work)


By magic I guessed the number that you were thinking of, and yet along the way you explored

  • my Vine account
  • my YouTube account
  • my personal webpage
  • my LinkedIN account plus my published articles
  • my personal web page videos section
  • my account

You were exposed to six parts of my personal brand in a fun and unobtrusive way. In the original version, the SuperPuzzle exposed explorers to 18 parts of a social business platform. By applying this same type of learning vehicle to your social business platform, you can make it easy and enjoyable for both new users and super users to dig into your solution. With the scariness of trying something new removed from the equation, transforming these visitors to active participants will be immeasurably easier.


Please let me know if you enjoyed this way of helping folks explore their social business and collaborative platforms below in the comments.


If you missed part one of this discussion, please click here to review the original article.