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Heart over Headquarters | Elisa Steele | LinkedIn


Read Elisa Steele's latest LinkedIn blog post to find out how Jive is living the future of work by eliminating it's corporate headquarters. We are HQ-free!


Determining where to establish your centralized headquarters used to be an important business decision for companies. But for today's way of working, the importance of the HQ label has diminished. If your teams are working toward your mission from everywhere, what's so important about the team who sits at "HQ"? A shift away from physical headquarters offices started almost a decade ago as companies looked for ways to position themselves better in the fast-changing global marketplace. Today, there are at least 76 companies that operate mostly or completely virtually, which is triple the number on last year's list by FlexJobs.


The leaders at these companies understand that flexible, unique individuals can come together from anywhere to do great things with the right tools – regardless of where they are physically located. Access to technology has changed everything and the notion of having one specific location where the magic happens is not relevant anymore; working from anywhere and everywhere is now the way of the world. Modern communications and collaboration tools allow people to connect instantly, regularly and opportunistically. Leaders and teams can be fluid and effective regardless of where employees are, allowing organizations to hire and retain the best talent and build a strong, engaging culture. One that actually creates competitive advantage.


We'd love to hear what you think about going HQ-free! Read the full article now on LinkedIn and comment back to Elisa today!


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