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In case you missed it, we have a space called Careers Using Jive where The specified item was not found. regularly post job openings related to their Jive communities. There is a steady stream of job postings and I know for a fact that finding qualified candidates can be hard.


Where are the community manager applicants?


Recently Jive advertised a job opening for a Community Management intern. We had almost no applicants. Our Social Media intern position, on the other hand, had many applicants. Maybe it's because the general public understands the concept of social media more than it does community management. Maybe people think social media jobs are more fun, or have a better career path.


For whatever reason, we had to steal a social media applicant in order to fill our Community Management intern position. Luckily, I snagged a college student, Carmel Schetrit from UC Berkeley, with a lot of potential and I am actively training her on community management over the next three months. Meet Carmel...


Carmel profile-image-display.png

Welcome Carmel Schetrit to the community! She just started yesterday.


Carmel's intern project for the summer will be to provide a proposal to answer the question:


How can we educate/prepare college students in the career of community management?


I've asked her to do a bunch of research and even reach out to some of you. If you are willing to meeting with her for a 1/2 hour to give her your opinion on the question, we would love to set up some time to talk.


With the results of her proposal, we hope to create an infographic-like poster that can be hung up in the hallways of college and university English, Communication, Psychology, and Marketing departments with a call to action on how they can learn more about Community Management as a career and what to do to build their skills.


Please join me in doing what we can to grow more community managers and better define what this role requires.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Careers Using Jive

I first blogged about out community back in January  The HUB at Philadelphia Insurance Companies and have had some follow up with others on the choice to integrate with SharePoint and how we are tracking in terms of success.              


Here is a recap and where we are at in terms of measuring our success, with more work to be done.


A Jive Social business platform branded “The Hub” was first implemented in 2014 to address connectedness and knowledge share of the Account Executives within PHLY.  This department is decentralized across 40+ offices with almost 300 employees, each having expertise in a vast array of areas.  The initiative sought to connect, collaborate and communicate with a “working out loud” perspective.  The online solution can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device and allows a catalogue of collective expertise and ideas to be built, shared, and grown.  The Hub helps establish a learning culture, providing a platform for connections and conversations across the organization.     



Our Implementation Strategy focused in these business stakeholders in the following roles:


• Collaborator on design with a less is more approach- focused on the user experience and supporting design concepts that build around specific use cases.

• Sponsoring and supporting end user training -finding the right balance between “How” and “Why” by presenting “Show & Tell” sessions to demonstrate real-life work scenarios that can benefit employees, as well as, creating user guides and presentations.

• Marketer- Creating buzz with employees and other teams by holding meetings to share success stories, as well as, conducting Senior level participation to highlight wins and give recognition for adoption and engagement.




Having an existing intranet portal on SharePoint with varying degrees of adoption, presented a host of challenges.  Primarily was the lack of guidance and reference material around best practices for coexistence of SharePoint and Jive. 


To overcome this challenge we chose selected integration points as our model of Jive and SharePoint co-existence.  A new SharePoint application was created and integrated using the Jive – SharePoint connector.  This provided the best of both words, leveraging infrastructure services in SharePoint and social capabilities of Jive.


Integration Points:

               1. Federated Search – bi-directional

               2. Surface Jive Feeds in SharePoint

               3. Surface SharePoint content, lists, and links in Jive


Success Metrics and Factors


Participant surveys reports the following sentiment:


o 72% reported that JIVE is a Valuable Workplace Tool

o 66% of users felt that they are more informed about what’s going on in the Dept.

o 65% agreed that JIVE helps them retrieve relevant information faster

o 62% of users felt that they can find expertise in the company faster through JIVE.


Intangible Benefits:


Promoted Openness – Enables visibility and ease of contribution of individuals.

Increased Richness – Fosters the development and communication of new ideas.

Extended Reach - Access information, ask question, and find experts anytime from any device.

Increased Motivation – Game elements promote adoption and reward members for participation.

Supported Change –Social analytics show who viewed what, when, and how often.


Critical Success Factors:


This NPS metric is isolated to Account Management team to show the direct impact of this initiative. 


o NPS (Net Promoter Score):  Increased almost 25%, 45.3 to 56.5.

o Customer Satisfaction:  Increased 3.5% from 8.78 to 9.09

o Community Contribution performs 7% better than the best companies at 22% Benchmark data from the CR 2014 State of Community Management Research

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