It's 2016 and I know you're already rolling. I thought this might be a good moment for a shout-out to the whole CM community out there. Another year of full-on passion has just begun.


CM.pngEven at my company people often still look at me with that "what's that?" look when you tell them that you're a community manager. So, should you have that experience, just forward the below:


A community manager is someone who's bright, crazy and passionate. A community manager believes where others might not see or give a damn. A community manager already runs while others still stand and ponder. A community manager flies where other don't even see the wings. Community managers are doers and fervent believers, eternal optimists and roaring idealists, loud-mouth visionaries and lovable nutcases and occasionally they are also pains in the butt, too - but always with the best interests of the community at heart.


Community managers thrive on honesty, openness and care. Community managers are rebels with a cause. The cause to make people happy, the cause to do everything in their power to motivate and empower and engage and inspire everyone in the community. Community managers build and foster and connect with emotion, with heart. For community managers, it's personal. It's not a job, it's a community, a bunch of human beings, family.


Community managers are change agents. They nurture and embrace and nudge and sometimes push to get more emotion, more heart, more fun, more life into the community. Community managers kick ***, play the court jesters and help in any way they can. They offer what's required - advice, smiles, ideas, sparks and sometimes bear-hugs, too. Community managers do whatever, whenever, wherever. With them, the physical and the virtual worlds come together. They are the heart, they are the soul and often they are the conscience, too.


To all the community managers out there: Let's make 2016 the next most awesome year ever! To everyone else, remember that community managers, as much as they like giving, enjoy getting those smiles and hugs, too.


Happy 2016 everyone!

PS: For all those coming to JiveWorld16 - I'll see you there! I'll be sharing some of my experiences around leadership engagement. Special shout-out to Kathryn Everest and Claire Fletcher for making it possible - greatly looking forward to it.