Happy New Year!

In Denver (my home base) we celebrate the New Year with fireworks on the 16th street mall at midnight.  I don't know how many years this has been going on but it has been happening for at least the 15 years that I've lived in Denver.  One thing that strikes me as I look at pictures of this time-honored tradition over the years is the skyline continues to change every year.  Us Denverites continue to love the experience; it just looks a little different every year.



If you're a veteran of Jive's Internal Communities practice group you'll know we've been talking about internal communities in this very group since 2009.  We all enjoy the experience of sharing ideas, successes, and challenges with a growing pool of practitioners.  But the "skyline" has changed from time to time over the years.  You've probably noticed a significant change that happened this weekend.  I wanted to let you know more about these changes and also ask for your input and assistance as we continue to evolve and improve these dedicated areas for community management practitioners.


First off, a little more about what's changing and what's driving the changes...


A "face lift" for the Internal Communities group home page with two goals in mind:

  • Make these pages responsive and easy to browse on a mobile device
  • Raise awareness of the Q&A and peer-to-peer conversations that are the lifeblood of this community

Please share your feedback or additional suggestions, either in the comments here or through the poll What would you like to see in the Internal Communities group?


Behind the scenes, expanded commitment by Jive to facilitating and cultivating vibrant communities of practice among our customers and end users.

  • Providing community management and expert input on a more regular and sustained basis to help assure timely answers or routing of questions and high-quality engagement.
  • Don't worry we're not here to take over or get in the way, just to help keep things moving and connect the dots in a more timely fashion where we can!
  • Gather feedback and insights around what's top of mind for our key practitioners


So what next?  If you don't mind:


  1. Take the time to review the new Internal Communities group home page and comment here with your feedback
  2. Provide your feedback on what content and interaction is or would be most valuable - What would you like to see in the Internal Communities group?
  3. If you prefer, feel free to DM or reach out privately (remember to follow me so I can follow you to enable private messaging)
  4. Participate!  Ask a question that is top of mind, share some community management tips or approaches that your peers might benefit from, or find a question to answer Open Questions


Thanks and Happy New Year!

Christy Schoon