Hey Jive Community managers, once again this year for Community Manager Appreciation Day, Jive wants to celebrate YOUR accomplishments in helping transform the way your company works with customers, or partners, or employees, or all of those people!!


Starbucks coffee.jpgAs a small token of appreciation for all your hard work, we want you to go to Starbucks, on Jive!  But of course, this community stuff is about SOCIAL and SHARING right!!

So all you need to do to get a $10 Starbucks gift card is make a post in this group or in Jive External Communities before the end of CMAD week (CMAD is Monday, January 25), @mention me or Becky Leung that contains two things:

  1. Tell us what Jive is at your company.  That's right, it could be as easy as saying 'Jive is <fill in the blank> at <company name>.'  Or you could make it longer if you want.  That's cool, but what we're looking for here is something that conveys the value or transformation that Jive is bringing about at your organization.
  2. Some result or anecdotal feedback you've received in 2015 that you know of about your community.  Maybe it's finding an answer faster than before, maybe it's something about finding someone across the globe that helped move some idea or project forward or maybe you've seen customer retention rates improve 10% or employee engagement go up 15%.


We want to hear that appreciation you so deserve for all that hard work, so share away!  And hopefully this facilitates more connections with your peers at the same time.


Last year we asked for people to share screenshots as well so if you want to do that as well this year, I know customers appreciate seeing examples of other customer's Jive implementations.  By the way, for anyone interested I tried to catalog these screenshots that were submitted last year here - Examples of employee-centric communities on Jive  and Examples of customer and partner communities on JiveX  - if you're interested in checking them out.


Anyway, here's to all the great Community Managers yet again in 2016 that are driving their companies forward on Jive!


And remember, we're always looking to promote our customers as thought leaders so if you're interested in thought leader opportunities check out Advocate Opportunities in the Customers - Jive Hub area.