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plural noun: crackerjacks


an exceptionally good person or thing.
OR this:
You may have noticed that we refreshed our gamification strategy on the Jive Community at the new year.  For more detail check out A brand new game for JiveWorks.  My favorite part of the Jive Community is people helping people.  You may be a community manager, developer, community strategist, customer evangelist, partner business analyst, strategy consultant - the list goes on.  We are all passionate about the work we do in our roles and are happy to help others out along their community journey.  Do we need badges and points to help each other out?  NO!  Is it fun to earn badges and points?  YES!
The progressive Crackerjack badge crackerjack_badge.png is all about answering other people's questions.  It doesn't matter if your answer is right or wrong - you are simply trying to help.
Along with the gamification refresh at the new year, Jive Internal Communities saw a face lift using tiles and I did a little cleanup of old questions that were no longer valid due to old versions or had already been answered but didn't have answered questions marked.  During this cleanup process I noticed something interesting.  There were quite a few unanswered questions that are still valid questions today even though they may have been asked in 2010.




So please check out the questions and think about contributing to at least one.  I know you have a good response based on your experience.  Your contributions are extremely valuable.  We are all looking for answers but sometimes it just helps to hear that someone else has a similar challenge.



BTW, I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at JiveWorld16!  If you get in Sunday come to the unofficial meetup Annual "Pre-Conference" (Unofficial) Meetup Sunday, March 13 .  I can't wait to see you!


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(I'm wearing my Vegas tiara.)


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