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How many rewards cards do you have in your wallet right now? I have Office Depot, Walgreens, American Eagle, Sephora, Marukai, Kohl's, Plenti and several others at home. Let's face it, we love being rewarded and recognized.


So why haven't you taken advantage of Jive Rewards yet? Afraid the implementation will fall on its face? Intimidated by the process of migrating customers to the rewards program? Don't know where to start? As the native gamification system within Jive, we created it specifically with your community in mind and we are here to answer your questions.


The Principal Strategy Consultant from Jive's Professional Services team will be hosting a webinar on December 7th at 8am PDST / 11am EST to deep-dive into Jive Rewards and answer your questions and concerns. The main topic will be how to plan a successful migration to Jive Rewards and maximize the value of Rewards.


Here are a few reasons why implementing Jive Rewards is worth the effort:


Improved onboarding experience.  Encourage adoption and exploring the community for your new users to familiarize themselves with Jive functionality.


Drive adoption. Users will immerse themselves in community features and functionality.


Identify your advocates. Help identify, engage and reward true community advocates.


Just curious about Jive Rewards? The webinar is free! Sign up and learn more about our Jive Rewards program.

community-signal (1).png


I recently took part in a podcast with Community Signal which is a weekly podcast for community professionals. In this podcast, i touch on how Pearson uses our community for corporate memory. I also talk a little about how we use Gamification at Pearson and how it helps our business push our values and company strategy. Finally, i talk about the importance of having a community at your company so your people feel connected.


If you have 27 mins spare and would like to have a listen:


How Pearson’s Internal Online Community Connects 36,000 Employees in 70+ Countries


If you have any questions around what was discussed, please feel free to comment below and we can continue the conversation.



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