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When doing Jive and Social Collaboration consulting for teams and organizations I noticed that people encounter issues with graphic sizes as it relates to Jive Documents, Document Viewer Tiles and images in tables. In our cloud instance I have found that Jive does adjust images for the most part. The following seems to work for me, give it a try.



Add a Banner to a Jive Document - 1265 x 250


  • When creating your graphic you can determine the ideal height that works for your presentation.
  • When you want to ensure your images FILL the space and does not get CUT OFF.
  • I have set an image width to try and anticipate possible future changes in the environment.


Try the following:

  1. In HTML view, remove any width and height pixel references.
  2. Add style="width:100%; height:auto;"
  3. If you want to zero out any padding around your image you can remove the default image class. Example; class=" image-1 jive-image" - You can manage padding via an inline style class or the cell padding of a table



  • Will work with Tiles and Widgets
  • Will self adjust in a 1, 2 or 3 column layout - places (document viewer tiles or widgets)
  • Will work with tables ( ensure your tables are not using pixels and are set to 100% and columns a percentage of that. 2 column table for example; table is 100% then each column is set to 50%)


Gif Animation - Demo - Click image to view larger



Mobile View

I wrote a blog in October about what your elevator pitch is and started a conversation on how you use your Jive community?. The JiveWorks community really helped me out by posting back really interesting thoughts around their community. It inspired me to think about our narrative in 2017.


The lovely Jessica posted a comment and within it, she wrote I encourage participation and use of the community through evolving adoption techniques” - Thank you for inspiring this blog post Jess.


I’m going to be very honest about our community (Neo). We’re a mature community, coming into our sixth year. We’ve had a tough 1-2 years, as have many other companies. We’ve had restructures, redundancies and morale is at an all time low. Neo has been a great tool for us to communicate our changes to the business, but with that comes negative comments. We moderate when comments aren’t decent, but we encourage conversation and healthy debate so try to stay as neutral as possible. Unfortunately, due to the negativity, Neo can sometimes be perceived as the tool to use to have a moan. We see it as transparency in how our colleagues are feeling but senior leaders and middle managers see it differently. We really want to change that mindset in 2017.


The last few years in Neo have been about cleaning up and archiving out of date content and places. We really want to focus 2017 and beyond to be about community management and adoption. We’re going to be launching something (still a working launch), which will help us get more colleagues using Neo.


We’ve lost some colleagues around the world due to:

  • Most of the content in Neo being written in English.
  • They have another place to go to collaborate (Google Drive).
  • They don’t have time in their work day.


This is how we’re going to address it:

  • Translations - we’re in the pilot phase of integrating a translation tool within Neo.
  • Jive Anywhere - so colleagues can collaborate from within their Google mail inbox.
  • Jive Daily - so they have Neo on their mobile devices and can consume content when they want it.


It is about choice:

  1. Enabling users to choose HOW they get information.
  2. Enabling users to choose WHAT information they get.
  3. Enabling users to  choose how MUCH information they get.


We’re planning to curate:

  • Stories - How do our colleagues around the world use Neo.
  • Videos - Video to demonstrate how they can consume content in Neo in different ways.
  • Video Diaries from colleagues - for example “Hey, i'm Dina and this is how i stay on top of my communications” - by using custom streams, getting notified once a day, week etc.
  • Use Gamification, if possible and it makes sense to use.


I would love to hear if other Jive communities have gone through, or are going through similar issues we’re experiencing. How did you overcome them? If you didn’t, let’s get the conversation going and see if we can help each other out.


I would also love to start a conversation around community adoption. What techniques have you tried within your community? Did it work? If so, please share if you can. If it didn’t, share it anyway, what didn’t work for one Jive community could be really valuable for another.

My name is Rena Kuit and I recently joined a PwC global team based in London. Until about fairly recently I was doing market insights for Africa based in Johannesburg. I was really comfortable (that was a big clue) in my job but had that niggly feeling that I needed a change of scenery. IMG_1008.JPG

This came in the form of an offer to join the one of the PwC global teams based in London and that’s when things got very interesting… we (my husband and I) packed up our home, sold the house, booked the dogs flights and embarked on our ‘change of scenery’ with a container and 112kg luggage (evenly split between my husband and me ;-) ). Since then, we have found a new home, unpacked the boxes, bought a sofa bed and a car, and have spent many an hour trying to figure out the local equivalent of our favorite retailers back in South Africa and started settling in to our new ‘home’.

This got me thinking, what makes a successful community, having just moved? In my mind (and also thanks to Sociology as a major at university), there needs to be an effort from all parties, e.g. from whoever ‘owns’ the community (the community manager, homeowners association, council etc.) as well as the person wishing to join the community (a newbie like me).

I came up with the following 10 things on what makes a community divided into two key categories and I think they very much apply to any community. The responsibilities of a:


Now let me have a look at the ‘Round & About guide’ to my new local community.



On Thursday, December 8, 2016 Jive Software and Cox Automotive will be hosting a webinar to show you how a $5 billion-revenue provider of automotive products and services has been able to unify its 30,000 employees with their interactive intranet. The webinar will be lead by Billy Auer, communications manager from Cox Automotive and Darshita Maniar, senior manager of product marketing at Jive.


A variety of topics will be touched upon, including how Jive has helped Cox Automotive effectively handle acquisitions and support employees. Cox Automotive and Jive are working together to prevent employee fragmentation due to location, time-zone, devices and different work habits. "With so many brands on one unified hub, we have a place for everything from communication to knowledge-sharing to social interaction across our entire organization," said Auer. "This has allowed us to not only better unite as a company, but also harness collaboration across brands, teams and locations in a way that helps everyone work better together."


Register for this free webinar to hear about the dedication Cox Automotive is putting toward connecting and supporting their employees.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 8.55.26 AM.png


The details:


  • What – “Building an Engaged Workforce at Cox Automotive” webinar

  • Who – Billy Auer, communications manager at Cox Automotive and

     Darshita Maniar, senior manager of product marketing at Jive

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