When doing Jive and Social Collaboration consulting for teams and organizations I noticed that people encounter issues with graphic sizes as it relates to Jive Documents, Document Viewer Tiles and images in tables. In our cloud instance I have found that Jive does adjust images for the most part. The following seems to work for me, give it a try.



Add a Banner to a Jive Document - 1265 x 250


  • When creating your graphic you can determine the ideal height that works for your presentation.
  • When you want to ensure your images FILL the space and does not get CUT OFF.
  • I have set an image width to try and anticipate possible future changes in the environment.


Try the following:

  1. In HTML view, remove any width and height pixel references.
  2. Add style="width:100%; height:auto;"
  3. If you want to zero out any padding around your image you can remove the default image class. Example; class=" image-1 jive-image" - You can manage padding via an inline style class or the cell padding of a table



  • Will work with Tiles and Widgets
  • Will self adjust in a 1, 2 or 3 column layout - places (document viewer tiles or widgets)
  • Will work with tables ( ensure your tables are not using pixels and are set to 100% and columns a percentage of that. 2 column table for example; table is 100% then each column is set to 50%)


Gif Animation - Demo - Click image to view larger



Mobile View