I've had a few people ask how I create my whiteboard friday's and you'll be glad to know it's really easy


For these I've tried to focus on value and consistency first, that is not to invest so much time and money in production that the videos never happen or don't get posted to the schedule I promise. Also what I didn't want to do was over-engineer them before I had an audience, instead iterating through practice and experience rather than making too many assumptions up front. That's my working practice now, test, learn, iterate - it makes for a lot of time saved and better results!




So onto the videos, they're filmed with an iphone on a tripod ... that's it, no fancy cameras. As a pro photographer I do have the gear to use but as above it'd take too long on my own so I opted for my phone instead. The phone is held onto the tripod with the top section of a selfie stick I found at poundland, just unscrew from one to the other - easy!


I have a makeshift studio at home and you'll see I'm often in different locations when recording, generally due to where I am at the time.


If i'm filming in a random location I'll look for:


  • A window light without direct sunlight, ideally in front or to the side. If it's light enough I'll turn off the room lights as they're a different colour. You can make up for the light by increasing the exposure on the camera, press and hold on the screen then drag up to increase it.
  • If there's no window or little light I'll turn on the room lights. If there's hard downlights (e.g. halogen bulbs rather than strip lights) i'll arch some paper over the one shining on me which will diffuse the light to make it softer


When filming at home I have a big whiteboard in my garage and large halogen work lights around it. They have opaque lighting filter paper over them to soften them up and are positioned with one in front and one at each opposite corner of the board.




It might sound like a small point (pun intended) but pens that actually show up on film are hard to come by as they need to be heavy ink, have a beveled end and be wipeable. The best I've found so far are these types - Whiteboard Markers . You'll need whiteboard spray and a cloth (not a whiteboard eraser) too to stop slow staining of your board.




Right now I'm not using a mic as iphones need an adapter to get one to work, which is fine if you're in quiet room. I will be using a tie clip mic at some point.


Ideas / shots


My ideas for whiteboard fridays generally come out of conversations I have with people which are often objections or challenges to collaboration. I prefer to address those through videos because they're conversations, not articles. They need a connection with the advisor to be incentivised to watch and be influenced by.


For shots, it's all one continuous recording chopped up. I've started putting a 5 second intro at the start to intice people before the credits which is working well, after that the session itself is one take. I aim for no more than 5 minutes for most material to keep attention and ensure I can keep them going. Those 5 minutes are done in one or max two takes. I'm not worried about mistakes unless they're total stops. If they're just re-pronunciations that's fine and if anything it makes it more authentic.




Production takes literally minutes through iMovie and I have a template where the new video just replaces the old, gets chopped and aligned with the intro and outro and finished. The somewhat budget titles are built into imovie (i do intended to jazz those up) and music is free from Bensound.


Cover photo


If you're using youtube then you'll need a cover photo for your video - a still that grabs peoples attention and gets them to watch (it's not shown on Hive). While you're filming the video take a few seconds at the end to put the phone on timer and grab a photo, trust me you won't get a good cover photo out of a still from the video, it'll either be boring, blurry or awkward looking.


For the cover photo I use the Typorama app, adding the text over the image and adding an overlay light leak to give the text some contrast.


Other videos


If you follow me on Twitter (@dtdotme) you'll have seen my other short vector videos that look great but are SUPER easy to make. [Dan Thomas on Twitter: "Discover the 5 top collaborative behaviours in today's video! #collaboration #cmgr https://t.c… ] They're made with biteable.com, free if you want watermarks or only $99 a year otherwise. It's an awesome site and we use it to jazz up all kinds of training.


Delfin Juan hope this helps!