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I’m so excited about going to JiveWorldthis year and am writing this update on the train to the airport right now so the process of getting there is well underway!

So while I’m travelling I thought I’d share what I’m most looking forward to, the value i’m planning to get out of it, what I’ll be doing and the take homes I really want to come back with to share with you!

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The event

The event itself is three days long from Monday to Wednesday, starting with the pre-conference on Monday, which is an all day boot camp for new communities and community managers on the Monday. The conference itself starts on Tuesday with the keynote from Jive then moves on to talks in six focussed education tracks until the end of Wednesday. You can stick to a track or attend separate sessions, whatever works.

Alongside all of that is a partner expo, networking and meet up events and breakout sessions. 

For the full agenda check out the JiveWorld 17 conference.

The tracks

The 6 tracks are:

– Product innovation – looking at Jive’s product roadmap
– Driving engagement and adoption – strategies and techniques from customers
– Industry focus – how Jive enables transformation
– Learning and development – how to find information and leverage insights
– Managing and measuring mature communities – addressing the challenges of mature communities
– Why Jive? – how to explain Jive to leaders

And there’s plenty of sessions to support it – check out the image below to look through what’s available.

My bit

We’ll also be taking part too! Me and Mark Mazza be discussing our journey at Lloyds Banking Group in our ‘Creating a collaborative culture’ talk and I’ll be supporting boot camp day 1 and sitting on the ‘Stealth adoption’ panel to discuss adoption tactics in mature communities.

My agenda

Getting value in conferences is all about pre-networking and forward planning, knowing what you’ll attend, who you want to talk to and what you want to get out of it. Here’s what’s on my agenda.

Our community’s reaching 2+ years now and the big thing for me is the best things to do next. Where can we add the most value, what’s going to engage the most people and what’s worked well for other organisations?

I’m also interested in value proving both for the community and community mangers themselves. How can we really extract and articulate the value we’re adding and how can community managers get the recognition they deserve for the hard work they’re putting in.

Some of you may be asking ‘aren’t you interested in what’s next for the product?’, which I am, but not that much. Jive will be sharing what’s next in their keynote which is rolled out to cloud customers first and even then there can be a significant delay before you see those features, often beyond a year. Ultimately I’m only interested in what’s available to us right now or very soon and I’m not wanting to get distracted by the bright lights of product development.

The battle plan

Clearly the ‘Managing and measuring communities‘ track is something that I’m focusing on but I’ll be jumping between tracks to really drill into the key areas that interest me. Jive will be recording all the sessions for playback later so I’m focussing on what will add the most value and the sessions I can really grill the speakers with questions in

I’m really looking forward to facilitating the boot camp. It’s great to be able to support other businesses with our learnings and it’s always good to reset to see what early communities challenges are. They often overlap across industry’s and it’s refreshing to see others having the same challenges, it makes you feel better about your own! I’m also looking for those nuggets of things they’ve tried that have worked well to bring back to you all.

I know a lot of the speakers already so I’ll be grabbing them on Monday to find out more about their sessions and vet them ahead of time to make sure I’m attending the best ones! Assuming they stay as interesting as the descriptions, here’s what I have planned.

Day 1 – Tuesday

I’ll be attending How to think about your investment in a collaboration solution on Tuesday midday. With the Collaboration Programme coming to a close at the end of this year this ones really important to us as we look to sum up the success and value of the platform. I really want to dig into the big numbers, how we prove that it was the right thing to do and how much value our community is adding.

Sadly I can’t attend two so I’ll be watching The (corporate) world is flat: Using Jive to increase communication between executives and all associates later, which looks really insightful.

On Tuesday afternoon I’ll attend How do I prove my value? Measuring and making the case to grow the team, looking at that proving the value of community managers element. 

My goal (some may call it a dream) is for community management to be an official role in Lloyds Banking Group and I’d love to be able to show how their value can be proved to support growing teams.

The final session I’ll be attending on Tuesday is Citi’s transformation journey: Igniting employee engagement and productivity across the globe in a highly regulated industry which by its title I think is pretty self explanatory! It’ll be great to see another banks journey and how they overcame similar challenges.

Day 2 – Wednesday

Anyone who knows me knows I love my data, so Wednesday’s first session is a no-brainier – Driving adoption with data ? That’s right up my street.

The next set of sessions on Wednesday don’t really apply to us although I’m interested in watching Innovating on Tradition – Using Jive to build social learning experiences later. In this part of the day I’ll get the most value out of networking and unsurprisingly I have a list of people to find!

The third session is the Stealth tactics for driving adoption panel I’ll be attending. I’ll be joined by New York Life Insurance, Euroclear and Judi Cardinal from Akamai. Me and Judi are basically the same mind on community management and it’ll be great to meet her in person and compare notes our communities which are at the same maturity and have similar challenges.

I’ll close the sessions with Getting your community groove back – the fine art of reengaging customers and keeping your program relevant which it the most exactly matching title there is. Really looking forward to this one to discover new ways of engaging our community. I’ll also be watching the ‘Our digital journey: 145,000 employees unified with a seamless collaboration experience’ later to see how Societe Generale are making collaboration an experience, not a specific tool.


That’s a packaged agenda and of course they’ll be plenty of networking throughout all of that too. I’ll be sharing updates on the sessions, key learnings, takeaways, thoughts and challenges here so stay tuned.

Got a question for me to ask?

Jot it in the comments and I’ll find out for you! Got something you’d like to learn? Let me know and I’ll listen out for you

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