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TemboSocial has released Ideas, a robust Idea Collaboration Add-On for Jive.


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Run multiple idea discussions simultaneously

Multiple Idea discussions can run simultaneously on any page within Jive.

Page owners can easily add and configure their own idea discussion to immediately solicit ideas with their group or team on any subject.



Run multiple ideas discussions simultaneously | TemboSocial


Assign experts and moderators

Experts and Moderators can be added directly from the Settings tab.

TemboSocial Ideas enables experts and moderators to curate the best contributions and update the activity state to reflect when an idea is closed, under review or graduated.


Experts and Moderators


Apply tags and filters



The best ideas don't always come from one person. Empower participants to shape the conversation, surface meaningful content to others and contribute sentiment data to the reporting algorithm that will identify the most valuable ideas for each discussion.

Participants can filter between Top ideas, Trending ideas, Recent ideas or by the current review status. Easily keep track of all ‘Your Stuff’ where you are a contributor to an idea discussion.



Apply tags and filters to idea discussions | TemboSocial



Highlight the best ideas and most useful discussions


With Ideas you can leverage the crowd to do much more than just vote for the ideas they like. They can also classify comments submitted to each idea with social tagging.

Advanced algorithms reduce duplicate ideas. Fewer duplicate ideas contributes to higher levels of activity since there is less annoying repetition. Addressing duplicate ideas also ensures that energy of a great idea is not watered down across multiple discussions.


Highlight the best ideas | TemboSocial



Maximize reach with banners



Add dynamic Ideas widgets to any page of your Jive site.  Banners drive traffic and increase participation in your online conversations.



Maximize reach with banners | TemboSocial




A modern collaboration space


The user interface brings a contemporary feel to your idea discussions, and fits perfectly into any Jive page.

When your internal tools work and feel like the social tools your employees use outside the office, you are able to boost participation and foster a culture of innovation.




A modern collaboration space | TemboSocial



Contact to arrange a demo.  Or call, 416-588-7324


TemboSocial’s latest innovation is called Enterprise Admin for Surveys, Forms and Polls. Enterprise Admin introduces individual user account access where you no longer need to share access with your colleagues, manage folders or have others view your projects.

With TemboSocial Enterprise Admin for Surveys, Forms and Polls, you can have your own personal account, create and report on your own content, and publish directly to any Intranet page without needing IT support.

You can also build project teams and collaborate with colleagues to edit, publish, or view the reporting.

See how it works in the short video below.

Enterprise Admin for TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls


TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls is now available from Jive and can be added to your existing contract.  Ask your Intranet team if they are planning to upgrade to TemboSocial Enterprise Admin or contact your Jive Rep for more information.

Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Perhaps, for example, your vendor gets acquired right before your manager announces she's leaving days after your intern is leaving and around the same time you are apartment hunting and planning for a move. Maybe that's where your life is right now. And maybe you're pretty stressed out. But while that may not be everyone's exact story, we can all sympathize and empathize with the feeling of being overwhelmed, and we can survive by gathering together and supporting each other within our community.


JiveWorks is successful because of the people who participate in it - the people who ask, who share, who question, who suggest. We are the power of community. And we are a community in turmoil. We're facing change and a future of unknowns and that is always scary. But we're facing it together, and that gives me hope.




My grandfather was born in Estonia (for those of you who are geographically unaware, Estonia is the northernmost Baltic state, now a member of the EU, chilling right below Finland). Estonia had a tumultuous history, spending centuries under the rule of various different countries, gaining temporary independence in the beginning of the 20th century and then again, with finality, in 1991. That was only 26 years ago, but you'd never be able to tell. Estonia has an estimated 350 startups - one for every 3,700 citizens. Estonia was the first country in the world to adopt online voting. Over 98% of bank transactions done and prescriptions prescribed are online, and the 98% of taxes completed online take an average of 5 minutes. Estonia ranked first in the last Freedom of the Net index, the global internet freedom chart. Estonia has a countrywide wireless intranet and over 95% of the territory is 4G connected. Plus, Skype was invented there. So, you're welcome.


A huge component of Estonia's success as a country has been their history of song. Estonians have one of the biggest collections of folk songs in the world and have been hosting an Estonian song celebration since 1869. In that first song festival, all the songs were in Estonian and Lydia Koidula assisted with preparations and fund-raising, an unusual role for a woman at the time. The 1950 song festival was during a very dark era of Soviet oppression, but the Estonian choirs maintained their history and heritage and desire for freedom, even while singing Soviet propaganda songs. I was fortunate enough to attend the Estonian Song Festival in 2014 (the event is now held every five years and is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world). I cannot possibly convey how powerful it was to be sitting in a crowd of 100,000 people listening to 30,000 voices singing together.


The members of this small country have been coming together to sing their traditional songs in their native language, wearing their native dress, for nearly 150 years. Estonians, by nature, are not particularly emotional people. They are rational and practical and their lives are driven by efficiency. But when it comes to song, they will sing loud and proud and with all of their heart. Through their community, they held strong, they never let go of the hope for freedom, and together, they made a remarkable Estonia.




We are going through our own version of turmoil, but we also have our own version of community. Let us sing loud and proud and with all of our heart. Let us band together to stay strong and keep hold of hope. We can share, vent, laugh, ask, and scream when needed. But we'll do it together.


Jive Works best when we work together.


Workaround - (Depending on your version and implementation of Jive.) When encountering an image float issue consider the following to help improve your content presentations. There are pros and cons to each and this simply documents a few simple steps you can try on your own.


>> Use ONLY - If your editor does NOT have image float enabled or is not available. <<



Option 1: Image and Text - Only

Use this for Jive documents or blogs. Anytime you want to 'float' an image left or right of your text. Need something to float right, then select Align Right instead.


Step 1: Add your text

Step 2: Add your image, just before the first letter of your text

Step 3: Select the text, then Shift + Click the image to select the text and image

Step 4: In the editor tool set, click Align Left

Step 5: In the editor tool set, click Source Code <html> locate your image an add;  style="margin:20px;" (this will provide some space between your image and text)

Step 6: In the editor tool set, click Source Code <html> locate the end of your content section and add a clear:both style. (will keep other content from bunching up)



This Example

A simple example of how this workaround will work and display. May not work in all situations and may impact how people view the content in streams, mobile or email.


This suggested work around may also be impacted upon a new Jive release or if the editor UI gets updated, i.e. you may need to revisit your content and fix it.


Breaks - in typical html after an float has been added a clear float would be needed to ensure content sections are clearly separated.


A simple <br style="clear: both;" /> may work. No need to keep hitting return to create space.



Option 2: Image and Text - Table

Use this for Jive documents or blogs. Anytime you want to 'float' an image left or right of your text. No floats needed.


Step 1: In the editor tool set, click Table. Create a 2 column table.

Step 2: Make sure your table is set to 100% in the Table Properties and that your columns are set to 25% / 75% in the column properties. (this is to help ensure your layout scales and is not cut off when viewed in smaller screen sizes.

Step 3: Add your image in the first cell, THEN add your text in the second cell. In the cell property click align top.

Step 4: In the editor tool set, click Source Code <html> and add; style="width:100%; height:auto;" (this will ensure your image scales to different screen sizes and if displayed in a doc viewer tile)

Step 5: In the Table Properties, set border to Zero 0 OR border color to white #ffffff


DO NOT: Click on image to resize OR click on a column to adjust. This will set the table back to pixels, thus breaking the auto resizing when viewing in other screen sizes and the document viewer. This must remain percentage based.



This Example

Using a table might be another way to present your content and images. The drawback is understanding and dealing with a few 'quirks' with the table itself, depending on your editor.


As stated above this option may obsolete once the issue is fixed, however you can use this method anytime if it is of value to you.



You determine how to best represent your content. Knowing when to put just the right amount of text in relationship to the image is your choice. This just illustrates some options you may want to implement if you are struggling with layout issues. Many can recognize that the float issue should simply be fixed, rather than providing workarounds. However until the issue can be corrected and properly addressed the above suggestions may work for you - we all use various Jive instances and may experience the same or similar issues.


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