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This is a quick post to share an idea from Keeley Sorokti.


Jive for Office nudge

We've been working on ways to get more people to not only download Jive for Office, but to understand how easy and useful it is. Keeley settled upon using an activity that we all love to do - co-create a summer reading list.

  • Started a Word document that included a sample of what people should include
  • Posted it in a public location for people to edit
  • In the description section of the file upload, included links to documentation and videos about using Jive for Office
  • Offered 250 points for anyone adding links to the post using Jive for Office (or the old fashioned way if they are on a Mac)
  • As people add, she sees it in her inbox
  • She uses Jive Rewards and sends them a peer-to-peer badge, along with some of her copious points


So we are actually accomplishing three things here (at least):

  1. Getting people to co-create a document using Jive for Office
  2. Contributing to content programming, since we now have a summer reading list
  3. Showing off the peer rewards


Thanks, Keeley, for this idea that is getting so many people excited about Jive for Office!

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