As a system admin of Jive one of my least favorite things is going into the System Admin dashboard and dealing with some of the archaic interfaces that are generally very frustrating to use, but don't get much love over time since a very small group of people ever see these screens. So we deal with it and don't complain much, but THE WORST is when someone in your community deletes a document in the open space of your Jive instance, and wants the System Admins to restore it. Why?


Because the interface to find a document that has been deleted is a list of every single document ever posted to Jive listed 10 at a time by day with no ability to sort or filter that information. AND THE worst part is there is no way to JUST see DELETED items so you need to scroll through 100s of pages of documents to find the one that someone decided to ignore that "are you sure" warning, and delete it anyway.

documentmgmt screen in admin dashboard

Even if you scroll through every single day I have found sometimes I never find the document. Until now......!


Every deleted document still exists in Jive and to system admins it will show a message to admins letting them know if they want to restore it they can go to the horrible Document Management interface above and restore it.

deleted document

As discussed this is easier said then done. You can't restore a past version since that will lead to an error, you can't edit the document and republish it, BUT YOU CAN MOVE IT!


If you move a document out of a Jive social group or an open space to a private hidden space that has very little documents in it (I recommend even making a hidden space for just this purpose), THEN BOOM you can then filter the documents by selecting change space (or in my example "community" in the first screenshot) in the upper left of the Document Management interface. You will then ONLY see documents located in your special hidden "Lost and Found" space and instantly find your DELETED document in it! Then you can restore the document from there, and MOVE it back into the old social group or open space.


friendly disclaimer: I am a system admin on an on-premise (gasp I know) Jive instance running 8.x