I just wanted to share some inspiration and knowledge to this great Jive community and users.


The Problem:


More and more customers and colleagues are asking to use Microsoft Teams as a chat based collaboration solution. We are all waiting with great desire that Jive Interactive Intranet engineering

will extend the possibilities to integrate with Microsoft Teams or other chat based collaboration solutions like Slack. It's somewhere on the roadmap...


However I was thinking about an other way to help my Jive users and I wondered if it would work with the standard connector of O365 and Jive. To find out, please check out my short video where I upload a Microsoft PowerPoint file via Teams. This PowerPoint is automatically synced to a Jive demo instance. I apologise upfront because during the demo, I mention that I'm editing a Word File but this was obviously PowerPoint.




MS Teams and Jive integration

NB: unable to add the video directly in the blog or make the image hyperlinked.

       Probably prohibited by Aurea. Use this link: Microsoft Teams and Jive integration with standard connectors



  • integrated with Jive and respecting security
  • social actions of Jive + @mentions via comments on content level
  • search via Jive, indexed and the content within the files is surfaced
  • chit chat in Teams is not polluting your comments on the document in Jive
    • chit chat on the file can be done in Teams
    • more structured outcomes or comments in Jive
  • versioning remains available
  • users need to be less aware where to store there files
    • requires pre configuration but avoids more content silo's
  • adding video calling or screen sharing on files via MS Teams to make collaboration more personal
  • not shown in my demo but it also works with dropping other file types in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online. For example PDF, JPEG,...



  • no possibility to replace SharePoint repository with Jive repository (file system)
  • no mention feature in MS Teams to Jive
  • chat can be splintered, so inform and guide the end user well upfront
  • pre configure the channel in MS Teams


Requirements to achieve the same outcome:

  • Microsoft O365 subscription with
    • Microsoft Teams
    • SharePoint Online
  • Jive Connector for O365
  • Jive Anywhere to add Jive actions in PowerPoint online


Questions please reach out via: