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Hi - searching for resource to find out what it the maximum files size when uploading a video. can you tell me where to find such information?

JVIA test blog1

Posted by anwiti.mishra Employee May 9, 2019

check the blog content created in Jive community



I just wanted to share some inspiration and knowledge to this great Jive community and users.


The Problem:


More and more customers and colleagues are asking to use Microsoft Teams as a chat based collaboration solution. We are all waiting with great desire that Jive Interactive Intranet engineering

will extend the possibilities to integrate with Microsoft Teams or other chat based collaboration solutions like Slack. It's somewhere on the roadmap...


However I was thinking about an other way to help my Jive users and I wondered if it would work with the standard connector of O365 and Jive. To find out, please check out my short video where I upload a Microsoft PowerPoint file via Teams. This PowerPoint is automatically synced to a Jive demo instance. I apologise upfront because during the demo, I mention that I'm editing a Word File but this was obviously PowerPoint.




MS Teams and Jive integration

NB: unable to add the video directly in the blog or make the image hyperlinked.

       Probably prohibited by Aurea. Use this link: Microsoft Teams and Jive integration with standard connectors



  • integrated with Jive and respecting security
  • social actions of Jive + @mentions via comments on content level
  • search via Jive, indexed and the content within the files is surfaced
  • chit chat in Teams is not polluting your comments on the document in Jive
    • chit chat on the file can be done in Teams
    • more structured outcomes or comments in Jive
  • versioning remains available
  • users need to be less aware where to store there files
    • requires pre configuration but avoids more content silo's
  • adding video calling or screen sharing on files via MS Teams to make collaboration more personal
  • not shown in my demo but it also works with dropping other file types in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online. For example PDF, JPEG,...



  • no possibility to replace SharePoint repository with Jive repository (file system)
  • no mention feature in MS Teams to Jive
  • chat can be splintered, so inform and guide the end user well upfront
  • pre configure the channel in MS Teams


Requirements to achieve the same outcome:

  • Microsoft O365 subscription with
    • Microsoft Teams
    • SharePoint Online
  • Jive Connector for O365
  • Jive Anywhere to add Jive actions in PowerPoint online


Questions please reach out via:


Just last month, we found out that our Jive Intranet, which we call Commvault CONNECT, was the recipient of the Ragan Communication Social Intranet Award. We were ecstatic to win, but especially proud because of how far our communication, collaboration, and engagement has come since we first launched CONNECT back in 2015.


Where We Started


In 2015, our organization looked very different than it does now. Back in 2015, we were a global, publicly-traded company of a few thousand employees in the midst of a transformation - we were faced with a changing market, and our company had evolved in many aspects of the business – from product innovation and development, to brand and messages, to partnerships and the sales model. We also had new people joining, as our public company continued to grow in size and span across the world.


As with any global organization, we needed to keep our employees informed and engaged, and provide our senior leadership teams with the ability to communicate directly with our employees around the world. We also needed to provide a way for our cross-functional teams to collaborate.


Our only communications vehicles were email and virtual meetings and in terms of collaboration, the only way to share files outside of email were various SharePoint sites, many of which were outdated, with no social capabilities embedded. Too often, to find content, the solution was to “know a guy”. This was an inadequate solution in our growing environment – with an increasing number of new hires joining, and our business transforming, we needed a social intranet, and that was when we brought in Jive and created Commvault CONNECT.  


Our Goals & How We Achieved Them


We had three goals for CONNECT:


1: Find Content Easily


First and foremost, we needed to use the intranet as a way for our employees to find and store content. With cross-functional collaboration happening daily, we needed a way for someone in sales to easily find something in marketing without having to contact a marketing rep, or a new hire to find information about onboarding from HR. The goal was to make finding content as simple as a search.


We needed to create a database of information, so we set up Department Specific spaces. Need information on benefits? Check out the Human Resources Space. How about information on our legal processes? The Legal Space is just a click away.


One of our best use cases of success is the Pricing and Licensing Space. The team was originally getting 150+ questions per week via email, many of which were repetitive questions. To get the team out of email, and to create a more effiicent system for all involved, the team built a Q&A library in the Pricing and Licensing Space with over 2,400 questions. The 150+ emails per week turned into about 250 questions per quarter, as the FAQ database provided employees with the resources they needed.


2: Provide a Communications Platform for our Leadership & Employees


Our intranet needed to become our communication hub. We were moving away from static, one-way communication and looking to drive engagement through open discussions being published by our senior leaders. We also wanted to create a tool where employees could communicate cross-functionally to drive better collaboration and information sharing across silos.


We achieved our communications goals with a series of spaces and ways for our employees to receive news. When you first log in to CONNECT, our homepage is like the front of a newspaper, showcasing the most important information from around the org from our leadership team and our employees. Our homepage links to the most important content from around the organization, which is manually curated on a bi-weekly basis. We also have a Company News space that houses critical news from our organization and includes press releases, org announcements, and executive communications.


Commvault CONNECT also allowed for us to engage and communicate with global employees around point-in-time activities. During our global customer conference, Commvault GO, employees shared back blogs, photos, social content, and live streamed the action. Another example was our 20th anniversary celebration at headquarters, during which we invited global employees to share their own histories and give shout-outs to their peers.


All of our content is published in the forms of blogs, documents, videos, or discussions and allow for employees to "join the conversation” with one another regardless of where they are in the world. 


3: Showcase Our Unique Culture


We wanted a platform that we could use to extend and build on our company’s unique culture, that would in turn, help us to better engage our employees.


One of the channels we use on social media to showcase our culture is Commvault Life. We extended this channel as a part of our intranet, creating a Commvault Life space, where our employees were encouraged to share photos and write blogs about Commvault culture and people. This space became a home for stories about volunteer work, photos from holiday parties, or even congratulations to employees on the birth of a new child – stories that are personal and connect each another on a human level.


Our intranet also allowed for additional special interests group throughout our organization.


The Commvault Women in Technology group was the first special interest group to launch in 2016, and has been a hub for creating a worldwide community to support women's professional development. A Sustainability space grew out of efforts around an internal CSR campaign. We have regional spaces, such as EMEA, APAC, Greater China Region, MESAT, and ANZ where employees share events, photos, and build regional communities. Our newest example is Commvault RoadDawgs, where motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe can show off photos, talk about local events, and share stories of recent rides. All this helps to connect people around common interests and form a community that strengthens overall collaboration in support of business goals.



The Results


Within the first four months of rolling out CONNECT, we were outperforming industry averages for community participation with 96% of all employees registered on CONNECT; soon after, this went up to 98% and has remained. In the first year, 79% of employees were active (meaning they logged in at least once in a 30-day period), which is 4% above The Community Roundtable's industry benchmark for internal employee communities.


In the second year of using CONNECT, participation continued to rise as we rolled out new use cases and campaigns each quarter. Our active users have increased from 79% to 84% (9% over benchmark), average daily views increased by 38%, and the number of employees logging in daily increased by 6%, up to 35%.


At the end of year two, we conducted a survey to solicit feedback. We asked, "How likely would you be to recommend CONNECT to a colleague?" The mean score was 8.1 and 21% of employees gave a perfect score of 10.



Engaged and Interactive - Why Jive?


Our Jive platform gave us the tool we needed to promote collaboration and communication within our organization and transform the way we work. Creating an easy user experience, and the added bonus of being mobile friendly, our employees, at every level, location, and hour are able to be connected with the organization.

Looking for a live phone call and webmeeting to interact with an experienced Jive Professional Services team member?

Want to meet some of your fellow ECMs (Enterprise Community Managers)?

Have a burning question and you're too shy to ask it here, or you want your answer in real time?

Just want to learn more about Jive and how it's used in our communities?


Come join the weekly "Ask a Consultant" Zoom webmeeting call !!


From the Jive Adoption Resource Center, sponsored by the very awesome Darren Phillips and led weekly by the most very awesomely knowledgeable strategists Ms. Michelle Gantt and Ms. Becky Dozier comes this weekly webinar call where ECMs new and tenured speak together for an hour about best practices for our Jive communities. AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!!


It's like a podcast-slash-panel-show where you are the star! (no, it's not recorded)


Come with your questions, or post them in advance in the weekly Event posting. All Jive customers are welcome!



Here's how:

  1. Check out this listing of upcoming sessions.
  2. RSVP to the next session and then from actions menu, choose "Add to calendar"
  3. (optional) create your own recurring event in your own calendar and copy/paste the webmeeting link below
  4. Got a question? Add it as a comment to the next event in the upcoming session list. Yours will have priority in the agenda of questions and discussion topics.
  5. Follow the space, Jive Adoption Resource Center
  6. See you there!


Join Zoom Meeting


One tap mobile

+16468769923,,510116882# US (New York)

+16699006833,,510116882# US (San Jose)


Dial by your location

        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 510 116 882

Find your local number:



But Mike O, why are you promoting this call? You're just a customer!

Exactly! Come and join me and our fellow ECMs -- AND most experienced Jivers from Jive Professional Services -- in a spirit of "giving" freely of our knowledge and experience to each other!

That's what this platform is supposed to be all about, right?!



Mike O


The Community Roundtable State of Community 2019 Survey is now open and you can help make sure your voice is represented in the final research report.


The State of Community Management is the longest-running and most widely read research in the online community industry. We love seeing our customers participate in this important benchmarking research to help further mature our communities. Last year, 12.1% of participants cited Jive as their primary community platform:




*Data taken from the State of Community Management 2018.


Please share the survey with peers, clients and your networks:

Here's a LinkedIn article about our journey with Jive at the International Committee of the Red Cross, and my takeaways from Aurea Experience in Munich


Don't worry Scott I did not reveal your plans for Amazon Neptune and the PeopleGraph... so that in New Orleans the audience hear it from your voice.


Sharing our journey in Munich


with special thanks to my favorite Jive Strategist Michelle Gantt and the whole Aurea /Jive teams who have helped us set up our network and those who organized the conference.




Hi everyone! I used to share my weekly whiteboard fridays a while back and now I'm pleased to share my new video series Teamwork!


They're focused on supporting you to creating engagement and growing communities in fun 5 minute shows. Check out the latest video above and don't forget to subscribe by clicking the watermark or visiting my channel at Dan Thomas - YouTube



Engage Dialog announced a new partnership with TemboSocial, a leading provider of social software solutions for businesses today. This relationship means we’ll be working very closely with the TemboSocial team to identify new and exclusive ways to benefit Engage Dialog customers. Our partnership will help customers leverage their Jive investment by driving sustained platform adoption and employee engagement.

TemboSocial's add-ons are easy to use for Jive customers who are looking to introduce programs which encourage active participation for employees in the organization. This brings an advanced level of dialogue to the social environment making organizations more competitive and productive.

Here are three ways in which TemboSocial can help you:

  1. Their software helps recognizing employee achievements and reinforcing company values. You can create badges and other achievements to boost your employee engagement.
  2. With their collaboration software you can generate and share ideas.
  3. Or use their polling and survey tool. With this you can create rich, multi-question Surveys, Forms, Polls, Quizzes and Learning & Development modules that engage, educate and drive your audience to deeper content pages.

“I am very pleased to announce our reseller partnership with Engage Dialog.  Our success in Europe will be greatly enhanced in the Benelux market as a result of this partnership,” said Steven Green, President at TemboSocial. “TemboSocial's deeply integrated solution for employee feedback within the Jive platform is an ideal extension to the digital workplace solutions Engage Dialog advises its clients' on today.  Our mutual goal of improving business results for enterprise customers are aligned as is our belief that low cost-of-ownership SaaS solutions help companies deliver impactful employee engagement and retention programs.”

"At Engage Dialog we strongly believe that employee engagement results in business value and active communities," said Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh, Manager at Engage Dialog. “By adding the solutions of TemboSocial to our portfolio we can further support and improve our Jive clients and their communities. Creating a survey or poll with TemboSocial is so easy and well-integrated that it brings a whole new array of use cases to increase community adoption and employee engagement. For example, knowledge management or HR support can focus on the survey results and adapt their business strategies accordingly.”

About TemboSocial
Founded in 1999, TemboSocial already works with big Jive customers, such as Royal Bank, Ricoh, New Relic, and Publicis.Sapient. Leading companies turn to TemboSocial’s hosted suite of tools to foster collaboration, innovation and recognition among employees, customers and prospects. To learn more about TemboSocial, visit

About Engage Dialog
As European partner of Jive Software, Engage Dialog helps organizations collaborate using modern technology and experienced community managers. By connecting people and organizations online, they create powerful networks that lead to engaged customers, partners and employees. To learn more about Engage Dialog, visit

Hi everyone


Thought I'd share an upcoming webinar on how to use Jive projects like a pro featuring former Jiver and project manager Miriam Smith !


In the webinar she'll be sharing:


  • Her exact workflow for managing projects in Jive
  • The most effective designs for group success
  • How to engage your stakeholders to provide them exactly what they need when they need it
  • How to track and manage tasks so they can be clearly tracked
  • How to empower your stakeholders to be pro-active on your deliverables, giving you more time to focus on what's important


Click below to book your seat!


Grab your spot



As a system admin of Jive one of my least favorite things is going into the System Admin dashboard and dealing with some of the archaic interfaces that are generally very frustrating to use, but don't get much love over time since a very small group of people ever see these screens. So we deal with it and don't complain much, but THE WORST is when someone in your community deletes a document in the open space of your Jive instance, and wants the System Admins to restore it. Why?


Because the interface to find a document that has been deleted is a list of every single document ever posted to Jive listed 10 at a time by day with no ability to sort or filter that information. AND THE worst part is there is no way to JUST see DELETED items so you need to scroll through 100s of pages of documents to find the one that someone decided to ignore that "are you sure" warning, and delete it anyway.

documentmgmt screen in admin dashboard

Even if you scroll through every single day I have found sometimes I never find the document. Until now......!


Every deleted document still exists in Jive and to system admins it will show a message to admins letting them know if they want to restore it they can go to the horrible Document Management interface above and restore it.

deleted document

As discussed this is easier said then done. You can't restore a past version since that will lead to an error, you can't edit the document and republish it, BUT YOU CAN MOVE IT!


If you move a document out of a Jive social group or an open space to a private hidden space that has very little documents in it (I recommend even making a hidden space for just this purpose), THEN BOOM you can then filter the documents by selecting change space (or in my example "community" in the first screenshot) in the upper left of the Document Management interface. You will then ONLY see documents located in your special hidden "Lost and Found" space and instantly find your DELETED document in it! Then you can restore the document from there, and MOVE it back into the old social group or open space.


friendly disclaimer: I am a system admin on an on-premise (gasp I know) Jive instance running 8.x

Hello JiveMinds,


We ,at ThoughtWorks, have created bunch of custom tiles and would like to share the learnings/implementations of the same.


We have used 'Tiles' feature of Jive to make sure the information is shared in an intuitive graphical way.


More on the this tile:

Use Case:

  1. Use this tile to set up your group’s landing/overview page
  2. Best suited for full page wide tiles
  3. Showcase a set of links with relevant background images and a one line description at the bottom

Tile Configuration UI


What do the fields in the config UI refer to?


Image URL: The URL for the background image of each link


Link Text: The text as it should appear on the grid


Link URL: The URL where it should take you to on clicking the image


Color Picker: Choose the colour of your tile’s title

Final Tile View


Tech Stack:

We have built this tile using React.


The tile-code is open sourced under AGPL.

Git-hub url of the code:



What are Tiles:


Building custom tiles:



A JavaScript library for building user interfaces | React


cc: Ryan Rutan, Rashed Talukder, Philip Palmerlaura.gough, Kim Nelson, Martin Holmes

This is a quick post to share an idea from Keeley Sorokti.


Jive for Office nudge

We've been working on ways to get more people to not only download Jive for Office, but to understand how easy and useful it is. Keeley settled upon using an activity that we all love to do - co-create a summer reading list.

  • Started a Word document that included a sample of what people should include
  • Posted it in a public location for people to edit
  • In the description section of the file upload, included links to documentation and videos about using Jive for Office
  • Offered 250 points for anyone adding links to the post using Jive for Office (or the old fashioned way if they are on a Mac)
  • As people add, she sees it in her inbox
  • She uses Jive Rewards and sends them a peer-to-peer badge, along with some of her copious points


So we are actually accomplishing three things here (at least):

  1. Getting people to co-create a document using Jive for Office
  2. Contributing to content programming, since we now have a summer reading list
  3. Showing off the peer rewards


Thanks, Keeley, for this idea that is getting so many people excited about Jive for Office!

TemboSocial has released Ideas, a robust Idea Collaboration Add-On for Jive.


View the Video


Run multiple idea discussions simultaneously

Multiple Idea discussions can run simultaneously on any page within Jive.

Page owners can easily add and configure their own idea discussion to immediately solicit ideas with their group or team on any subject.



Run multiple ideas discussions simultaneously | TemboSocial


Assign experts and moderators

Experts and Moderators can be added directly from the Settings tab.

TemboSocial Ideas enables experts and moderators to curate the best contributions and update the activity state to reflect when an idea is closed, under review or graduated.


Experts and Moderators


Apply tags and filters



The best ideas don't always come from one person. Empower participants to shape the conversation, surface meaningful content to others and contribute sentiment data to the reporting algorithm that will identify the most valuable ideas for each discussion.

Participants can filter between Top ideas, Trending ideas, Recent ideas or by the current review status. Easily keep track of all ‘Your Stuff’ where you are a contributor to an idea discussion.



Apply tags and filters to idea discussions | TemboSocial



Highlight the best ideas and most useful discussions


With Ideas you can leverage the crowd to do much more than just vote for the ideas they like. They can also classify comments submitted to each idea with social tagging.

Advanced algorithms reduce duplicate ideas. Fewer duplicate ideas contributes to higher levels of activity since there is less annoying repetition. Addressing duplicate ideas also ensures that energy of a great idea is not watered down across multiple discussions.


Highlight the best ideas | TemboSocial



Maximize reach with banners



Add dynamic Ideas widgets to any page of your Jive site.  Banners drive traffic and increase participation in your online conversations.



Maximize reach with banners | TemboSocial




A modern collaboration space


The user interface brings a contemporary feel to your idea discussions, and fits perfectly into any Jive page.

When your internal tools work and feel like the social tools your employees use outside the office, you are able to boost participation and foster a culture of innovation.




A modern collaboration space | TemboSocial



Contact to arrange a demo.  Or call, 416-588-7324


TemboSocial’s latest innovation is called Enterprise Admin for Surveys, Forms and Polls. Enterprise Admin introduces individual user account access where you no longer need to share access with your colleagues, manage folders or have others view your projects.

With TemboSocial Enterprise Admin for Surveys, Forms and Polls, you can have your own personal account, create and report on your own content, and publish directly to any Intranet page without needing IT support.

You can also build project teams and collaborate with colleagues to edit, publish, or view the reporting.

See how it works in the short video below.

Enterprise Admin for TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls


TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls is now available from Jive and can be added to your existing contract.  Ask your Intranet team if they are planning to upgrade to TemboSocial Enterprise Admin or contact your Jive Rep for more information.

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