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Okay - I am getting this in just under the wire as I was out sick most of last week.  The Starbucks gift card is a great motivator though so here goes...thanks Adam Mertz!


This is a screenshot of the main Overview for the Pega Mesh.  This is primarily a work collaboration community.  It began in Engineering for product development collaboration for teams distributed around the globe and has evolved into a collaboration system that teams across our company use.  Enabling people to work better together is a key goal and we highlight and reward people who drive more work into the open and/or commit to helping others and sharing information.  Ideation is used in specific areas for product innovation, organizational innovation, and innovation on internal systems as well.


Our system began as an employee/customer/partner community back in 2006 (on a different platform) and we've maintained that functionality.  People collaborate with 3rd parties as part of specific programs run in the community, in private groups as well as long-standing focused product spaces, and in account specific areas.


mesh overview for Jive cmad.png



The second screenshot is our main help space which is open to everyone in the community.  We've had this help area since we first created the community but we re-created nearly all of the content when we upgraded from Jive 4.5 to 6.x in October 2013.  We are now running on Jive 7.x, on premise.  You may notice the orange coloring on the banner and side bar.  We use that across our community to let users know the visibility of the content.  We keep it simple - blue is internal only, orange is not (this is persisted to emails from the system as well).


mesh help for jive cmad.png


This screenshot is a preview of something to come!  We are introducing a person to person relationship building feature called "Meshies".  It's been in our backlog for ages and I'm happy we're finally releasing it.  This is a little simliar to the props app but the interaction and visibility is through user profiles and the Meshies are not being given specific meaning - we are letting the user base determine what Meshie they want to send to someone for their given purpose.  They can include a note with the Meshie. The goal is to keep it lightweight and simple to foster usage.  In discussion with users we found that they would not use them if they felt formal or for specific purposes only.  We'll see how it goes - the go live is still a few weeks out!  (required statement: Images are Pega's - no reuse please.)


meshies for Jive cmad.png

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