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If there is one thing I've learned as an Internal Community Manager, it's that you have to think on your feet and react to your community in real-time if you want to be successful. The time it takes to formulate and implement a response to fledgling statistics if often too long for the solution to be truly effective.


For example, your community alternates between 50% and 60% participation each month. After having a month a 60%, you can reasonably assume that next month, participation will be around 50%. When you realize that the next month drops from 60% to 45%, you know that you need to do something to boost activity. After a week of brainstorming and planning, you implement your campaign. By the time you started your campaign, participation had dropped to 40% in the week it took to plan.


The moral of the story is that we need to be able to react at the slightest inkling of trouble. Play your cards correctly, and instead of dropping from 60% to 40%, you drive participation back up and never skip a beat. When you start your Jive Community, have your deck of cards available and ready to play - you'll need them. If you're already managing an established community, use the examples below and create your own! You'll want to vary your cards so you're prepared for any situation.


User registration dropping off? Not a problem, The King of Hearts is available.


Blog Posts take a sudden nose dive? Its okay, play your Queen of Spades.


The idea is to always be prepared and to be ready for any situation. View or contribute to the deck of cards! The Jive Adoption Deck of Cards



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