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Hello Internal Community Managers,


I would like to share with you an idea for employee engagement campaign via Jive that was successful at RBC. It's a global Secret Santa that help users get familiar with the basic functionality of Jive (Upload a profile, comment, unfollow, edit a document, post a picture) while participating in an engaging networking activity.The idea is that members will use their newly learned skills to do work-related activity on Jive later.


This is the second year I run this. We got on average 350+ participants per year mostly by word of mouth, shares, and @mentions (No email campaign was sent) and few executives took part as well.

Despite the small number of participants, the campaign creates a lot of buzz specially as the gifts start arriving and the pictures get posted. Users would start commenting on the gifts received etc. and many users uploaded a profile picture just to take part in this. People also post status updates with a unique suggested tag. Our overall community reports sky-rocketed during this period as secret santa come back often to see who posted a picture etc.


HR recommended we don't use the words "Secret Santa" given our diverse workforce, so I chose "Holiday Gift Exchange" instead.  Secret Santa would have been a better name :-)


Logistics: To register, community members need to comment on the blog post, this is on purpose (instead of creating a form) so every registrations appear in the Activity stream and encourages others to registers seeing who else is there.

Once registration closes, I export all comments into a spreadsheet (My colleague helped me export the comments), then I sort them in a certain way and I assign each person to the next person in the sorted list. I then do a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word to send a personalized email to all participants with the name of the person they need to send a gift to.


We're not the only ones doing a global Secret Santa at RBC. It was done on Reddit as well and a quick google search showed a radio station in New Zealand doing something similar via Twitter.

I am pasting below the text of the campaign almost as is, our Jive community is called RBC Connect, please free to re-use next year in your own Jive community, I am happy to answer any questions as well.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!






Welcome to the giftexchange 2014




What is the RBC Connect Holiday Gift Exchange?

  • It's similar to the holiday gift exchange that usually takes place among colleagues or all staff on a team. This time, for the second year through RBC Connect, it takes place on a global scale for all RBC employees and contractors.
  • You send a gift anonymously to another person at RBC and you receive a gift from someone you don’t know.
  • At the end, you get to know two new people at RBC :-)



Who can participate?

  • Anyone who has access to RBC Connect and has a profile picture that clearly shows their face.



How do I participate?

Participation is optional!


  1. Register by Friday 5th December 2014

    • Registration is now open!
    • By registering, you are committing to send a gift to someone you don't necessarily know at RBC
    • To register, simply comment on this blog post clearly saying that you would like to take part
    • You are encouraged to @mention at least two of your colleagues to invite them to join too
    • Registration is open until 5:00pm GMT-5 (Eastern Standard Time / Toronto time)  on 5th December 2014
    • Update your profile biography to include some information about your interests
  2. Find out who you are sending a gift to on Monday 8th December 2014

    • You will receive an email with the name and link to the RBC Connect profile of the randomly selected person to whom you will send a gift
  3. Send your gift by Friday 12th December 2014

    • Send a gift anytime from the moment you receive the email with the name of your gift recipient and before Friday 11th December the latest!
    • Send your gift directly to the address on your recipient's RBC Connect profile
    • Gift value below $15
  4. Show the (RBC Connect) world the gift you received

    • As soon as you receive your gift, take a picture of yourself with your gift and upload it to  (Link)
    • Meet two new colleagues at RBC from Monday 22nd December 2014
    • Find out on Monday 22nd December who was the person who sent you a gift and get in touch with them
    • Schedule a phone conversation or a RBC Connect discussion
    • Similarly, get in touch with the person you sent a gift to. Start the new year with two new contacts at RBC!


What is the value of the RBC Connect Gift Exchange?

  • The RBC Connect Gift Exchange is an Employee Engagement campaign that helps RBC employees connect with two colleagues in their country in ways they may not be able to do otherwise. A potential networking opportunity with another person in possibly another region or another line of business, while sending and receiving a nice gift!
  • The Gift Exchange is also an opportunity to expose users to the very basic functionality of RBC Connect (Comment on a blog post, explore another user's profile, un-follow content, @mention another user, upload a picture, edit a document to update if you received your gift) in a stress free way so they can use their newly learned skills in the future for business purposes
  • All this, at zero cost to the enterprise


The RBC Connect Holiday Gift Exchange was reviewed and approved by HR.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • I don't have a picture on my RBC Connect that clearly shows my face. Does it mean I can't participate?
    That is correct. Users with no profile pictures will not be included in the Gift Exchange.
    If you need help uploading a profile picture, please click the Help menu.


  • What's the cost of the gift I should send?
    Below $15 Canadian Dollars or the equivalent in your country's currency.


  • What kind of gifts can I send?
    Any gift that you think the recipient will like! 
    You may buy your gift at a store or online. It can be a gift card from a coffee shop or music store, etc a book, t-shirt, flowers, a movie ticket, etc.
    Please try to remain anonymous, try not to let your recipient know who you are! :-)


  • Now that this is open to all RBC Connect users all over the world, does it mean I may have to send a gift to another country?
    To minimize postal costs for sender, gift exchangers will be randomly matched with someone from their country. So an employee in Canada will send a gift to another employee in Canada.
    If you're the only person participating from your country, you will be matched with someone from another country.


  • Can I choose to whom I send a gift?
    No, apart from grouping users by country, you will be randomly assigned a person to whom you anonymously give a gift.


  • I just noticed that I mostly work at a different location than the address on my RBC Connect profile. How can I notify my sender to send the gift to the correct address?
    Write a note in the biography section on your profile with your new address hoping your sender will read it.


  • I did not receive a gift, what should I do?
    Please wait until the list of names is release. If, at that point, your sender still has not contacted you or asked why you haven't uploaded a picture of their gift, please contact him/her directly checking if they think the gift was delayed or lost.
    You will also be able to update the list of gift exchangers (Link) indicating that you have not received your gift.

    This is a peer-to-peer campaign, communications happens directly with the sender and the receiver. Due to a potential large number of participants, the organizer of this campaign will not be able to liaise between the sender/receiver inquiring about gifts and delays.


  • My recipient did not post a picture of the gift I sent them! I’m sure not if they received the gift I sent. What should I do?
    Please contact them directly once the names are released to check if they received your gift and remind them to post a picture online as in terms of this gift exchange.


  • My question is not above, where do I ask?
    Please click here (Link) to ask on RBC Connect any questions about the giftexchange 2014!


Final notes...

  • The tag for the RBC Connect Gift Exchange 2014 is giftexchange
  • Now that you’re here :-) Please consider exploring the RBC Connect Help group (Link) for learning resources and/or attend an RBC Connect training session.
  • After you comment on this blog post, click on Following on the top right side of this screen, then uncheck the box next to Inbox and the other streams, then click OK.
    This ensures you don't get a notification every time another user registers!

Thank you for taking part and spreading the word to your colleagues, especially those who are not often on RBC Connect!


Enjoy the Holiday Gift Exchange 2014 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  :-)


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