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2 Posts authored by: KirstenL Champion

Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Perhaps, for example, your vendor gets acquired right before your manager announces she's leaving days after your intern is leaving and around the same time you are apartment hunting and planning for a move. Maybe that's where your life is right now. And maybe you're pretty stressed out. But while that may not be everyone's exact story, we can all sympathize and empathize with the feeling of being overwhelmed, and we can survive by gathering together and supporting each other within our community.


JiveWorks is successful because of the people who participate in it - the people who ask, who share, who question, who suggest. We are the power of community. And we are a community in turmoil. We're facing change and a future of unknowns and that is always scary. But we're facing it together, and that gives me hope.




My grandfather was born in Estonia (for those of you who are geographically unaware, Estonia is the northernmost Baltic state, now a member of the EU, chilling right below Finland). Estonia had a tumultuous history, spending centuries under the rule of various different countries, gaining temporary independence in the beginning of the 20th century and then again, with finality, in 1991. That was only 26 years ago, but you'd never be able to tell. Estonia has an estimated 350 startups - one for every 3,700 citizens. Estonia was the first country in the world to adopt online voting. Over 98% of bank transactions done and prescriptions prescribed are online, and the 98% of taxes completed online take an average of 5 minutes. Estonia ranked first in the last Freedom of the Net index, the global internet freedom chart. Estonia has a countrywide wireless intranet and over 95% of the territory is 4G connected. Plus, Skype was invented there. So, you're welcome.


A huge component of Estonia's success as a country has been their history of song. Estonians have one of the biggest collections of folk songs in the world and have been hosting an Estonian song celebration since 1869. In that first song festival, all the songs were in Estonian and Lydia Koidula assisted with preparations and fund-raising, an unusual role for a woman at the time. The 1950 song festival was during a very dark era of Soviet oppression, but the Estonian choirs maintained their history and heritage and desire for freedom, even while singing Soviet propaganda songs. I was fortunate enough to attend the Estonian Song Festival in 2014 (the event is now held every five years and is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world). I cannot possibly convey how powerful it was to be sitting in a crowd of 100,000 people listening to 30,000 voices singing together.


The members of this small country have been coming together to sing their traditional songs in their native language, wearing their native dress, for nearly 150 years. Estonians, by nature, are not particularly emotional people. They are rational and practical and their lives are driven by efficiency. But when it comes to song, they will sing loud and proud and with all of their heart. Through their community, they held strong, they never let go of the hope for freedom, and together, they made a remarkable Estonia.




We are going through our own version of turmoil, but we also have our own version of community. Let us sing loud and proud and with all of our heart. Let us band together to stay strong and keep hold of hope. We can share, vent, laugh, ask, and scream when needed. But we'll do it together.


Jive Works best when we work together.


The Movie: The Breakfast Club

The Lesson: You never know who you can learn from. 


When you’re on your Community, you are in a room with hundreds or thousands of people who have different knowledge and different expertise than you. It may not be immediately obvious who can help you, but with a Community, you can connect in ways that might surprise you.


Look for help in unlikely places. All profile information is searchable, as is all content on and uploaded to the Community, so when you are looking for expertise or information on a subject, check not only content results in your searches, but also people results as well. You can then use the direct message or @mention functionalities to reach out. Who knows? The expert you need may have been sitting two desks or two blocks away from you the whole time.


Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours, the Community Club


The Movie: Ferris Beuler’s Day Off

The Lesson: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.



The Activity Streams can be the most useful tools for you to keep your finger on the pulse of the whole Community, your topics of interest, and your personal connections, but only if you take a moment of your time to stop and look.


Take the convertible out for a spin. Search, discover, and follow people, places, content, and tags that you care about. Put some miles on that mouse! Don't worry, if you put the car in reverse, the miles will come off the odometer.

Be who you want to be. Use the Community as a platform to create a persona for yourself.  Be honest in all you write. The Community is an online tool where you can pen insights and responses that share your best opinions.  You too can be Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago.


The Movie: Ratatouille  

The Lesson: Anyone can cook.


In Ratatouille, Chef ___’s motto is that “anyone can cook,” and what Remmy, the main character, who happens to also be a rat, teaches us throughout the film is that this doesn’t necessarily mean that any Joe or Sally who picks up a skillet will be able to make a perfect filet, but rather that the most spectacular chefs could come from anywhere


Expand your Network.

  • The All Activity news stream is nice to check in on every once in a while because it shows you what’s happening throughout the Community, so you may stumble upon something relevant or interesting to you that you would not have found otherwise.
  • Pay some attention to the things your personal connections comment on and reply to. There's always room to grow your network within a Community and you may very well be just a few degrees of separation from a contact that has the answer to your question or a skill set you need to tap into.
  • If you are looking for an expert (the best soufflé maker in the company, for example), post your search to the entire community and to specific portions of the community (the Internal community, for example) through a question with relevant @mentions.

Find and Share Recipes in the Social Cookbook.

  • With Community comes the ability to have a voice and reach an expansive audience. You have stories, opinions, lessons, best practices, ideas, photos, jokes! Take the thoughts in your brain and put them on (virtual) paper. Think about when you got started in community and how amazing it was to learn from other master chefs. As you learn and grow, share your knowledge to the social cookbook. Ready to get started, learn about the JiveWorks Blogging Guidelines.

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