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Knowledge is more than power. In business, it is a key driver of competitive advantage. As important as corporate memory is, today it is more fleeting than ever. With older employees set to retire en masse and younger workers job-hopping like never before, it’s more critical than ever for organizations to find ways to stop the brain drain and preserve valuable institutional knowledge.


In my new article in CMSWire, I discuss the ways in which companies can use an interactive intranet to stop corporate amnesia in the face of unprecedented challenges including rampant employee turnover, a deluge of new data and the fragmentation of knowledge within globally dispersed and increasingly office-less organizations.


Not only does an interactive intranet make knowledge more visible, searchable and memorable, recent studies show it also make employees smarter! By enhancing workers’ meta knowledge (“who knows what” and “who knows whom”) and ambient awareness (the unconscious acquisition of knowledge gleaned from observing communications between other coworkers and teams), companies can become more flexible, adaptable and profitable.


To learn more about the traditional company intranet has morphed from a static homepage into a knowledge-sharing and retention WorkHub that replaces everything from the file cabinets and bulletin board to the telephones and water cooler in your office by making invisible work visible, check out How Intranets Help Fight Corporate Amnesia.



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