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At The specified item was not found. I was inspired by the community managers I met who increase engagement through fun contests.  Being on the more serious side, this is not a strength of mine; but I have a goal to inject some more fun into our Jive community, called The Hive, so tried something new this week.  Barbara Giannini at the University of Maryland University College is really good at this so hat tip to her for partially inspiring my first attempt at a contest!


Last week we received the Fall 2013 cloud release so our profiles are pretty awesome now. I especially like that you can more easily find a person's blog and see their Department, phone and e-mail right at the top. The ability to feature my own content as a user will allow our master's students to share their important work with others in the community, such as their Capstone project research. Learn more about the new profile features here: Fall Release Preview: New Profiles with Expertise.


I'd like to improve profile completeness over the next year so that our profiles become known as THE place to go to learn about each other, contact each other, find experts, etc. In order to take advantage of the excitement about the upgrade (real-time chat is creating buzz in The Hive), I decided to drive traffic to our profiles by running a three-week tagline contest. I've shared the description of the contest below -- feel free to use any of these ideas in your own community. I only ask that you share your own stories of Jive contests and engagement activities that have worked in your own community. I'm thinking about running a photo contest in the new year to promote the new profile picture gallery feature. I'd love to get ideas about how others have seen these kind of contests drive engagement or adoption. I'm working on bringing in our graduate program's alumni who are not currently in our community. When I bring in this new group of users, I will need to focus on more of these types of activities in order to to help them understand the value of this community. Unlike our students, alumni are not required to be in The Hive.


I'll circle back and let you know how this contest goes. Looking forward to learning from others who have tried similar initiatives!


Hive Tagline Contest.png

On the suggestion of John Schwiller, I ran a CMR > Profile Completion > Download CSV in order to get all of the taglines. Below the image you see above I listed out all of the current taglines (we have a small community) with an @Mention to the person's profile. I haven't included that screenshot for privacy reasons.

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