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In a large corporation, you'll never please everyone. A sure fire way to get on your new adopters' bad side is to cause a lot of noise in their corporate email inboxes.


Here are a few suggestions to help users manage the noise from day one.


  1. Educate them about email preferences at the stream level and in their Profile Preferences. Be sure you understand the full functionality of the Email Watch stream if you're converting from an earlier version (ie. before v7).
  2. Encourage smart stream management - explain the difference in following places versus following people (hint: Places generate a lot of noise).
  3. If you're using Jive's Auto-Follow plug in, use it selectively and recognize that content is king - don't waste your audience's valuable time and attention on something that would be more effective in another channel.


These are just a few ideas to get started - I'd be thrilled to hear more from the community!

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