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Are you a community manager extraordinaire? Are you hungry for more knowledge?

Are you a socially-savvy exec who sees and lives the value of social business?

Are you a new community manager or admin looking for ideas, tips and tricks to get your community thriving?


If so, the Jive Mentors Program is perfect for you!



What is it?

The Jive Mentors Program connects new community managers, execs, and administrators to experienced users across different organizations in order to explore social business topics of their choice related to the success of their Jive communities.



What are the benefits of participating?


  • Build your expertise. Mentors are provided with a unique experience to apply their expertise outside of their organization and network with peers from different organizations.
  • Points, points, points! Additionally, the Jive Mentors Program is another opportunity for mentors to progress within the Jive Advocates Program. Mentors will receive 450 points for every mentee they mentor to completion. That's more than a quarter of the way towards a free JiveWorld ticket! Additionally, Advocates can receive special recognition and privileges in JiveWorks, including special rewards such as the chance to participate in industry thought leadership activities, a special badge after becoming a Jive Champion, discounted tickets and VIP experience at JiveWorld (VIP seating, Champions meet-up), and more.
  • Valuable insights. Mentees receive coaching, guidance, and the opportunity to build valuable relationships with experienced social business leaders. The true value of the Jive Mentors Program is realized when mentees achieve the objectives they envisioned.





Who should participate?


Consider being a mentor if....

  • you recently launched your community and have recent experience with onboarding and community planning/launching best practices
  • you have significant community management experience and are comfortable with the entire life-cycle: planning, building, launching, managing (and repeat!)
  • you are a social business exec supporting communities and their success within your organization



Consider being a mentee if...

  • you are a new community manager, admin, or exec looking for best practices
  • you are an experienced user but want to learn more about specific topics (exs. user adoption, community launch, expanding your use cases, improving engagement, etc.)


How do I find a mentor/mentee to work with?


Mentors and mentees will use their respective Jive Internal Communities or Jive External Communities groups within the JiveWorks community to find their partners.


To reply to existing requests, go here: Open Mentoring Opportunities


To create a new request, follow these steps:

  1. Create a QUESTION. Title it "Seeking Mentor (or Mentee)"
  2. Include the following information about yourself to ensure you find a good match:
    • Name, Title, Company
    • Industry, # of employees
    • Type of Jive community you have (internal, external, or both)
    • Topics you'd like to discuss
    • Anything else you'd like to share with your partner
  3. Post it and wait for your eventual partner to respond! After a match is made, mark their comment as Correct!




What is the structure of the program?


Mentorships are structured around three 30-minute engagements (phone calls or virtual meetings). Mentors and mentees may wish to use the Mentorship Planning Framework.docx to help guide their conversation.


The first call is an opportunity to get to know your partner, identify a topic/goal, and discuss first steps forward. The second call provides both mentors and mentees a chance to reflect on their progress and dig deeper/course correct. The third and final meeting should be used to debrief on findings and define a plan for continued learning post mentorship.


The mentorship is officially over when participants have conducted all three calls and completed their respective post-mentorship surveys (below):

Mentors Survey

Mentees Survey


Should both parties desire to, mentors and mentees are encouraged to continue their conversations beyond the three meetings. Mentors can work with multiple mentees at one time and both mentors and mentees can participate as often as they'd like.


Questions? Check out these docs:

Mentees: Do's and Don'ts

Mentors: Do's and Don'ts

Mentorship Planning Framework.docx

Mentors Program Resources Library



For any other questions, contact me! Miguel Rodriguez



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