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I hope that, same as last year (Next generation user support and training in Jive) you didn't take this too seriously. If anyone wants invest in this, please contact me for our consulting rates. That being said, this wonderful VR Client for Jive actually works, if you want to try it out. If you have an Oculus I can send you the build for it. Now, back to old fashioned web UIs. Next year on April 1st watch out for for my Tinder integration to Jive.

I'm using Comic pink!

User Interfaces fascinate me. There is so much potential in going beyond grey forms, input field and buttons. Even though I don’t have formal training on the topic, I like to dabble in it.

I don’t have proof, but I am still pretty confident, that my 2010 app for a tile based UI ( inspired the Jive UX team to build the tile based browse UI elements.

(Guys, there is no shame in admitting this, just buy me a beer the next time I am in Portland).

So this, is why this new UX paradigm excites me beyond belief:


Introducing SecondJive


For too long the Jive user experience has been confined to browsers and mobile devices. It is time to bring things into the 21st century with VIRTUAL REALITY!

Think about it, HTML was invented in 1993! We were playing StarFox on the NES back then, and though that Whomp! There it is! was a cool song.


So building user interfaces in HTML in 2015 seems so outdated.


In SecondJive we have rebuild the Jive user experience from the ground up with an immersive virtual reality user experience. The UI can be used on a regular PC or Mac, as well as most mobile devices. See the download links below.

However, the UX really shines if you use it with proper hardware. We support Oculus VR headsets for visual immersion and the Microsoft Kinect 2 for gesture recognition and interaction.


Your avatar upon entering the community



Relevance of groups and spaces can easily be determined by the height of the building.


Active communities are marked by fireworks like the one on the right


The group HUD displays relevant information about the group. You can enter a place by clicking on the building


Taking the term “Theming” to a whole new level


The group owner awaits you and offers guidance. A shout out to Ryan Rutan


Much cooler than clicking the “About this group” link in Jive


Best Jive profile ever


We live in the future

In upcoming releases we will make the interface multi-user compatible. Rather than writing boring discussions or direct messages, you will be able to interact with your colleagues “face to face” with their virtual avatar. We hope that you will join us on this wonderful journey.


Windows client download:…

Mac client download:…

First of all, I don't want to put the Jive team on the spot here, I'm just sharing experiences, that might be interesting to other community members.


So, the document preview in Jive. I, like most people that use Jive, have a love-hate relationship with it. It's a great feature, to be able to view a document without having to download it first.

However, on many occasions the layout of documents (especially Excel and PPT) is botched up pretty badly, so that I have to download the doc anyway. Also the flash based viewer isn't particularly snappy at times.

All in all, it's a "good enough" solution in most cases.


In one of our products we need to show binary content (Word doc, Powerpoints, Visio, etc) in the browser. For many other things we rely on Jive, but the document preview feature is not available to Jive add-ons so we had roll our own for this.

Also, the support for Visio and MS Project files isn't in Jive anyway.


We settled on a commercial solution eventually, and I thought it would be interesting to have some comparison between the document rendering in Jive and other solutions.

Word document

OriginalJive previewIn our app using 3rd party library
word1.pngword1.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image1.jpg
word2.pngword2.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image2.jpg
word3.pngword3.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image3.jpg
word4.pngword4.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image5.jpg



OriginalJive previewOur app with 3rd party library
powerpoint1.pngpowerpoint1.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image2.jpg
powerpoint2.pngpowerpoint2.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image8.jpg
powerpoint3.pngpowerpoint3.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image9.jpg
powerpoint4.pngpowerpoint4.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image25.jpg
powerpoint.pngpowerpoint5.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image26.jpg


Generally, Jive has gotten a lot better in the quality of conversion, but I think it's fair to say it doesn't compare well to specialized solutions (or Office365 for that matter). Maybe as part of the Box partnership, Jive could leverage Box View as an option for this at some point.

Jive Internal Communities managers, is this topic something that is on your radar also?

So as you might have guessed, this is our April fools contribution to the Jive community. Hopefully you all agree that the result of a usability study on Jive shouldn't be the reintroduction of Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant. That being said, if you need support around community adoption my colleagues at Pokeshot and our friends at Paladin Group, formerly JCS Consulting and Social Edge Consulting might be able to help.

In case you are interested, the reports come from our Splunk integration for Jive, details here Insanely great Reporting and Analytics for Jive

And yes, if you really want to embed Clippy, Merlin, Rover and Links into your Jive environment, we'll happily share the code with you for a donation to a charity of your choice. We do suggest, however, that you run this by your management and maybe also your therapist.

I'm using Comic Sans!




We all know and love that Jive is an extremely powerful and well thought out Social Business platform. However with great power comes a great … amount of end user training.

In our roles as community managers we constantly trying to find the right balance between traditional end user training (classroom, eLearning, training videos) and community driven training. Classroom training feels anachronistic, given the fact that Jive borrows a lot of UI paradigms from widely used social media sites. However, a purely community driven approach to end user training also has problematic areas, when users simply don’t “get” Jive and often stop using it very rapidly.


To solve this issue once and for all, we have conducted the biggest independent user experience analysis in the history of the Jive platform. Touching over 2 million end users (10% of Jive’s overall user base) at some of the largest and most respected companies that use the Jive platform, the project team consisted of 15 user experience designers, human-machine interface scientists and Jive consultants. Working full time over a period of nine months we interacted with close to 150 Jive community managers.

Besides conducting over 3500 ISO 9241 controlled usability tests with new and experienced Jive users in 23 countries, we analyzed a whopping 52 Terabytes of Jive Analytics and activity data using a custom developed big data analysis solution running on a 256-node Hadoop/Mahout cluster.

The results of the study are, to be honest, absolutely amazing. We’ll release the full 744 page report later this week. It is a truly fascinating read.


Chart showing distribution of user questions to different activities in Jive



Average weighted activities of approximately 2500 new users in their first week of Jive usage


However, we didn’t stop there. Using the results we were able to develop a solution that dramatically improves the learning and onboarding experience of new Jive users, and allows experienced Jive users to leverage the platform in ways we hadn’t thought possible. To make this available to the widest audience possible, we developed it for all Jive versions starting with Clearspace 2.5 up to the latest Jive Cloud versions.




The Jive Assistants


Please let me introduce:



Jive Assistants are powered by a next generation artificial intelligence system that accurately predicts what the user plans to do within the Jive platform. Through this technology we are able to make meaningful suggestions for action and provide context sensitive help anywhere in Jive.

A few examples:


Clippy, making himself comfortable on your Jive homepage


Example of a contextual action. Clippy knows you are searching for something



Never write a message alone again. Links happily types along with you.



Clippy is here to help, in case need support for that important TPS report. I can’t imagine what I would do without him anymore.


When Links saves a document with you, you know it is saved! Just look at how organized that cat is.


Tag suggestions are so much more relevant with Merlin helping out


Admit it: You missed this:



Community acclaim is much more rewarding when Rover chips in.



So there you have it. Social Business, big data analytics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence hard at work to make training in Jive so much more relevant.


Jive Assistants are actually a real thing, made possible by the awesome work from the people at with their clippy.js library.


Jive Assistants can easily be included in your Jive instance via a theme. For a small contribution to a charity of your choice, we’ll happily share them with you.

In our next blog post, we’ll talk about using to improve community engagement.

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