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My name is Rena Kuit and I recently joined a PwC global team based in London. Until about fairly recently I was doing market insights for Africa based in Johannesburg. I was really comfortable (that was a big clue) in my job but had that niggly feeling that I needed a change of scenery. IMG_1008.JPG

This came in the form of an offer to join the one of the PwC global teams based in London and that’s when things got very interesting… we (my husband and I) packed up our home, sold the house, booked the dogs flights and embarked on our ‘change of scenery’ with a container and 112kg luggage (evenly split between my husband and me ;-) ). Since then, we have found a new home, unpacked the boxes, bought a sofa bed and a car, and have spent many an hour trying to figure out the local equivalent of our favorite retailers back in South Africa and started settling in to our new ‘home’.

This got me thinking, what makes a successful community, having just moved? In my mind (and also thanks to Sociology as a major at university), there needs to be an effort from all parties, e.g. from whoever ‘owns’ the community (the community manager, homeowners association, council etc.) as well as the person wishing to join the community (a newbie like me).

I came up with the following 10 things on what makes a community divided into two key categories and I think they very much apply to any community. The responsibilities of a:


Now let me have a look at the ‘Round & About guide’ to my new local community.



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