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A Successful Intranet Launch with Jive


We recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of our new intranet, which has been a tremendous asset to our state agency.


Our internal community continues to grow. A year ago, we had 3875 active users. That number is now hovering at around 4250!


There have been many recent changes to our organization over the past year:

  • We've developed and implemented new Protective Intake and Supervision policies, to better protect and serve children and their families
  • Our IT Department released a new build of our Statewide Automated Childcare Information System (SACWIS)
  • We support an increasing number of end users out in the field who access this system and our intranet from their iPads


Our new intranet makes it easy for staff to stay connected with their area offices. Even when they're on the go, they can quickly access information, obtain the forms they need, get answers to their questions, submit suggestions for technology enhancements, or request a new iPad app.



Engagement: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally


In terms of engagement, our target demographic is the social workers out in the field and scattered throughout various area offices. Daily activity has been steadily increasing. However, many staff here in our central office aren't yet leveraging this new technology.


So I embedded Google's Pac-Man in the Overview Page of our IT Group, a private group for people in our department. I did this using the HTML widget. Since then, we've seen a spike in engagement.


Below is a screenshot of our IT Group from a couple months ago. You can find the JavaScript embed code for the game here.


IT Group with PacMan Game.jpg

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