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Hello JiveMinds,


We ,at ThoughtWorks, have created bunch of custom tiles and would like to share the learnings/implementations of the same.


We have used 'Tiles' feature of Jive to make sure the information is shared in an intuitive graphical way.


More on the this tile:

Use Case:

  1. Use this tile to set up your group’s landing/overview page
  2. Best suited for full page wide tiles
  3. Showcase a set of links with relevant background images and a one line description at the bottom

Tile Configuration UI


What do the fields in the config UI refer to?


Image URL: The URL for the background image of each link


Link Text: The text as it should appear on the grid


Link URL: The URL where it should take you to on clicking the image


Color Picker: Choose the colour of your tile’s title

Final Tile View


Tech Stack:

We have built this tile using React.


The tile-code is open sourced under AGPL.

Git-hub url of the code:



What are Tiles:


Building custom tiles:



A JavaScript library for building user interfaces | React


cc: Ryan Rutan, Rashed Talukder, Philip Palmerlaura.gough, Kim Nelson, Martin Holmes

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