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In today’s multi-national companies, meeting rooms and hallways are virtual.


An enterprise social network helps us recreate yesterday’s office online.  It allows us to continue to converse and collaborate in much the same fashion as we do in a physical office.  


If we take the comparison literally, what is your desk in an ESN?  The hallway?  The breakroom?

derived from:  Show Me Where the Meeting Room Is?



To keep members active and newcomers wanting to come back, there needs to be fun things happening in your community. 


Of course community managers run polls, open discussions and post documents to develop the knowledge base.  And, as community managers, we can help our audience get more out of the community and its content by upping interaction and adding some fun.  Below are a few examples. 

  1. Use a discussion thread to create a collaborative story
  2. Use the poll to determine who the next guest blogger will be
  3. Upload a virtual card in celebration of your community's birthday and invite others to do the same.  Offer a reward or an incentive to the winner.



SHARE how you up the interaction and the fun in your community.



NB:  Make sure that all this activity can be seen front and center on your overview page.



Further reading: Does Your Landing Page Send People Away? | Better Learning Communities


Visuals Make Them Look

Posted by spearce Champion Jan 27, 2014

My three tricks are to: 

  1. Use a bright visual
  2. Create a title that hints at the impact of the content (compliments visual)
  3. Write initial text that sucks them in and, slurp, they are all mine!


If you are reading this, you know that the tricks work to a certain extent.  In Jive, the potential audience usually sees the title first making it of greater initial importance than the visual.  But the title suggested that you look (and you did).


Share your tricks for making your potential audience look, click and read.


Jive_Visuals Grab Their Attention.JPG.jpg


As a community manager, vacation time is a bit of a quandary.  I need a rest as much as the next person but who will drive traffic, answer questions, post new materials and help out while I am gone?


The short answer is the community advocates. 


Sometimes you do not even know who they are.  Sometimes they change over time.  Sometimes you ask them to be an advocate.  No matter how they got to be an advocates, they all have one thing in common, the collaborative spirit.


I did not know there were so many collaborative spirits about for the first two years as a community manager.  I did have volunteers helping me with some of the community issues but I had not thought about the community member themselves as advocates.  That was until I had to leave for a more extended period of time.  I did not know who all the voluntary advocates were so I opted for publishing a post in the community stating that I would be out and to please help each other out for the duration. 


The results were very pleasing.  I think that the open post to the community was a viable solution.  There was higher-than-average traffic in the community as many members stepped up to bat and helped other members get answers or search for solutions.


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