• Add a newsfeed on my Jive homepage community

    Dear Jive Community, My question may be already answered : I want to add a "newsfeed" on my Jive homepage community, a bit like on Facebook on the top right of our screens ex : "David add a new file". You see what I ...
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  • Give us back something like the 2016.1 Source View

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    created by Melissa.Rosen
  • 3 things on my wish-list for Jive Daily

    Jive Daily is an awesome app and I had high hopes that it would tip our skeptics .... BUT there are a couple of things high on my wish list. I wonder if others feel the same or if there are any developments in the pip...
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  • Question Reply has Advanced editor that enables attachment but Document Comment does not

    Does anyone know the reason why a question/discussion has a 'Reply' that allows you to access an 'Advanced editor' that enables attachments... BUT... a document has a 'Comment' that does not allow you to access that A...
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  • Featured employee (or employee spotlight) with tiles – how do you approach?

    The widgets provided an easy way to feature an employee on our overview page, and many of our spaces and groups have taken advantage of this feature as well. With the advent of tiles, and our adoption of the News page...
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  • Jive 8 Icons

    The table below briefly defines each icon Jive 8.   Icon Definition/What it Represents This represents a blog post. It is the icon that will appear along with any personal blog, place blog and system blog. This...
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  • Community Managers: What's your WorkType?

    Here in Jive, we talk a lot about each other's WorkTypes. Unforch, with the exception of Kosheno Moore (our Jive internal Brewspace manager), there are no other community managers inside Jive!   (Still need to t...
    Donna Skoog
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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Cloud (2016.1)

    While working with a customer recently on their upgrade planning to Jive 8, they asked if we had a document comparing the existing widgets and tiles side by side.  I ended up creating a grid for them.  Then ...
  • Banner Tile - Image Dimensions

    A couple of users in our Jive community have asked about the image size for the banner tile. I've had a look around the JC and i couldn't find the information. I played around with different sized images and the follo...
    Dina Vekaria
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  • Vote for Jive Daily: 2016 Shortlist - V3 Technology Awards

    2016 Shortlist - V3 Technology Awards   Thank you to everyone who entered this year's V3 Technology Awards and congratulations to everyone who made our shortlist. Take a look at the results below...   CA...
    Libby Taylor
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  • PDF links not converting

    When I upload a PDF in Jive, the links that were originally in the PDF don't work when it's uploaded in our Jive platform.   We don't seem to have this issue when documents are uploaded (the links convert just f...
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  • Request for design ideas for Jive-n home page redesign using tiles

    We use Jive-n on Cloud and are ready for a home page redesign!   I'd like to move to tiles so I'm asking the JC for inspiration!   If you are willing to share some screen shots of your home pages for ...
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  • Have you ever held an hour long Q&A / Ask an Exec?

    I'd like to start doing a bimonthly Ask the Exec, where its similar to a Twitter chat but in Jive.   I participated in Jive's Ask a Consultant but was wondering if anybody else has done this, and any best pract...
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  • Budgeting for Jive World Conference 2017

    Hi all,   I was wondering when the 2017 Jive World Conference is?   I've never attended a Jive Conference and wanted to pick one of their conferences to go to next year, but I'm finding conflicting date in...
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  • Document Collaboration using Jive for Office Plugin

    Does anyone have a good guide on how to use document collaboration with the Jive for Office plugin on a Jive cloud instance? I've found that it's a bit clunky and the experience differs from browser to browser. Having...
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  • When you upload an image (that is set as portrait-looking), do you ever see that when it shows up in the community that it's sideways?

    I've had a few members try to upload either their profile picture or another image in the community, but then it turns sideways. Does anyone have any suggestions to help?
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  • Did you hear about the webinar this week?

    Enterprise Social Networks: The Foundation of the Digital Workplace September 15, 2016 | 10:00 AM — 10:45 AM PDT   Join industry analyst Dion Hinchcliffe to learn specific best practices and strategies tha...
    created by sonya.luu
  • Extract List of Permission Group Members

    Hi, we've been asked by legal to periodically audit the members of permission groups who have access to specific spaces.  Optimally, this would be a utility that allows me to specify the name of a Permission Grou...
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  • Does Jive search, search google drive documents that are synced?

    We are using the google drive integration and I am wondering if we search using Jive search, if it will find key words inside a document that lives in our google drive?
    created by cleber@rmi.org
  • Lexmark Overview Page

    This document is part of Overview Page Customer Examples   Note: I have updated this document (September 9 2016) to show our new Home Page using Jive's News Page layout.  Since there were quite a few commen...
    Dennis Pearce
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