• Is it possible to turn on the social sharing tools for a specific space in a community?

    Or has there been any thought to accommodating this? One of the things a lot of companies want to help facilitate is employees sharing corporate stories on social media (one example found here). Thus, an absolutely aw...
    created by tmaurer
  • Looking at Communities Through a Natural Lense

    Inspired by Sean Winter I wanted to share some thoughts on the analogies of how communities actually work in nature and what we can infer and learn from them.   Bacteria: How complex is the communication among ...
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  • What's the best tool to analyze info from the data export service?

    Does anyone have a preference for a tool to interrogate the data export service information (economically)?
    Brad Carr
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  • Comparing Jive document preview rendering to other solutions

    First of all, I don't want to put the Jive team on the spot here, I'm just sharing experiences, that might be interesting to other community members.   So, the document preview in Jive. I, like most people that ...
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  • How do I link an image to a mailto code in cloud?

    Hello! I've searched for this answer, but all related content is 6 to 10 years old. Can anyone tell me how to link an image so that it is linked as a "mailto" code & opens up an email window? Sort of like:   ...
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  • Using tags and a web tool to create 'virtual sub-categories'

    Hi Folks,   A bit of disclosure up front: technically, I'm not a community manager - I'm an external consultant that works with Jive customers - but I hope you won't mind me posting this here, as I think you may...
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  • What's your elevator pitch? How do you use your Jive community?

      My colleague, Maren Beckman, and I are working on creating a narrative for our nearly 6-year-old Jive community. We have taken a step back and want to create an elevator pitch for what our community is and does...
    Dina Vekaria
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  • T-Mobile Overview Page(s)

    Company / Jive Instance Summary: T-Community Home Page T-Community Space Overview Page: T-Mobile.com Support Home Page GoSmart Mobile Home Page   This document is part of Internal Overview Pa...
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  • Tip for converting your group to Pages while keeping Overview live

    Here is a tip we have used a lot in our community, for people who want to work on their Pages in private.   You can work on creating your new Pages and Tiles while your Overview page is live. Follow these steps....
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  • Jive plugin Outlook

    Hi Jive Community,   I add the Jive plugin in my Outlook mailbox, But I can't find a direct button / leverage to go directly to my community from my mailbox. Is that possible ? This button could be really useful...
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  • Anyone interested in getting a Jive app to set content expiration dates?

    OK, so I got all of your names from votes on two separate but related ideas, Document review notification for content authors and Expiring Content.   In talking with Nils Heuer from PokeShot, Ted and I discovere...
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  • Overview pages > subprojects

    Hi Jive community   In my community, I have an overview page (screenshot below) with pictures. Each picture have a weblink  that redirects to subprojects.       When I click on my PFM-o...
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  • New: Form Builder for Jive

    Need to capture HR enrollment information or event registrations?  Do you wish you could have your Contact Centre log their calls right inside the Intranet?  These are common challenges we hear from HR, Comm...
    Steven Green
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  • Creating an Org Chart

    Hi everyone -   Has anyone had success creating a dynamic org chart?   Trying to create something simple with a tree-diagram but not having any luck so far..  seems like most of the work would have t...
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  • Overview Pages vs Activity Pages

    I am seeking a summary of the pros and cons to using overview pages and summary pages, with mobile apps and when using a browser.  Does anyone have anything they have created whci would caver that data?
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  • Automated email digests

    Is there a way to delete these so they don't get automatically sent? People are complaining about getting 2 of them (following and updates), with the same information, or outdated information. I'd like to eliminate th...
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  • Widgets to Tiles transfer

    I started my position as community manager for my company in June. I was told by the previous community manager that widgets are being phased out in favor of tiles. We use tiles on our pages but widgets still seem to ...
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  • Strategy for using Groups and Spaces

    We have been using Spaces only during our pilot that has been pretty successful. We did not want to open up self serviced 'Groups' during the pilot to avoid creating silos. While our goal was to create openness and co...
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  • How do you feel about the "just getting settled in" profile message?

    I'm sure you've seen this in your community for those who haven't created any content. I'm wondering, though, how you feel about it? I get the idea behind it. Who wants to see a big block of white space, right? &#...
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  • In the Jive Daily app for Samsung, where is the create button?

    I just spoke to one of my colleagues who has a Samsung (I have an iphone) and she said she couldn't find the create button in her Jive Daily app. Is that not available in that version?
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