• Can We Suppress Anything in the Activity Feed?

    Hi All,   I am 99.9% that we can't suppress anything in the Activity feed. But, I've received this feedback a number of times: "Would be wonderful if I could suppress/hide/ignore document updates and profile upd...
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  • Tips and Tricks to Posting GIFs

    Hi all - I love posting GIFs in my community as a part of our corporate communications but have realized I'm not very good at getting them to work every time. Anyone have any tips and tricks to posting GIFs? Also an...
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  • Is it possible to merge two exisitng groups into one?

    Both groups have members in them, but I would like to merge them since they are a similar groups....is this possible?
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  • Ampersands and Quotes in Blog Titles dont render?

    We use the Cloud version.   We've noticed that any blog post titles with quotation marks or "&" dont render correctly.   Example: "Blog Post Title" will display as "BlogPostTitle" &#...
  • A Guide to organise an AMA on Jive

    Within a year since I initiated an AMA (online Q&A) on our on-prem Jive instance, more than 60 senior executives got on.  It became an additional communications channel for executives to engage the global sta...
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  • Can we suppress the ability to print certain documents in our Jive instance?

    In other words, is there a "View Only" function that we can set for a document?   Thanks.
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  • Linking to a shared drive from a tile

    I have a group owner that wants a tile on the Activity Page to like to a shared drive. We tried, view document and helpful links and neither one is successful. We get error messages.  Any one have a solution for ...
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  • Is there a way in the Admin console to add points to a user?

    We are creating a Advocate Program and want one of the awards to be 500 extra points if you participate as an advocate. Is this possible? We do not have the gamification add-on. Thanks!
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  • Help toolkits

    We are on the process of revamping our "Help Centre" which is a go-to place for anyone who needs any technical support. At the moment it already has a lot of contents and getting a little overwhelming so we wanted to ...
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  • Jive in 5: How Marketing Organizations Can Work Better Together

    Jive in 5: How Marketing Organizations Can Work Better Together Jive Software This Jive in 5 episode features how cross-functional, as well as internal and external collaboration, is critical to a marketing organizati...
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  • Executive Engagement Cheat Sheet

    I use this as a leave behind for execs after giving them a 15 minute, one-on-one hands-on training session to remind them how in less than 5 minutes a day they can engage and keep their finger on the pulse of the comm...
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  • Optimal Image Sizes

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  • Instagram widgets

    Hi, We've heavily relied on pulling instagram photos into our spaces based on hashtags, which are recently prohibited under Instagram's June 1 privacy changes. Does anyone have another photo sharing widget/hack that ...
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  • How do you encourage users to complete their profiles

    Hi,   I was just wondering how you have encouraged users to complete their profiles on Jive.  Some sites have widgets that give users points on their profile for completing it or reinforrce the positives of...
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  • Jive Daily Questions/Help

    Hi all,   I'm getting ready to roll out the Jive Daily app for our employees.  I've been testing the app and have a  few questions I hope someone can help answer? Thanks!   I've copied Dina Vekar...
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  • Jive Developer Days 2016: Bay Area — Register Today!

      After having a great turn out at our first stop in NYC at Social Edge Consulting , we're ready to take some votes on our next stop — The Bay Area at Plex Systems' Northern California Office! We are limite...
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  • Seeking Corporate Commuincations Specialist at Discover

    In support of Discover's Corporate Communications team goals of educating and motivating employees, this position will be responsible for managing Discover’s company-wide internal communications’ channels ...
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  • Unflattering Video Thumbnails (Cloud)

    The videos I uploaded have thumbnails that aren't great. Is there a way to change this?   When I upload the Jive 8 Training Videos, this is what I see....
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  • How I Work: An Interview with Ben Zweig from Social Edge

    It's time we kick the How I Work series on Jive Talks back into high gear. And what better way to put the pedal to the metal than with the digitally-savvy-and-creatively-stunning Ben Zweig from Social Edge Consulting....
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  • Using tags and a web tool to create 'virtual sub-categories'

    Hi Folks,   A bit of disclosure up front: technically, I'm not a community manager - I'm an external consultant that works with Jive customers - but I hope you won't mind me posting this here, as I think you may...
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