• Intranet migration file redirection strategy

    Dear all, we are in the process or migrating our intranet to another platform and we would like to get information about any good redirect strategies or if anyone knows if there a website where we could get this infor...
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  • When someone leaves the company...

    Hello: We have to go through and clean-up some of our users in our internal communities who are no longer with our company. After reading some of the threads on user management, it appears that the best process is to ...
  • Sharing your experience using Jive as an Intranet tool

    Dear all   Can anyone tell us or share with us about their experiences at using Jive as an Intranet platform?   Your story will be very appreciated and welcome. Thank you in advance for sharing it!   ...
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  • Guidelines for external collaborators on internal communities

    We're preparing to upgrade to Jive 7 and look forward to using the external groups functionality that allows users to invite external parties to participate in groups on an internal community. Has anyone who already h...
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  • Whiteboard Friday - Creating engaging content

    Open video

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  • Does your community offer incentives for Content Creation?

    I have seen statistics fromRyan Rutan and others about the percentage distribution of content creators. Does anyone offer incentives for content creation in their internal community? I understand from other JW and JC ...
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  • Whiteboard Friday - Using reports to spark engagement!

    Open video

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  • Why are shares not showing up in Jive Daily streams?

    Is this a bug? All the shared content is omitted from the stream. To recreate: Create a stream for a group. Share content in there. It doesn't show up in the Jive Daily stream (but it does show in the News stream on r...
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  • Is the feature to Create > Upload a video > Share with specific people a standard function?

    Can someone please confirm if the ability for a user to Create > Upload a video > Share with specific people a standard function in Jive or a feature that's only reserved for admin accounts?
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  • How can I make a home page that isn't a news page?

    HI All,   The logo on our page is set to [url].jiveon.com/news. We want to make the logo be a welcome page and not as a News Stream. I was looking into something along the lines of "skin.default.landingpage" bu...
  • What's the difference between the repost and share functions?

    And if I do both of these functions, where can I see what I just reposted/shared?
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  • Document Collaboration using Jive for Office Plugin

    Does anyone have a good guide on how to use document collaboration with the Jive for Office plugin on a Jive cloud instance? I've found that it's a bit clunky and the experience differs from browser to browser. Having...
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  • How Jive works infographic

    Hi all   I thought i'd share an infographic I put together that helps explain the concepts of Jive simply and quickly. Our community's called 'Hive' and it's been well received by our new members!   Miche...
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  • Using Jive for A/B Testing

    Gui Batista -- I am hoping to use Jive for A/B testing and our tech team just communicated that research they did revealed there is no way to mask comments or content ratings (using the 5 stars). We feel that if teste...
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  • Any tips for the best way to organize meeting minutes and agendas?

    I have several people in my org who would benefit from any tips.   For example, there is a place for a cross-functional team (such as senior leaders) to collaborate.  They have weekly meetings and the agend...
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  • Is there a way to edit/update a blog without sending notifications?

    We have a need to edit a blog from time to time but do not want to send out notifications after editing. We are on JIVE 7 and wondering if that was a possibility?
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  • I am having trouble posting documents.

    I am having trouble posting documents. I am part of a group (HR group) that is listed as the administrators for the HR Space. I have all privileges however it will not let upload anything without a moderator. I don't ...
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  • Excel Collaboration - is this possible?

    My company just launched Jive a few weeks ago, and I would like to know how I can share an excel document where users can make updates. Specifically this is a document in a closed/secret group, so all members of that ...
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  • Using a tag in news streams

    I noticed that when creating your own custom streams you can bring in tags - but when doing the system wide ones where you push blogs in news streams out to users, there's no option for tags?   I need some sort ...
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  • event view widget does not work in groups

    Hi all,   I have a user who wants to create events and show them on his group, but when he tried to use the event viewer widget it would not populate with the event he created. Under the edit widget options it a...
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