• Has anyone replaced their corporate phonebook with Jive profile/org chart function?

    We are reviewing how we can replace our current corporate phonebook with Jive profiles/org chart instead.  I think we have some features in our existing phonebook that will make this a challenge, but we want to g...
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  • Latest Poll on the Homepage

    Has anyone figured out a way to get the latest poll widget to showcase a particular groups or spaces polls on the homepage? We would like to have the look that you get from the latest poll widget, with the displayed...
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  • Is there a way to enable email notifications for only new content in a space?

    I have a user who wants to receive an email only when new content is posted to a space. The only way I can seem to figure out how to get that to work, she also receives an email for every action or comment on existing...
    Austin Cochren
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  • Space/Group owner Recognition

    What is the most effective way of recognizing those people who own a space or a group - your top advocates who go above and beyond the call of duty to drive adoption?   We have some heroes, that sometimes peter ...
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  • Blacklist individual emails?

    Hi All,   Is there a way to blacklist specific emails addresses from registering for an account? We are having issues with folks trying to use a listserv email address as their registration email and would like ...
    Ben Malakoff
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  • Countdown widget?

    Hi Sharon Waligora   I saw your excellent presentation at JiveWorld about an internal IdeaFest, and it looked like you had a countdown tracker on the page. I have submitted an idea for this here Countdown clock ...
    Claire Richardson
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  • Does anyone have a one page group owner placemat?

    We are about to launch Jive and are finalising all our training material. We would like to give place owners a one pager explaining in very easy language all the various steps they need to take. Would anyone have an...
    Alvaro Moerzinger
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  • Is there a way to generate an email for only an originating post?

    Our executives are struggling. They follow each other and set their preferences to receive emails for each other's posts.  Execs get dozens of comments/replies on posts, so then other execs get dozens of emails a...
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  • Community Managers: What's your WorkType?

    Here in Jive, we talk a lot about each other's WorkTypes. Unforch, with the exception of Kosheno Moore (our Jive internal Brewspace manager), there are no other community managers inside Jive!   (Still need to t...
    grace chang
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  • What are the maximum amount of words that can be used in a group description?

    I'm trying to add a group description to a new group. Every time I add a description and click save a red bar saying 'null' appears. When I entered one word into the group description it worked. The description I'm tr...
    Stephanie Field
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  • Can Chatter and Jive Co-Exist?

    I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has both Jive and Salesforce.com's Chatter deployed for their employees. How well do they co-exist? What do people use each for, and how well do people understand what to use ...
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  • Jive & Constellation Research Fireside Chat ~ Tomorrow at 10 AM PDT

    REGISTER TO ATTEND   Speakers:   Constellation Research Jive Software Alan Lepofsky Vice President & Principal Analyst Elizabeth Brigham Director, Product Marketing Communicating import...
    Tonya Hawes
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  • Calls to Action

    Gia Lyons and John Toker   Acknowledging Difference between Tiles and Widgets, in the 'old' days we might have added a call to action on an Overview page using an HTML widget and some bold graphics, perhaps the ...
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  • Do you have a user survey you can share?

    Hi!   We're working on our marketing plan for 2015 and we would like to gain insights from our users about their feelings, perceptions, etc - a bit like a NPS for our internal community - but also a bit deeper. ...
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  • Find the 5,000th Document

    Hello fellow Community Managers!   I am trying to give some variable rewards around content creation within our instance (Cloud). I need to know the best way to find the x number of posts (discussion, document, ...
    Austin Openshaw
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  • Using Jive to mark corporate anniversary?

    Our company is in the brainstorming phase of planning for our 25th anniversary. Have any of you used your internal Jive instance to commemorate a company anniversary?   Off the top of my head, it seems like ther...
    Scott Shive
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  • Tag governance and best practices

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you have a good model to share on managing tags in Jive? When I was at HP it was difficult to manage (Jive 4.5.x) large tag libraries. We relied on coaching on the front end to ...
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  • Research on External Communities for Financial Services

    Hello Jiver's,   I know I am posting in the Internal Communities, but at the recommendation of Billy Volpone,I am hoping to reach out to the community manager @WellsFargo (If it's Kathleen McMahon, I can't @ment...
    Patty McEnaney
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  • Are your Community Managers also Group/Space Owners & Admins?

    Community Management is considered a "soft skill" around fostering engagement and promoting activity. But there are overlapping responsibilities & tasks associated with administration of a group. These roles frequ...
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  • Reactivating users not persisting

    Hello Community Managers - I have an open case with Jive Support regarding some oddities I am seeing in the Admin Console.  It seems that some of my user accounts that have been deactivated (either because they'v...
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