• 5-hour outage. What gives?

    Our organization is relatively new to Jive-N--we've had a launch with mostly G&A and news, but are contemplating using Jive-N for real work processes and access to important documents. The outage for cloud custome...
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  • Three Classic Movies: Three Collaboration Best Practices

    The Movie: The Breakfast Club The Lesson: You never know who you can learn from.    When you’re on your Community, you are in a room with hundreds or thousands of people who have different knowled...
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  • Jive in Manufacturing

    KMWorld just published an article on knowledge management in manufacturing companies. They interviewed me for a case study on how Lexmark uses Jive within our product development teams. If interested, you can read it ...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • PDF viewer tile

    Has anyone built a document viewer tile that works with uploaded files like a PDF? We have some great PDFs that we'd like to display in a tile on the main body of a certain page type. We don't want to convert those PD...
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  • Strategies for improving engagement with community manager?

    Do you have any strategies for encouraging people to connect with the community manager? We just launched our community and I built most of the community "as" my personal profile if that makes sense, not my community ...
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  • Welcome to the Internal Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome to the Internal Community Managers group! This group has been around for a few years, and is chock-full of fantastic tips and techniques from social business practitioners around the world. Most of t...
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  • What happens in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas ... Join the Learning and Development Track discussions before, during and after JiveWorld 17

    Calling all Jivers interested in the universal Jive use case...LEARNING.  Join the conversation right now leading up to JiveWorld so we can start getting to know each other and share valuable insights.   ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • Anyone launched Jive Daily at their company?

    Dear fellow CM's   Earlier this month, we launched Jive Daily to our internal community. We were wondering if anyone else has launched Jive Daily to their company?   We're restricted to newsletters and ban...
    Dina Vekaria
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  • Jive Rewards - non-Admins manually awarding badges?

    Is there a way in Jive Rewards to enable 'non-Admins' to award badges for people who have completed a quest?   In Bunchball these 'non-Admins' currently @mention names of those who have completed e.g. a learning...
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  • How is news populated on Jive-n 9?

    Could someone give me some guidance on how the 'News' feed in news is populated on Jive-n 9?   On our instance I'm seeing a lot of top and trending content appearing, is that:   all top and trending from a...
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  • 3 things on my wish-list for Jive Daily

    Jive Daily is an awesome app and I had high hopes that it would tip our skeptics .... BUT there are a couple of things high on my wish list. I wonder if others feel the same or if there are any developments in the pip...
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  • How frequently do you post on your community? What is too little engagement and what is too much?

    What cadence do you use to engage your community? I'm currently trying to find the balance of too much posting in the community vs. too little. I'd love to learn what you guys are doing at your organizations! Kirsten ...
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  • Integrated products for Jive?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there is a list available for some tools to improve engagement such as TemboSocial for example?   I am looking for a list of such products.   Thank you in advance, Anna
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  • Using email to drive adoption & understand your people (pt.3)

    In the first two posts of this series [Using email to drive adoption & understand your people (pt.1) and Using email to drive adoption & understand your people (pt.2)] I looked at the inner workings of an emai...
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  • Can posts from email include images?

    We've had a question in our community - when posting updates to Jive via email, can you include images?   When attempting it from our end images are stripped out and shown as text, as below. We're on Jive 8 on ...
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  • Accessibility training about your Jive community

    Has anyone ever delivered training internally about how accessible Jive is. We're having an accessibility day and we've been asked to speak specifically about our Jive community. Has anyone done this before? What did ...
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  • What do you need to establish an intranet best practices program?

    I'm looking to establish an intranet best practices program that offers advice and content on how to optimize use of our intranet. What do you think are the basic elements necessary to establish such a practice?  ...
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  • Moderation stock response

    Is there any way to change the "your post is currently being moderated" response to something custom?
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  • How finding answers is like hunting for Easter Eggs...

    Get your free ebook on 41 ways to spark collaboration! Hi everyone, hope you had a great Easter break! Ours was filled with lots of Easter fun with the kids, visiting parks and zoos collecting eggs and having lots ...
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  • Jive Daily Video

    Hi all,   Am wondering if anyone has created a Jive Daily training video?   Thanks Deepa
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