• Followers and members

    I had a question, to make sure I understand the difference between a follower and a member with regards to permissions of groups. Could anyone help me to verify below statements, to make sure I am correct ? *When I...
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  • Jive 2019 User Groups - Let's get the party started!

    User groups are small regional meetings where users of a common software platform come together to meet new people, learn how others are solving problems, and share experiences.  User groups can be regular affair...
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    created by kosheno.moore
  • Status Updates Turned Off

    Does anyone know what button we might have pushed when we set up our community that would have turned Status Updates off? Is there a permission element that I need to address to give users the ability to create status...
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    last modified by canderson@sammonscorp.com
  • Jive Daily 2019.1 - Issues with downloading content?

    Since upgrading to 2019.1 Jive Daily, I have two employees (Android) who are complaining that they are unable to download any files. Are others seeing this same problem? Is this a known issue with this release? ...
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  • Has anyone else got reward console issues in 2019.2 preview?

    We are experiencing issues with reward console quests not completing.  Some users can complete a task OK, some complete the task but it never gets the tick and seems to remain open.
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  • Unable to paste text into new announcement title field

    I recall this bug happened a few years ago and I reported it and then it got fixed, but now it is happening again in Jive SBS 2019.1.0.0.  
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    last modified by Nik Edmiidz
  • "An error occurred processing your request. If this problem persists, please contact the webmaster or administrator of this site." Error message when trying to post a discussion. Anyone find a fix for this?

    I have received the following error message when trying to post a discussion in one of our spaces. I am the community manager of our Jive instance and so i'm unsure of why I'm getting this message.
  • Has anyone else experienced an issue with Jive for Office on Windows 8?

    Just after updating to AWS, many of our users are unable to connect with Jive for Office/Jive for Outlook. Just after migration, I was connecting fine. However when I heard some people were experiencing troubles, I ma...
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  • Community Managers New and Tenured: Come join the weekly "Ask a Consultant" Call !!!

    Looking for a live phone call and webmeeting to interact with an experienced Jive Professional Services team member? Want to meet some of your fellow ECMs (Enterprise Community Managers)? Have a burning question and...
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    created by moby
  • Are system announcements sending email notification ?

    Hello In my memory system announcements used to send notification as well as email notification to followers of a place . But we don't anymore, is it the case on your instance also ? Best regards   Claire
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  • Is it safe to upgrade to Jive for Office 30.7.64?

    Our IT department does not permit us to download the latest software just because a vendor says it is more stable. We have a strict QA and validation process basically to ensure that it doesn't break any of our existi...
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  • Create Content via email with Tags and Categories

    Hello All,   I am trying to create content via email. This feature works fine. When mailing in the content i also want to add categories and tags to the discussion.   Is there any mechanism to do that? &#...
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  • Are system announcements visible to external users?

    My tests in my preview instance showed they are not, but I thought I'd post anyway to confirm.
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  • Share from internal private group to the external private group

    I want to share the content from the internal private group to the external private group but my problem is that the people who are in the external group and NOT IN this internal group can't see the shared contents. ...
  • Is there information on how something becomes Top & Trending in the homepage news?

    I'd like to know more about  the algorithm behind top and trending. How are views/likes/shares/comments weighted to determine what is pushed into this stream?   Thanks in advance.
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    last modified by lauren.hogue
  • Copy from another Space is Disabled

    Does anyone know how to enable / disable 'Copy from another Space'? I am the System Administrator, inherited of course and when I attempt to copy from another space, the 'Copy' button is disabled.
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  • Jive is not released to developers. Any news when ?

    Hello Aurea Support,   Jive is not yet released to developers. Any news when it will be released ?   Thanks, -Gopi.
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  • Is anyone else having trouble viewing impact metrics?

    Says there is an error on the side of the page.
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  • Anyone else having issues with images?

    Hi all   I have had several separate queries / complaints from colleagues who are unable to upload images.   Some cannot add images to the banner of their blogs.  Some cannot insert images into their ...
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    created by sandra.e.marini
  • CMR to Community Analytics Migration - Analytics Gaps

    Let's crowd source the gaps we are finding between old (CMR) and new (Community Analytics) reports. I'm sure we all are using them in slightly different ways, so things that are problems for one might not be problems ...
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    last modified by ashley.fuoss