• Activity pages & Purposeful places

    We're upgrading to Jive 7 (finally!) and we think our users will struggle with a couple of things: activity pages and purposeful places. We’ll provide comms and training for sure, but would appreciate learning ...
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  • Jive 6 Icons - Description / Styles

    Is there a location that has all the jive icons and an explanation / naming convention of each of them? We would really like this for our community and thought we should reach out to this community for it. If not, we ...
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  • How do you project your Iphone/Ipad for a Jive App training during a webinar?

    We'd like to train people how to download and utilize the app...   Does anyone have a way to actually project the iphone/ipad onto the screen, to do a showcase in real time?       Jive for Mobil...
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  • Using #hashtags (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) on company intranet/community

    Is anyone currently using #hashtag functionality on their internal company intranet/social community? If so, what are the business cases and reason for use? This question came up from one of our users and we are tryin...
    Jason Clemens
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  • What content is getting the most views in your community?

    Content is king! Some posts really take off, and these can be very helpful to building your community.   Here are some of ours (what are yours?):     1,209 views: Change Case of Text on the Fly  ...
    Neil Mussett
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  • How do you explain Jive in 3 minutes?

    A recent article in Jive Talks spoke about engaging users and the common mistake of selling it as your corporate facebook (yes, me too...)   One of the things that I try to do now is to present a classic example...
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  • What is the maximum upload file size for cloud?

    I have looked all over the place and there are a bunch of unanswered questions about this.  There seems to be a way to modify this in hosted, but I cannot see what the max is for cloud.  Anyone have an answe...
    Tamera Rousseau-Vesta
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  • Latest Poll on the Homepage

    Has anyone figured out a way to get the latest poll widget to showcase a particular groups or spaces polls on the homepage? We would like to have the look that you get from the latest poll widget, with the displayed...
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  • what is the limit for labes

    How many of a community can I add to a label? Labeling Your Connections (Jive 7)   Seen a blog there suggest it 100   Leo
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  • Community Manager Reports and Overall Metrics

    Hi - We are looking to standardize community reporting on a monthly basis as we evolve and build additional infrastructure / resources for our global community.  Just wondering if most share some key data from th...
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  • Open Internal Links in new tab/window

    Hello Community!   I've scavenged high and low looking for the answer. I've messed with Ctrl+K to get to hyperlink settings and even the HTML editor to force a new tab open on INTERNAL link. I am stumped, I can'...
    Austin Openshaw
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  • Need an expert's help? We have one on tap!

    "Ask the Expert" is happening now!   The Jive Community has started a new Jive Talks blog series called "Ask the Expert."   We will be bringing you experts from the community as well as from Jive to answe...
    Libby Taylor
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  • How to make membership control easy for old groups?

    Archiving of groups that is a concern for me at the moment.   We are using "Jive groups" to manage different R&D projects within a particular business, with two units.  Each "Jive Group" needs its own s...
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  • Congrats to Plex on their new Jive-n deployment!

    Hey Julie Cardinali Brancik and Chris Pesola   Just a quick shout out on your new Jive-n site going live, after having your Jive-x site live for a couple years now!   Loved the screenshot that was in the n...
    Adam Mertz
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  • What if we stopped using distribution list ?

    Hello community members, In Devoteam, we are thinking about stopping using distribution list, because they are so difficult to maintain when your organization changes very often, because it overlaps with JIVE when i...
    Elise Bruchet
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  • Does anyone have strong usage of Jive Anywhere?

    Hello -   I'm wondering if anyone can share usage and use cases for Jive Anywhere?  We've had some road blocks with it given that a lot of collaboration occurs in spaces vs. groups.  Our community pre...
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  • Has anyone defined "how to be a good Community Member"?

    In our internal instance, our folks want me to be very prescriptive.   They are asking, "Can you describe what it means to be a good community member of [our internal instance]?"   I found Libby's Rules o...
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  • Jive versus SharePoint

    Does anyone have formal or informal documentation around Jive versus SharePoint comparison? I can cobble together some thoughts but I am sure someone already has a nice comparison capabilities and benefits flushed out...
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  • How are you managing diversity and inclusion groups on your Jive?

    At my company, we have a very active set of company-sponsored Employee Resources Groups organized around shared backgrounds like PRIDE (our GLBT group), PWIR (Our women's group) and BOLD (black employees) etc.  A...
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  • Favorite Christmas Song Poll

    Just trying out the poll, feature.  Seems super easy to use, now that you have stopped by please click a vote for your favorite Christmas song.