• How do you post on behalf of someone else?

    We use single sign on and I'm trying to figure out how to go off network to post for someone but hope there's an easier way then having to do that work off site and/or using their login information to post on their be...
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  • In Times of Turmoil, Wear Community like Armor

    Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Perhaps, for example, your vendor gets acquired right before your manager announces she's leaving days after your intern is leaving and around the same time you are apartment hunti...
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  • Interested in training for new Bunchball Nitro Analytics?

    Greetings!   At  JiveWorld17 I had the pleasure of meeting Bunchball's  Sanford Ross in person. I told him that I have been having some trouble with the new analytics in the Nitro dashboard - I don't k...
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  • Ask a Question tile does not return results for questions that are posted via Jive for Outlook

    Is this a bug or is there are reason why results are not returned for discussions/questions posted from outlook/email?   The use case is that a team is getting lots of questions via email. They want to post them...
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  • Surveys, Forms and Polls for Jive.  Now with Personal Accounts

    TemboSocial’s latest innovation is called Enterprise Admin for Surveys, Forms and Polls. Enterprise Admin introduces individual user account access where you no longer need to share access with your colleagues, ...
    Steven Green
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  • Guidelines for external collaborators on internal communities

    We're preparing to upgrade to Jive 7 and look forward to using the external groups functionality that allows users to invite external parties to participate in groups on an internal community. Has anyone who already h...
    Edward Ford
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  • What are you measuring in your EoY reports?

    It is that time of year when we are asked to provide a number of reports -  executive summaries, community health analytics and various user adoption scorecards.  What are some of the things you are measurin...
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  • Water cooler: Slack and Jive

    Our organization has pretty good adoption of Slack, and there are about 160 channels--some related to mission-critical work conversations, some to informal learning, others just for shared interests. Now that we have ...
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  • This week (June 5-11) is International Working Out Loud Week

    You can see all the activity at the WOLWeek web site and by searching the #wolweek hashtag on Twitter.  Lots of good stuff being posted across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter this week, including a Twitter #esnch...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • Have any of you integrated Webtrends into your instances?

    We're looking at adding some deeper analytics into our instance and wondering if any of you are using Webtrends, and if so how difficult an integration that would be. Thanks in advance!
    Don Shell
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  • Have you ever had to resell the business-cases of collaboration from scratch?

    I remember once hearing a community owner discuss how her Jive intranet switched owners, and the new owners didn't get it. So despite having a community with some solid successes, she had to reconsult her original fil...
    created by edmiidz
  • Balancing content type

    Anyone willing to share how you balance the amount of "corporate" business content vs. "soft" content (i.e., events and feel good stories) in your internal community?
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  • Having trouble selecting images in order to resize while in the Rich Text Editor (RTE) this week

    Has anyone had difficulty recently with editing/resizing images inside a Jive document? I'm finding it near impossible this week to be able to select an image and drag the corner to make it smaller. The align left, ce...
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  • rich text editor issue

    Hi guys,   Has anyone of you experienced this issue?   When you are typing something inside a native Jive content (any), once the vertical scroll bar appears, the text editor window keeps jumping up and do...
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  • Who is using the Events module?

    I posted a similar question about the photo module. We wanted to check and see what the customer experience has been with these modules. We've had some interest in our internal community, and wondered whether this mod...
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  • 3 things on my wish-list for Jive Daily

    Jive Daily is an awesome app and I had high hopes that it would tip our skeptics .... BUT there are a couple of things high on my wish list. I wonder if others feel the same or if there are any developments in the pip...
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  • When you upload an image (that is set as portrait-looking), do you ever see that when it shows up in the community that it's sideways?

    I've had a few members try to upload either their profile picture or another image in the community, but then it turns sideways. Does anyone have any suggestions to help?
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  • Jive versus SharePoint

    Does anyone have formal or informal documentation around Jive versus SharePoint comparison? I can cobble together some thoughts but I am sure someone already has a nice comparison capabilities and benefits flushed out...
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  • News Stream

    I currently have a place "Vmail" that whenever content is posted in this place, users get notified per the News Steam and email (see below). My question is, is there a reason why certain people may not be receiving th...
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  • Is there an easy way to manage the featured contents on your group?

    How do you manage a set of content marked as featured on a group (or even on the platform level as an admin)? The only way to view them is by adding them to a tile - that still doesn't give you the ability to manage t...
    created by gsekar