• Wellness Space - Anyone have a great Wellness space they want to share?

    Hi all! I am new to JIVE. One of the first jobs I have been tasked with is getting a Wellness (health/financial/lifestyle) space up and running on our internal community, in collaboration with our HR department. ...
    Colleen Edmundson
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  • Automated Newsletters

    I am currently on a project to migrate all of our intranets into our Jive instance "Neo" a big part of my job is dissecting newsletters sent out weekly, monthly, quarterly and help the editors use Jive to display elem...
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  • Is there a way to retrieve deleted videos?

    I know we can retrieve/restore deleted documents and discussions from the Space management link on admin console. Is there a way to retrieve content uploaded to the video module?   Gayathri
    Gayathri Sekar
    created by Gayathri Sekar
  • Jive 8 Icons

    The table below briefly defines each icon Jive 8.   Icon Definition/What it Represents This represents a blog post. It is the icon that will appear along with any personal blog, place blog and system blog. This...
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  • An easy way to chase profile completion!

    Hi there   Don't know about you but getting people to complete their profile / avatars / bio's etc is tough and you can't @ mention them all at once to nag them to do it - until now Here's how i'm doing it! ...
    Dan Thomas
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  • Google sites - Jive integration - What would be possible?

    Dear all   My company is currently running some google sites. I am just wondering if there is an option where you can embed Jive discussions thread into Google sites. This will bring the power of Jive into Googl...
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  • Is there a way to report on Who answered a question?

    I only see the ability to see that a question was answered, how many were answered, and time to answer. I don't see a report that shows Who answered the questions. We would like to do a campaign to reward people that...
    Tony Woodall
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  • Blogs- best way to share, and personal vs in a place?

    If an executive posts a blog in their personal blog, and I want to feature it in one or even two Groups or Spaces, what's the best way to do this? Just 'sharing' the blog only puts it as an item in the content tab. I ...
    Mia Crampton
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  • Social Media Policies?

    Hello,   I was hoping some of you can help me out. I work as one of our community managers for MUFG Union Bank's intranet, Bridge. We are looking for some examples of social media policies. Our compliance and le...
    Anthony Lopez
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  • Add-on/Plug-Ins That Allow for Color Coding in Calendars?

    Hi all,   A coworker of mine would like to keep a team calendar on his team’s space, but would like color options to show distinctions between types of events, etc. Since the Jive calendar feature doesn...
    Katie Dickens
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  • What does your Sales home page look like in Jive?

    We are looking for ideas to help recreate our Sales Home page to make it more interactive and drive further adoption and collaboration. Any ideas or images you can provide are greatly appreciated just to see how thing...
    Amanda Mahoney
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  • Still no RSS tile?

    Still no RSS tile? Boo! I thought that had been added. I've got many groups and spaces that use external RSS feeds, and that is one of the things keeping them from moving to Tile pages.
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  • How to set up a course in SmarterPath

    Open video

    Christopher Böckelmann
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  • News for Internal Best Practices

    This is specific to the latest Cloud release, 2016.1.  We have the HOW to use News covered in the product documentation.  This deck covers the small nuances to think through when setting up News.   (Th...
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  • Recent Blog Post Tile - configure number of posts

    Does anyone know if you can configure the Recent Blog posts tile on to pull in a customized number of content? Currently, it pulls in 10, but we would like for it to only pull in 5.
    Jon Magnin
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  • When to use Office 365 or Jive?

    Hi Everyone,   We're exploring the whole Microsoft Suite and we're hoping to get some answers from other Jive customers who are using both Office 365 (O365) and Jive, mainly regarding when your users would use M...
    Arleen Chiu
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  • Who is using the keyword interceptor to block specific words, phrases, content from posting to your Jive community?

    Just curious if there are any organizations out there actually using the keyword interceptor to actually block or restrict a specific word or phrase from being used in their Jive community for the purpose of legal/com...
    Lanie James
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  • Sample Help & Training Centers in your Intranet

    Does anyone has a sample screenshot of their "help and training" space for your Intranet that is working well. We have to revamp ours to drive utilization. Looking to review how we have it laid out, it's pretty lame r...
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  • Looking for best practices in providing help/support for a large Jive Community as a social intranet

    How do you support your users?  A Help/Support Center?  What types of content do you have the most success with?  What role do your Advocates play?  We would love a Help Center than ran itself (suc...
  • Skype for Business Integration with Presence

    It appears the the Lync/OCS connector has been discontinued for jive 8. We we're planning on using this feature to bring presence awareness to our community. How are we supposed to do this?
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