• Unable to move a blog post back to a user’s personal blog

    Hi Community,   I’ve moved a blog post that one of our users wrote to a space and now I want to move it back to their personal blog, but I don’t have the permission to do so. I am under the impressio...
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  • Is there a new version of Jive Anywhere for Firefox Quantum (Version 57.0) planned?

    The actual Version 3.2 of  Jive Anywhere is not supported by Firefox Quantum (Version 57.0) anymore. See Firefox add-on technology is modernizing | Firefox Help I have done this question already in Jive Anywher...
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  • What about the previous 'Jive Support' space

    Maybe I've missed the information somewhere but I does seem that there is no longer a dedicated 'Jive Support' space as before. It seems to have been archived : Jive Training and Support Resources   Is the ide...
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  • How to get rss feed for entire forum?

    Hi Guys,   I would like to know if there is a way to get the entire content of a forum in XML, JSON or some feed format?   I am referring to this particular forum as an example. https://forums.adobe.com/...
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  • Anyone familiar with how to set-up Jive 9 add-ons?

    I love that when I think of how to get answers fast, I turn to my own community for help!   In Jive 9, the Apps Market has been replaced with a link to Add Ons. According to this doc Apps market EOL in Jive 9 | ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • How Are Registered Users Calculated on the License Metering Tab in my Company Supportal Group?

    I just noticed the License Metering tab in my Jive Support group today -- has it always been there? Anyway, it has two charts in it and the Registered Users chart displays a number for each month, going back 12 months...
    Ted Hopton
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  • 3 things on my wish-list for Jive Daily

    Jive Daily is an awesome app and I had high hopes that it would tip our skeptics .... BUT there are a couple of things high on my wish list. I wonder if others feel the same or if there are any developments in the pip...
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  • Jive daily Setup

    Hi All,   New to Jive! So the question might be stupid, but this is wrecking my head! W are using the Jive platform for our intranet. So far so good. But, we want to make the solution available to our mobile ...
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  • I'm an adminstrator of a page in Plazza (Jive Orange). I need to change the category of a question after that somebody respond. I think it is not possible yet. Do you know if it's possible for you to add this functionnality ? Thank's in advance, Baptiste

    I'm an adminstrator of a page in Plazza (Jive Orange).   I need to change the category of a question after that somebody respond.   I think it is not possible yet. Do you know if it's possible for you to a...
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  • Activating the "Activity page"

    I'm trying to turn on the Activity page for a group created a few years ago. However, when I click on Settings > Advanced Options - the only option I have is to change the Locale, nothing about Overview/Activity pa...
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  • Editing MS Office Documents on Mobile

    Investigating MS Teams, and with the Teams mobile app, as long as I have the mobile app for Word (or Excel, or Powerpoint) on my phone, I can edit files posted to teams on my phone.   Unless I'm missing somethin...
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  • Amending group administrators

    We Have public, restricted groups on our JAM site, each page has owners and Administrators as this was how the groups were set up originally, Now JAM has changed to a Follow preference and invitation / members cannot ...
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  • public-restricted invitees don't have an obvious "accept" button as they do for private groups

    Dear fellow ECMs, I'm putting this out in the JC (oh, I mean the AW ?) to get your comments.   We finally implemented "new group paradigm" July 1st and wonder if anyone else is struggling for traction regarding...
    created by moby
  • Can I restrict access to a few links on our home page

    Hi There,   We have links to a few sensitive reports that we need to list on my team's jive home page.   I am wondering if there is a way to maybe place the links in a table in a tile and create a spec...
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  • Microsoft Teams vs Jive | Analysis and Guidance | Dec 2017

    What your team is working on dictates the best place to do your work.   What are your goals?Question If Yes Is your team working on content that will eventually be published in an employee facing space in Jive? C...
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  • Issue with external users being deactivated

    This week in our Jive instance, I seem to have had a lot of external contributors have trouble accessing our Jive platform and had a much higher number than usual of deactivated accounts.   How does someone's ac...
    Andrew Gilleran
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  • How do you change the URL of a project?

    We need to change the URL of a project--the current URL isn't acceptable--and I can't find any information on how.  Is a project like a group, in that you can't change the URL?  We'd rather not recreate the ...
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  • Webinar: Proving community value & taking actions for success

    Hi all   There's a webinar from 411 Labs which looks which looks really interesting and if it's ok I thought i'd share it here!   It's focusing on how to prove community value by identifying effective KPI'...
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  • Reporting on size of community content

    I'm interested in learning if anyone has run a successful content audit reporting on file-size? I'd like to highlight files that are particularly large (not just videos!). I'm aware of the potential of using the API b...
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  • How many slides does a Carousel Tile hold?

    Hello! We have a user that is adding about ten slides to the Carousel Tile, but the "Done" button at the bottom of the tile is disappearing as the tile gets longer (scrolling is not an option). When I built my own Car...
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