• Cutting and pasting contents from a Word document into a Jive Blog or Discussion post in IRE browser doesn't seems to work. Is this a known issue with Jive?

    I have tried cutting and pasting contents from a Word document into my Jive Blog and Discussion post but this operation is not working at all. Issue seems to be related to IE 11 browser since Chrome is not having this...
    created by aparekh
  • What's this icon?

    In the Spirit of This Old House.....   Name the icon.... It points to a Blog post so I'm wondering if it is a bookmark.... Looks somewhat like a file icon but missing the arrow..
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  • How can I find the volume of data/content in my community?

    Hello,   Within the admin console, is there a way to see the volume of data and content that is currently sitting on my community?   Thanks, Meghann
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  • Gamification Reporting

    Is there a way to bulk export all users with their points levels?
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  • Does CMR track the views from outlook interaction?

    Hi All,   Can somebody confirm me following?   Does CMR track views of people who are viewing the content via: Jive for outlook Normal email notification people who dont have Jive for outlook   Tha...
    last modified by prashantpathak19821
  • Is there a Jive Desktop app?

    We are wondering if there's a Jive Desktop app?   And if you have installed it your company, how many of your staff actually use it? Is it really useful or necessary?
    last modified by ernestoizquierdo
  • send an email for unanswered questions

    HI guys,   Just wondering how I manage the settings of Jive Admin to send an email when a question has been unanswered for a period of time.   thanks,   Patrick
    last modified by pyoung
  • Is there a way to see who has viewed a specific profile?

    We have requirements from our senior management team to provide them a report on who viewed their profile. Is this possible? Can Jive insight give us this information?
    last modified by cacebes
  • Spanish Translation?

    Does Jive offer a Spanish translation platform for its communities? We have Associates who would like to be able to access our community in their primary language, which is Spanish.
    last modified by jane@homeisjchart.com
  • Anyone else having issues with news streams loading in the app?

    our 'location' news stream, and the standard 'following' stream is not loading properly on the app.  Only the most recent item shows, even though there is a lot more content available.   All other streams a...
    last modified by brittany.medeiros
  • Can we rebrand Jive Daily Hosted?

    We are wondering if we can rebrand the App Jive Daily Hosted, so that in our users phones they find a name closer to our organization.  "ICRC Communities" for instance. Bertrand Quesada Michelle Gantt
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  • Will you be holding more of these user group meetings in Palo Alto later in the year?

    I work at Amex and we just adopted Jive as our intranet and I am in charge of migrating all of technology content...   Will you be holding more of these user group meetings in Palo Alto later in the year? ...
    last modified by toonzer
  • Is there any system property to increase page tiles?

    @ We are looking to increase number of tiles in a page to 10. Right now the number of tiles are 4, do we have any system property to increase it?     Note : Currently our solution hosted in JIVE Cloud
    last modified by vgarikpa
  • Issue with 'Direct Message' template

    Hi,   We have observed that the 'direct_messaging/create.SOY' template loads a default JIVE 9 version even if we have customized it in our theme. I have tried the following things but none of them worked. -> D...
  • Does anyone else have issues collaborating on Office files using the Jive Office connector?

    Hi all, Recently our instance is experiencing problems when trying to collaborate on MS Office documents, and I was curious if anyone else had similar issues?   Our company uses IE11 on Windows 7 OS, and if an ...
    last modified by barry.grant
  • Free webinar - How to put the PRO in Jive projects

    Hi everyone   Thought I'd share an upcoming webinar on how to use Jive projects like a pro featuring former Jiver and project manager Miriam Smith !   In the webinar she'll be sharing:   Her exact wo...
    last modified by danthomas
  • Why don't status updates and polls show in recent activity tile when they get new comments?

    I have a Recent Activity Tile on our home page and when  Polls and Status updates get new comments they don't appear in the home screen tile.  All other content types do.  Does anyone know why this is?
    last modified by mark.schwanke
  • Global Reach Impact Metric - How is it calculated?

    Hi All, I have been searching in community pages/groups, and training documentation to find an explanation of how the Global Reach impact metric is derived. In our community I am seeing posts/documents that I would a...
  • problems with analytics?

    We are on the cloud version and when I try to access the community analytics, I have a series of tiles that say 'no data available' - is anyone else having problems?   thanks Sandra
    last modified by sandra.e.marini
  • HTML link in Newsletter which allow direct access to jive mobile app ?

    How can i put an HTML link in my Newsletter, and when i click on that link from my email on mobile phone i have a message that ask me to choice if i would like to open it in browser or in the app (pre installed) ? th...
    last modified by qayoub