• Emergence of informal leaders in Jive community

    One of "side effects" of implementing of social software for internal communication is the emergence of informal leaders. The emergence is not a very accurate term since informal leaders exist in organizations without...
    Olga Koz
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  • Corporate communications and your communities

    Hi everyone,   I'm the enterprise community manager for our internal company-wide Jive site (call Spark) and am looking for some info about how others have rolled out (or rolled in, as the case may be) corporate...
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  • Can you assign "membership" to a Project?

    I'm trying to help a client with their managing their project. How do you assign someone to a Project - or can you? And can the membership be "unique"? So if there is an open Group, can I assign particular people to t...
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  • A Guide to organise an AMA on Jive

    Within a year since I initiated an AMA (online Q&A) on our on-prem Jive instance, more than 60 senior executives got on.  It became an additional communications channel for executives to engage the global sta...
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  • Ability to Pull User Account History?

    Is there a way to easily find and export a user's account activity history (content viewed, content created, etc)?
    Jessica de la Torre
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  • Jive 7- Limit Templates available?  Or not launch Activity Pages immediately?

    We are in UAT for our Jive 7 upgrade and getting a little concerned about how confusing Activity Pages/Tiles/Templates are going to be for our users.  Has anyone launched Activity Pages but limited the number of ...
  • Is [your Jive Instance] like Facebook?

    I'm writing a blog post about the similarities and differences between Jive and Facebook - with the primary purpose of "FALive (name of our instance) is NOT like FB. It is so much better and way more productive. I'd l...
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  • Hiring a Jive Community Manager -- New Jive Implementation

    Hey all,   I do apologize if this is the wrong place for this post but we have just recently moved over to Jive (last week) and are in the initial building & implementation stage. We are a fairly small compa...
    Matthew Gunnin
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  • Full Jive 6 – Icon Guide

    Sorry for the multiple conversations out there around this. I've gone ahead and pulled the documents / conversations into this one location and uploaded a Word Document as Ryan Rutan recommended. Please let me know if...
    Nathaniel Elliott
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  • Benefits of Jive Version 7??

    Hi, I am trying to confirm if Jive version will meet the requirements listed below, can anyone help please? -         Feature     Supporting Notes     Submit an indivi...
    Paul Minson
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  • Excel Read Only Status for a single user

    Hi everyone:  We came across an issue earlier today where the owner of a project within a space she does not own, was not able to make any edits to a document because her status for any excel document she opened...
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  • Can you see who votes for which option in a poll?

    Is there a way to determine which users vote for particular options in polls?  Can you get more granular than the aggregate poll results?  Thanks in advance.
    Brian Chaput
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  • Places: Group vs. Space

    One of the hardest concepts community members had difficulty understanding was the differences between Groups and Spaces when we launched our internal Jive community.  I had many people request a space for a proj...
    created by lyndsay_lantz
  • Jive 5 user training 101: what to say about search?

    In advance of our Nov 5 social intranet launch, next week we are training community advocates on how to use Jive 5. Most of these people have not seen Jive before, but they are familiar with a Joomla-based employee-on...
    Bruce Hoppe
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  • How to measure message volumes?

    Does anyone measure message volumes on their internal community? If so, how? I don't think the stats are available in the CMR.   The idea would be to get an idea of the volumes over time of messages sent through...
    Claire Tazzioli
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  • Externally Accessible Groups

    Created on behalf of James Ungerer   Recently we have found there were a few toggles and buttons that need to be implemented when working with this new feature.  Here are a few of the questions that have ...
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  • Guidelines for external collaborators on internal communities

    We're preparing to upgrade to Jive 7 and look forward to using the external groups functionality that allows users to invite external parties to participate in groups on an internal community. Has anyone who already h...
    Edward Ford
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  • Why Our Users Love Our Community

    Our internal Jive community, Circles, officially launched to our full department in January and we have had wonderfully positive feedback thus far. During one of our national meetings last month, we filmed our manager...
    Jessica de la Torre
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  • How Would You Create the Learning Path Visual Flow?

    In my latest blog post, I develop an intuitive path for on-boarding newcomers using a Welcome Wagon group.  This breaks with the lists of instructions which I find in many places and gives the newcomer an interac...
    (Sharon) Lina PEARCE
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  • Has anybody not deployed points in their community?

    I was quite persuaded by something I read on Twitter the other day about the point being to communicate and collaborate and not highlight or rank individuals. OTOH, I surprised myself by quite liking the missions and ...
    Belinda Benton
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