• Webinar: Cox Automotive Builds an Engaged Workforce with 30,000 Employees

    On Thursday, December 8, 2016 Jive Software and Cox Automotive will be hosting a webinar to show you how a $5 billion-revenue provider of automotive products and services has been able to unify its 30,000 employees wi...
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  • Standard responses to discussions and cases in Jive

    How do people handle a case or discussion in Jive when there are company branded responses required?   We created a space called communication templates where the agent can copy canned responses (that need littl...
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  • Quick links to updating your avatar, profile and adding skills

    Updating your avatar and profile (not profile image) are annoying lengthy processes in Jive-n - but there's a way you can make them way shorter!   I've developed the code below to create quick links to the edit ...
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  • Whiteboard Friday - Better survey design

    Open video

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  • unable to open attachment

    Hi Jive Experts!   I have posted a word document (and within, there are many PDFs), in a group that are visible to external contributors.   I can download the word document. But I am not able to open the ...
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  • Reasons why User Profile image does not appear in a widget?

    Hi. Does anyone here know why user profile image does not appear in my widget? See image below:
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  • Resetting Gamification Points

    I've heard that some companies reset their gamification points enterprise for their internal communities. Is this the case? If so, can you explain why you might do that, what the pros and cons are?   I can see ...
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  • How to login using Google sign-in

    Hi,   Can anyone recommend an approach to managing users in Jive-n?  We plan to implement Jive-n for internal communities only.  We use Google for Work and would like to use Google logins for Jive-n.&#...
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  • What are your reasons for Deleting content vs Marking Outdated?

    I was recently asked this question and I wanted to get an idea of what other community owners think on this topic. Perhaps there are other considerations I didn't think of.   Is it purely preference (my current ...
    Stephanie Standring
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  • Internal Communities Group Mission Statement

    Welcome to the social learning place for internal communities! Connect with other employee community managers or interactive intranet teams. Share best practices, challenges, successes, and help each other out with ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Webinar: Jive Rewards on Dec. 7 @ 8amPDST/11am EST

    How many rewards cards do you have in your wallet right now? I have Office Depot, Walgreens, American Eagle, Sephora, Marukai, Kohl's, Plenti and several others at home. Let's face it, we love being rewarded and recog...
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  • Who is using the Events module?

    I posted a similar question about the photo module. We wanted to check and see what the customer experience has been with these modules. We've had some interest in our internal community, and wondered whether this mod...
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  • Is it possible to create a quest and make one of the "events" for the user to like or comment on ANY piece of content within a specific space?

    It looks like there's only a way to track if a user likes or comments on one specific piece of content. I'm looking to promote a specific space and increase usage/visits/follows.   Thanks!   -Meredith
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  • Overview Pages vs Activity Pages

    I am seeking a summary of the pros and cons to using overview pages and summary pages, with mobile apps and when using a browser.  Does anyone have anything they have created whci would caver that data?
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  • Creating an Org Chart

    Hi everyone -   Has anyone had success creating a dynamic org chart?   Trying to create something simple with a tree-diagram but not having any luck so far..  seems like most of the work would have t...
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  • How can players lose Reward Points?

    I know with Rewards, it is possible to give away some of your points to another player, but i am wondering if there are other ways someone can lose points. I had an employee complain about a losing points (photo below...
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  • PDF footer not showing name of organisation

    Hi,   When clicked on view as pdf under Actions, the pdf footer does not show the name of organization and date information. eg""Generated by Computer Sciences Corporation on 2013-10-16-07:00""
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  • Jive Office not running on my laptop.

    I'm trying to download Jive for office but I'm getting a prompt that the app can't run in my PC. I'm not sure if it's because Jive office is not compatible with O365 or if it's not compatible with the version of 0365 ...
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  • Idea for Expiring Content in Review

    https://community.jivesoftware.com/ideas/2665#start=50   Fellow Jivers,   I'm excited to see this idea for creating a feature to expire content is in the "Review" process. I am wondering which SME from Ji...
    Patty McEnaney
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  • Label for people I don't follow?

    I have had a request in my community for the ability to create a Label for people without having to follow them. The use case is:   A team wants to make sure that new employees have access to departmental resou...
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