• Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Cloud (2016.1)

    While working with a customer recently on their upgrade planning to Jive 8, they asked if we had a document comparing the existing widgets and tiles side by side.  I ended up creating a grid for them.  Then ...
  • When you change banner presets, what happens to sites using old banners?

    We worked with our creative team to create a set of banner presets that are all customized for our company themes and we are ready to put them all up into the banner presets, but we want to make sure that we understan...
    Kirsten Laaspere
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  • User profile pictures

    I have had something weird happen when helping users upload their profile pictures; When the user chooses the picture it is orientated horizontally rather than vertically. There is no way to fix the orientation within...
    Raul Delgado
    created by Raul Delgado
  • Adding Attachments to JIVE create document

    I am entirely new to Jive and looking for help with a problem I have to solve. Using the Jive API(https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/) I have to attach multiple files to a document and create the document. I l...
    Dip Biswas
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  • What is the function of "Recommendations" in the Admin Console > System > Settings > Recommendations?

    It asks to "Enter the URL for the content to add it" to the Preferred Recommendations.   What does that do?
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  • Incorporating Meeting/conferences into Jive

    So, I have been researching this on my own for a while now, I was asked by a few of the Executive staff in my Agency whether it is a possibility that I can set up a way that they can book meetings within Jive in a dyn...
    Raul Delgado
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  • Creating a Link to an External Site

    Hello All,   I received a request from a content owner of our internal community who would like community members searching for specifc terms to somehow be directed to a link to an external page. We have Jive 7....
    Patty McEnaney
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  • osapi.jive.corev3.search.requestPicker . Can we get the filename of the file selected in view.js of my tile(which has thre requestPicker)

    Hi,   I have created a new tile with a requestPicker in the configuration.js.     jive.tile.onOpen(function(config, options) {    osapi.jive.corev3.search.requestPicker({    &...
    Shibha Malik
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  • Asset Library Use Case

    I have the following use case and I'd like some specific guidance and recommendations on how I can use the features in Jive.   USE CASE- for the communications team to be able to share assets (images, PDF infogr...
    Mia Crampton
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  • UX Design Best Practices by Use Case

    Hello Jivers!   I'm in process of overhauling my company's internal instance where there are more than 8000 unique groups being managed in a decentralized manner.  Our team is required to implement communit...
    Eason Pritchard
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  • Can you delete items from Communications/Inbox?

    I am pretty sure the answer is no, but just wanted to double check. Also, would I be right in assuming that the history of items in your inbox is dependent on however long your company chooses to retain information? F...
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  • How do you encourage productive use of marking as Decision or Final?

    We are measuring points to encourage use of our Jive community. People have figured out that marking as a "decision" or "final" is giving them mega points so they are marking everything as a decision or final... or b...
    Pam Grant
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  • how would i find my community manager?

    I need my personal community manager for jive so i can ask them to authorize an add-on. Not sure who mine is or how to find them
    ryane lake
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  • Can anyone share examples of Quests created in Jive Rewards?

    We will be rolling out Jive to our employees and I am working on a Rewards plan. If anyone would like to share how they have used Quests it would be great!
    Donna Skoog
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  • How Jive works infographic

    Hi all   I thought i'd share an infographic I put together that helps explain the concepts of Jive simply and quickly. Our community's called 'Hive' and it's been well received by our new members!   Miche...
    Dan Thomas
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  • How do you notify your members that their account is about to be disabled?

    We implement a policy where a community member's account is marked as inactive after a specified number of days of inactivity. Quite a few of the these members rely on email notifications, instead of actually visiting...
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  • When to use Office 365 or Jive?

    Hi Everyone,   We're exploring the whole Microsoft Suite and we're hoping to get some answers from other Jive customers who are using both Office 365 (O365) and Jive, mainly regarding when your users would use M...
    Arleen Chiu
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  • Jive's Power of Connection Tour Kicks off in NYC

    Ever since JiveWorld, I've been looking forward to the Power of Connection event tour, which officially kicked off in New York City this week.  What an apropos way to get things going, I thought, as the topic of ...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Using tags and a web tool to create 'virtual sub-categories'

    Hi Folks,   A bit of disclosure up front: technically, I'm not a community manager - I'm an external consultant that works with Jive customers - but I hope you won't mind me posting this here, as I think you may...
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  • Welcome to the Internal Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome to the Internal Community Managers group! This group has been around for a few years, and is chock-full of fantastic tips and techniques from social business practitioners around the world. Most of t...
    Gia Lyons
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