• What's your best practice for article Searchability?

    Hey everyone,   We're working through a couple of scenarios for our content.  A few months ago we ported our knowledge base to Jive.  It's had good results but some of the feedback we're getting is tha...
    Mario Guisado
    created by Mario Guisado
  • Creating a community manager center of excellence - looking for help!

    Hi CMs from both Internal Communities and External Communities!   We are building a space here in the JC to act as a Community Management Center of Excellence  (see Community Manager in progress) and we wou...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Should we combine the Internal and External Communities groups?

    We originally created separate places for Internal and External Communities because we thought that the conversations would be really different. What we seeing is that about 75% of the conversations could be used for ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Does anyone have a contact for Accenture?

    I am looking for someone to contact in Accenture as we are interested in a demo for our Internal Community. I tried to join their group but have not received approval yet (probably because I am not a customer). Didn't...
    Stephanie Standring
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  • Would you expect to be paid (extra) to contribute on your enterprise social network?

    We have encountered a unique adoption issue - an organization's legal team fears that their employees might sue the company for not paying them for the contributions they make to their enterprise social network. Basic...
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  • Welcome to the Jive Family Cristal Union!

    Just wanted to welcome one of our newest customers, Cristal Union!  jean-Christophe and team and so excited to see Jive as part of your digital transformation efforts.  We're starting to get more and more ma...
    Adam Mertz
    created by Adam Mertz
  • What are the top 10 most useful features of Jive 7/8-n? For a video?

    Hi CMs!   We're about to launch Jive 8-n in 2 weeks (upgrading from 7). We are going to create a "top 10" video (wayne's world style ).   We will call it: "TOP 10 Most Useful Features"   Need your ...
    last modified by babate
  • Impact Metrics - who's moved to cloud?

    Hey folks - we're less than 2hrs from upgrade here at Pearson and today we've found out that a setting we have switched off in Impact Metrics can no longer be set.   We have the "big brother" who has read my co...
    last modified by england_k
  • Looking for training material you can share... please

    Hi,   My company has recently started using Jive internally and while adoption has been ok we want to teach our teammates more about it and how they can use it better. We're planning on doing a couple of intern...
    Sheldon Levine
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  • Welcome to the Internal Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome to the Internal Community Managers group! This group has been around for a few years, and is chock-full of fantastic tips and techniques from social business practitioners around the world. Most of t...
    Gia Lyons
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  • Has anyone created a character as part of the branding for your community?

    If so, what thought process did you go through to decide what your character should look like?   Has it worked well and been recevied by your community?   What sorts of things does your character do within...
    Katherine Carter
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  • Getting creative with JiveWorld16... I would love your thoughts!

    Hey everyone (and also External Communities and JiveWorld365 and JiveWorld14)   JiveWorld16 is coming.... remember these moments?       We are planning JiveWorld16 as we speak (my responsibilit...
    Libby Taylor
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  • How do you estimate the cost of a system-wide roll out (aside from licenses)?

    Hi Internal CMs,   We're starting to plan for a big marketing push. How did you start?   Did you start with your marketing comms department and just got them to make it an internal cost? Or did you find b...
    last modified by babate
  • What's In It For Me (WIIFM)

    I am building out a WIIFM for participating in an employee community.  I figured I'd share what I have here for others to reuse & hope you'll fill in some of the blanks I've got     Interest Ind...
    last modified by tmaurer
  • How to get a feed from a LinkedIn group into a Jive group?

    I had a user ask me how to pull the activity feed from a LinkedIn group, into their private Jive group.  I don't see an RSS feed link and can't figure out a way to do it.  Has anyone done this before?  ...
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Between Jive and Cornerstone (LMS)?

    A couple questions for the Community:   Is anyone using Cornerstone as their Learning Management System (LMS)? Has anyone implemented Single Sign On (SSO) between Jive and Cornerstone?   If you have, let...
    last modified by bchamberlain
  • What % of your groups are open, members-only, etc.

    A few weeks ago I had Jive support run a query to find what our group permissions were.  I was trying to figure out if I start providing group reporting to the open & members-only groups first how many would ...
    last modified by jemjanik
  • Has anyone used the Recent Photos widget?

    I can't seem to make it work (Jive-n) and it doesn't seem to be included in the Available Widgets Reference. Is there more information available about  this widget?   Thanks! Pam
    Pamela Hobbs
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  • Making logging in easy for employees

    On our really old website, if you were on campus, you were automatically logged in to our intranet.  Most users did not realize this was only opening while on site and that if you were off-site, you can to provid...
    Dana Grennier
    created by Dana Grennier
  • How does your human resources team leverage your internal community?

    We've had lots of great discussions around here about how we're going to leverage our bustling internal community to help push HR initiatives. What are some of the successes and/or failures you've seen with garnering ...
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