• Does anyone have a one page group owner placemat?

    We are about to launch Jive and are finalising all our training material. We would like to give place owners a one pager explaining in very easy language all the various steps they need to take. Would anyone have an...
    Alvaro Moerzinger
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  • Community Engagement Cheat Sheet for Place Owners

    This is a cheat sheet I've given to place owners after training to remind them of things they can do to encourage engagement in their places.  I'm sharing this in response to Alvaro's question Does anyone have a ...
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  • Can you pull metrics for tags?

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to pull the metrics for tags? For example, we are trying to discern the amount of views for our "must read" tag vs. our "announcement" tag. If not, any suggestions/best practi...
    Stephanie Field
    created by Stephanie Field
  • Product area organization

    Organization/Design Query:   We have over 80 sub-products that are add-ons to our main product. This could potentially grow. Each sub-product has a few videos, discussions, and documents. I would like to be abl...
    Emily Garcia
    created by Emily Garcia
  • Reactivating users not persisting

    Hello Community Managers - I have an open case with Jive Support regarding some oddities I am seeing in the Admin Console.  It seems that some of my user accounts that have been deactivated (either because they'v...
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  • Endorsements - did you need to deactivate for HR reasons?

    Wondering if any other communities were required by HR or legal for that matter to deactivate endorsements. If someone is endorsed and then gets a poor review or is fired, creates a discrepancy and potential issues. &...
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  • Are you responsible for providing collaborative networks for your employees?

    Work is changing and conventional intranets haven't kept up. CIOs and IT leaders need a new generation of intranet that's social, mobile and connected. In this recent Gartner report, you will learn how to build consen...
    Jen Burns
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  • Kim - hoping your Feverbee London conference preso went well!

    Hi Kim England   How did your session go at the conference?  Just by the title of it (How to Build a Highly Engaged Community) I'm sure you had the audience eating out of the palm of your hand.  Any ch...
    Adam Mertz
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  • Any updates on the Intrateam conference going on this week?

    Hi Karen Gettman   Just trying to keep up with all the conference action this week.  How did your session go at the IEC event in Copenhagen? Sounds like you and Kim England are having busy weeks on the spea...
    Adam Mertz
    created by Adam Mertz
  • Can we move past the carbon copy?

    I still see a lot of people cc'd (literally) on Jive posts across communities we work on.  They must know it stands for carbon copy, right?  Blue/black inky paper that even your local state government has di...
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  • Best method of creating a stand-alone page

    I have a few items of content that work best as stand-alone web pages, where we don't necessarily want people to comment or engage socially. One example is a web form that queries one of our membership databases and p...
    Steven Sprouse
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  • State of Community Management Survey 2015 - Now Open!

    The State of Community Management is an annual survey conducted by the Community Roundtable. They recently just published the results from last year's survey in an eBook: New eBook: Defining Community Management Roles...
    Libby Taylor
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  • T-Mobile Overview Page(s)

    Company / Jive Instance Summary: T-Community Home Page T-Community Space Overview Page: T-Mobile.com Support Home Page GoSmart Mobile Home Page   This document is part of Internal Overview Pa...
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  • Global interactive calendar

    I have a need to create a global interactive calendar of events around a specific subject that is on one page and looks beautiful. The events will be happening all around the company and the platform. Certain people w...
    Claire Richardson
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  • FALive! First American's Internal Community * Happy #CMAD *

    FALive has officially become First American, a financial services company's intranet. The FALive community is all about connecting our people with the resources (people, tools and information) they need to expertly pe...
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  • How are your advocate programs doing?

    Hi everyone,   I am an RBC employee who is new to Jive as well as the company.  I have been handed the task of putting an advocacy program in place and have found lots of great information from this commun...
    Stephanie Rodriguez
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  • The HUB at Philadelphia Insurance Companies

    The HUB at Philadelphia Insurance Companies - How we are adopting the future of work Our internal community has been live for 15 months.  We gave the community a face lift in July with the assistance of Socia...
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  • New eBook: Defining Community Management Roles

    Community management is an evolving discipline.   I like to think of it like teaching - everyone does it, those who succeed tend to do it well and some people do it professionally. Because community management i...
    Rachel Happe
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  • Best practices for redesigning live Jive instance.

    Hello there,   Our team is planning a redesign of our instance. We are changing/adding: Color schemes, Overview page layout, and Jabber integration, just to name the main ones. With this in mind, I'm wondering i...
    Austin Openshaw
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  • Contractor access to your internal community?

    Hi! We're working on our first launch of Jive to our beta testers in a couple of weeks and to the entire company at the beginning of March. I'm curious on how some of you have managed access for contractors in your In...
    Lanie James
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