• Successful Carpooling Space

    My friends, We are going to put up a Space as part of our sustainability efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.  If you have set up a space to encourage carpooling, I would like to begin sharing information wit...
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  • Email notifications with additional settings for Blog Posts and Company News Streams

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    created by mack_torres
  • Is there a way to hide a group/space from the Top Places widget?

    Our community has personal type groups that users would prefer not show up on their profile as a 'Top Place'. Is there a way remove those groups from showing in the 'Top Places' widget (such as changing permissions, e...
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  • Daily Activity Report - Deeper Dive

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do a deeper dive into their stats. In the Daily Activity Report below, we have spikes in activity and I'm trying to figure out what specifically that activity is attributed to. Doe...
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  • ESN Adoption Survey

    About three years ago, I have asked Jive community members to assist me in the research study of the social software adoption process. Thanks to everybody who has responded (about 20 wonderful internal community manag...
    created by olgask14
  • Jive Daily Video

    Hi all,   Am wondering if anyone has created a Jive Daily training video?   Thanks Deepa
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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Jive 9

    As you move more of your places from widgetized overview pages to Tile-ized place pages this reference doc may be useful to you.   In v9 (compared to v8) seven new tiles were added: HTML, Hero, Banner, Category...
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  • How do you manage Top & Trending?

    Hello Community Managers,   having asked this question in support (and having received an answer also): Tailor (configure) Top and Trending? - I'd like to tap into your experience, if I may.   How do you m...
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  • Auto load members into a Members Only Group?

    Is there a way to auto-load a membership list into a Members Only Group? I see where I can invite members, but I am looking for a way to automatically load a list of 2,000+ people. I will have 3-4 communities moving o...
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  • Sharing content externally - will PDF versions improve?

    We have cases where members of our internal community want to share documents externally - and the 'View as PDF' does not render the document correctly (e.g. when it contains tables). I was wondering if there was any ...
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  • Anyone launched Jive Daily at their company?

    Dear fellow CM's   Earlier this month, we launched Jive Daily to our internal community. We were wondering if anyone else has launched Jive Daily to their company?   We're restricted to newsletters and ban...
    Dina Vekaria
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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Cloud (2016.3)

    While working with a customer recently on their upgrade planning to Jive 8, they asked if we had a document comparing the existing widgets and tiles side by side.  I ended up creating a grid for them.  Then ...
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  • Open Mentoring Opportunities

    Use this document to stay on top of all of the mentoring opportunities available to you via the Jive Mentors Program!   Mentor Sign-Up JWX Link to request Mentee Company Community Potential Topics Seeking ...
    Miguel Rodriguez
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  • Resetting Gamification Points

    I've heard that some companies reset their gamification points enterprise for their internal communities. Is this the case? If so, can you explain why you might do that, what the pros and cons are?   I can see ...
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  • What is your page width?

    I'm curious what other communities choose as their page width and why. We've gone from a set 900px to a full page responsive, and I'm thinking there has to be a happy medium. I am personally like 1400px. What width is...
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  • Does anyone know how to increase the tile title character limit?

    We have some communities that ideally require longer titles in tiles, for example the Super List Tile.   Right now, it appears the character limit is 50 characters with spaces. And this gets cut off and replaced...
    created by lauren.hogue
  • Agile tools

    Are there plugins or tools that will allow me to embed Agile tools in a community (e.g., a kanban board, burndown chart)?
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  • Quick links to updating your avatar, profile and adding skills

    Updating your avatar and profile (not profile image) are annoying lengthy processes in Jive-n - but there's a way you can make them way shorter!   I've developed the code below to create quick links to the edit ...
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  • 3 things on my wish-list for Jive Daily

    Jive Daily is an awesome app and I had high hopes that it would tip our skeptics .... BUT there are a couple of things high on my wish list. I wonder if others feel the same or if there are any developments in the pip...
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  • It's Official: Now Welcoming Submissions for Jive's Digital Transformation Awards

    Jive's Digital Transformation Awards' call for submissions is now open! The Awards celebrate the top 25 customers who have demonstrated leadership and innovation by harnessing the power of collaboration and communicat...
    created by becky.leung