• Customer Issues with 2016.1 Cloud Release

    Use this table to report on bugs or issues we've found in the cloud release. Note that this page is an unofficial, user-maintained document and often contains issues that have been reported to Support but not yet corr...
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  • Podcasts in Jive SBS

    Does anyone have any experience enabling podcasting in Jive? Is there a module that is required? Also, here's a concept I wanted to throw out there for comments. If I wanted to record a podcast while out on the road t...
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  • Crazy Question - is there any way to have new documents published avoid being listed in the Activity Stream

    I have a user who publishes a lot of documents relating to projects in process. While he is fine with publishing them, and doesn't want to make them private or restrictive in any way, it sticks in his craw that all th...
    Patty McEnaney
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  • UX Widget projects open sourced

    I wanted to let everyone in the Internal Communities group know about some Jive widget projects we are in the process of open sourcing.  Our internal community has found these projects to be very helpful for sett...
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  • Customer Issues with 2015.2 and 2015.3 Cloud Release

    Use this table to report on bugs or issues we've found in the cloud release(s). Note that this page is an unofficial, user-maintained document and often contains issues that have been reported to Support but not yet c...
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  • Is it possible to create a search for only Questions (like this) and/or categorize them?

    Hi,   I'm trying to find an approach to managing questions posed during a long-term project. We'd like to be able to categorize the answered questions and make them searchable so that folks can find them easily....
    Angela Watson
    created by Angela Watson
  • Jive 8 Center Widget Pixel Size

    Does anyone know of a guide for widget pixel sizes that exists? If not, what the exact pixels are for this?  
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  • UBM initiative - content curation

    The Challenge The Solution Screenshot The Outcome Comments I feel terrible that I can't remember who gave me the idea (and the template), but based on a discussion in the Jive Community late last ...
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  • Anyone have good starting list of Places Categories?

    I am looking to implement Places Categories, but wanted to learn from those of you who have already done this.  Do you have a list that you are happy with?   Here is my start:  We work for a multi-bran...
    Miles Appel
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  • Are the tabs in answered questions (community manager reports) dynamic?

    Dear JC,   I am one of the newest members (advocates) and trying to wrap my head around this cool technology.   When selecting a custom time-frame in community manager reports>answered questions, can th...
    Shadab Ashraf
    created by Shadab Ashraf
  • Community Manager Reports and Overall Metrics

    Hi - We are looking to standardize community reporting on a monthly basis as we evolve and build additional infrastructure / resources for our global community.  Just wondering if most share some key data from th...
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  • Declare your community maturity! Take the 2016 State of Community Management survey

    When The Community Roundtable launched in 2009, the idea of measuring the markers of community success was unheard of; community management was considered an art that couldn't be taught - or measured.   Seven yea...
    Rachel Happe
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  • Transitioning newsletters to Jive

    Hi everyone! This is my first post! We are in the process of creating our Jive community. We currently have an online newsletter that is sent to all employees via e-mail (Lotus Notes). It is a weekly e-mail with about...
    Debbie Sacks
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  • 2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers

    Hey Jive Community managers, once again this year for Community Manager Appreciation Day, Jive wants to celebrate YOUR accomplishments in helping transform the way your company works with customers, or partners, or em...
    Adam Mertz
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  • Merging, Purging, Deleting, Housekeeping

    Hi Everyone, We started our Jive implementation with very few restrictions and that probably is the right thing to do given our culture. This meant for example that there was never a restriction on the creation of gro...
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  • Is there any permission role which would allow editing blogs besides admin or moderator?

    When I go try to allow users the rights to edit blog posts, the only permission options I can find to allow this are "Full Control" and "Moderator". From our roots with Mediawiki, we have always embraced a more crowd-...
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Looking for best practices in providing help/support for a large Jive Community as a social intranet

    How do you support your users?  A Help/Support Center?  What types of content do you have the most success with?  What role do your Advocates play?  We would love a Help Center than ran itself (suc...
  • How to find content that was not created in a space, but instead in "Home"?

    When our community was set up, users were allowed to post directly from the home page without declaring a space for their content. Since then, I have set up various "catch-all" spaces for these different "I'm not sure...
    Alex Nassi
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  • Sample Help & Training Centers in your Intranet

    Does anyone has a sample screenshot of their "help and training" space for your Intranet that is working well. We have to revamp ours to drive utilization. Looking to review how we have it laid out, it's pretty lame r...
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  • Code to Remove with Gray Box from Widget

    Have anyone used custom code on their homepage to remove the gray box in all the widgets and just show the text?   We are trying for something like this vs today   I am not a code connoisseur....so a...
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