• Creating Collaborative Groups with Tiles

    Hi there,   We have recently upgraded to Jive 9, and with that are undergoing the transition of moving our groups from widgets to tiles. While we are enjoying the new graphic elements, creating collaborative pag...
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  • Tips and Tricks: Building a Help Desk

    Let's say you're on the IT Team for Big Rock Trading Company and you're looking for ways to improve case deflection for your company. You want to implement a Help Desk that will allow employees to ask questions, recei...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • An error occurred while attempting authentication through single sign-on (SSO)

    We have been experiencing difficulties setting up SAML in Jive using Google as the Identity Provider.   We successfully logged in with SAML enabled for Goggle however we experience an sso authentication error af...
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  • Wanted everyone to know about an HTML tile  bug related to a recent Chrome upgrade

    Here are the steps to reproduce: Prerequisite: Must be the place admin Go to a place page that contains an HTML tile Click the gear to edit the tile Either replace the HTML with new code, OR change one small text ...
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  • I was registered for Jive Administration for Launch training on August 10 @ 9:00 AM PST.

    The trainer never started the meeting so I am trying to find someone who can let me know what happened and if we can reschedule. Thanks! Jez Martin
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  • Can external contributors send Direct Messages?

    I'm assuming not, since we have one trying and it doesn't work. However, since the link for it appears for him, I realize it could just be a bug.   Here is what I see in the Jive Documentation: External contribu...
    created by tmaurer
  • Superlist view of all blog posts by a certain author across the community?

    I cannot for the life of me find a superlist link to show me Blog Posts by X Author across the whole community.  We don't want his blog; we don't want his blog posts in a specific place; we want his authored blog...
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  • Brand and Name your community?

    My company came up with a name for our Jive community "The Root" (we're a hair color company), but I'm wondering how everyone went about branding their site?    We have our company name up in the upper lef...
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  • Creating a tickler system in Jive

    We are looking to create a tickler system using Jive for the purpose of contract review.  Since our contracts have variable renewal dates, a tickler reminding the administrator that they have a contract/agreement...
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  • What's the maximum size of a video that you can upload into the community?

    We just held our annual conference and want to take pieces of the presentations and post them in our community, so I was wondering what size/length is the max? Thank you.
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  • What does each tile do?

    Is there a resource like a table or chart that lists each tile and functionality? I've tried looking around in various spaces for details but come up empty.
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  • Water cooler: Slack and Jive

    Our organization has pretty good adoption of Slack, and there are about 160 channels--some related to mission-critical work conversations, some to informal learning, others just for shared interests. Now that we have ...
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  • Best Practice for managing User Groups

    I'm going through our community to see if the spaces and user groups are still correct. What I noticed that we have lots of user groups with only one or a few people in it that need admin or moderate rights, what resu...
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  • Mission badges

    Hello, Why when we go to our own profile>Reputation>Missions, we can ONLY visualize all of them? I mean, why by clicking the mission icons don't bring you up to the site where you can see the details  an...
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  • Jive Daily Video

    Hi all,   Am wondering if anyone has created a Jive Daily training video?   Thanks Deepa
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  • Comment nesting

    We had a group who recently had a discussion post with nearly 300 comments. The team was frustrated to see that the early replies were nesting as expected, but eventually the nesting stopped. I found in an earlier pos...
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  • The secrets to successful groups - live webinar!

    Hi everyone   We've got a great webinar coming up for Jive users that's sure to help drive success in your community!   Join us on 'The secrets to successful groups' to discover real life examples of how t...
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  • Screenshots of home/overview page examples?

    Reaching out to see if any of you would be willing and able to share some screenshots of your main home page for your respective internal Jive communities.   I'm entering the final UX/UI phase of our site layou...
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  • Internal community landing page

    Hi, I've just started as the community manager at my organisation and my first task is to make the community landing page/homepage interesting and useful (my words!).   I've not used Jive before so I'm not sure...
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  • Examples of Home Page Designs

    Hello All,   We are planning our move to Jive 8.0.3 (hosted) shortly after migrating to OKTA this month. My new best friends in the JC, Jamie Roberts and Sean Rivers sent me examples of their home pages with but...
    Patty McEnaney
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