• 16 page limit in content section?

    For some reason my image collection is getting cut off and I can't scroll to see al the photos, so I tried to see them in the Content tab view. But turns out there is a 16 page limit I never knew about? When did this ...
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  • Has anyone done a photo submission contest in their community?

    I'd like to do a photo submission contest in my community and am wondering if anyone can share best practices. In our community, not all users have the ability to publish content in most spaces.   When I've don...
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  • Modifying the URL of a Document

    Is there a way to modify the url of a document?   Does a document url always grab the title as part of the url?  If not, in what cases?   For example, /docs/DOC-1111-thornton-tomasetti-employee-manual...
  • Is the Inbox Stream Updates email summary bad for everyone?

    Our users have noticed that the Following Stream Updates email summary is a lot more helpful than the Inbox Stream Updates email.  Users have referred to the Inbox Stream summary as "useless" because it does not ...
  • Anyone else having issues with images?

    Hi all   I have had several separate queries / complaints from colleagues who are unable to upload images.   Some cannot add images to the banner of their blogs.  Some cannot insert images into their ...
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  • Are private groups not really private anymore?

    I noticed a private group we created has many more followers than members. I opened a case to find out how that is possible, and the support agent told me that because private groups appear in search results, members ...
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  • Marking Helpful

    What does marking something helpful do except for give points and it is marked as helpful? Does marking something helpful provide weight in searches?
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  • Email notifications for scheduled vs posted blog posts

    Hi all, We use blogs to send out our corporate communications, and I typically see around 1700 emails generated by those posts:   For blog posts that have been scheduled, we're seeing less than 10 emails ge...
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  • How do I encourage engagement with people who are supposed to be architecting engagement enablement systems?

    I'm actually asking for a friend, but she works for a company that creates a collaborative intranet product. She has a history of community management and collaboration evangelism, however the new product managers/arc...
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  • Editing Answered Questions

    I have a group. Two people in the group are administrators, but they can't edit each others answered questions. Is this a bug or intended functionality? If so, is there a workaround?
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  • 2018.2 Upgrade Issue Tracking Document

    I'm creating this document to track issues that arise with the 2018.2 updates, and the subsequent updates after that.   This is iteration two of a document like this, you can see the first version here Issue Tra...
  • Custom Badges

    Is there a way for me to give certain people a custom badge without a quest or peer-to-peer?  We have folks that participated in a Microsoft Office course and they received a certification. They are now known as ...
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  • 2019.2 Upgrade Issue Tracking Document

    Following from previous tracking documents: 2018.2 Upgrade Issue Tracking Document 2019.1 Upgrade Issue Tracking Document   2019.2 Update  Status Date Added By whom Functionality Description Customer(s) af...
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  • Question of the Week - Questions to post to encourage engagement, camaraderie in your community

    I'd love to crowd source this, as I know it is something that a number of community managers have done at one point or another in their careers. Please edit and add your ideas. Maybe at some point we can even put them...
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  • Super list tile - scroll within a tile

    I am wondering if there is a way to scroll within a tile vs scrolling the entire page.  The goal is to mimic the functionality of a rich preview super list tile in the right column of a page but control the tile ...
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    created by euva
  • How can I see group status updates over 6 months old?

    In our instance, I have a group where members who have insisted on creating status updates to post content. They are now asking if they can view the entire history of status updates in the Group, but the Activity page...
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  • JIVE versus competitors ...O365

    Dear all,   We have co-existed with Microsoft forever but the arrival of the competitively priced 0365, Microsoft Teams and all the bells and whistles means that our on-prem JIVE is being discussed for phasing o...
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  • A poll tile?

    I see there was some discussion (locked) about this a couple of years ago Ability to view polls on a page? but nothing since. As we've been promised for ages that there would eventually be tile parity, I'm wondering i...
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  • Recent Content vs Recent Activity widgets for Overview pages?

    I manage an Overview page for a team inside my company and I can't seem to use a single widget to display all the activity related to my page. The Recent Content widget seems to display only content that ORIGINATED wi...
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  • can we export Jive content to a .csv file

    Is it possible to export all Jive text (discussions, blogs, etc) to a .csv file?
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