• Looking for information on 9.0.5?

    We are on prem. Wondering when the release date is and what will it contain?   Thank you.
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  • How do you explain Jive in 3 minutes?

    A recent article in Blogs spoke about engaging users and the common mistake of selling it as your corporate facebook (yes, me too...)   One of the things that I try to do now is to present a classic example of h...
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  • Anyone experiencing frequent disconnections from Jive Daily mobile app?

    Hello   We have had this issue for two months now, some users in our company (including me) are systematically disconnected from Jive Daily mobile application everytime they have logged into Jive's browser versi...
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  • Unable to change project URL

    Hi Jive colleagues!   We are wondering if there is a way to change a project's URL like we currently have for groups.  I saw that a while back the project URL would change automatically when the project nam...
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  • Way to retain formatting when creating via Email?

    Hi all,   Currently my employer leverages SharePoint 2013's function to be able to CC an email address from SharePoint to keep a centralized record of: team announcements, FYI's on trending contacts/known tech i...
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  • How to configure a news stream to include shared blogs but avoid noise from mentions?

    When I create a stream for a group, I see 'all activity' in that group, including the noisy stuff like when people @ mention the group. I want to only see blogs:   the group blog blogs that are shared in the gr...
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  • Permissions to view document versions

    What permissions are required for a basic account to view prior versions of uploaded documents. Space administrators can view versions but not normal accounts. I am trying to make sure everyone can see prior version...
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  • asdf

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  • Complete List of Phrase Substitution Keys

    This list is current as of 2018-07-18   # Outcomes outcomes.actionButton.label = Actions outcomes.unknownError = An unexpected error has occurred.  It may be helpful to reload the page and retry your a...
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    created by tmaurer
  • sev1 site down 18-Jul 18,10 CET -- anyone else?

    hi folks -- anyone else on full sev1 outage since the last 60 minutes with the message :   An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.94b8ca41.1531932911.4600750c
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  • How to unsubscribe to Jive Cloud outage alerts

    How do I unsubscribe to text messages regarding Jive Cloud outages? I went to Jive Software Status  and could not find anything.
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  • Does anyone have a workaround for the 'blank/black video' first pane?

    Videos look rather horrid on the News homepage because you can't add a thumbnail image at the start. Same happens when they are featured. Is this something that will come and does anyone have a workaround?   Th...
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    created by clairetaz
  • Profile Pic weirdness when viewing AureaWorks in IE

    Is anyone else seeing issues with profile pictures in AureaWorks when using Internet Explorer?   I am able to see avatars just fine, but profile pictures show up as Xs (unless the user never uploaded a profile p...
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  • Are there any thoughts to add Form capability to the Jive platform?

    This continues to be something that keeps some areas of the business entrenched in older ways of doing business - the lack of an easy way to create and/or host forms that can be used for things like ordering business ...
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  • Mark a document for action only works once...is that normal?

    In our on Prem environment of Jive (9.0.2), when we mark a document for action, we lose that option going forward.  In other words, once I mark a document for action, I can no longer mark that document for action...
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  • Active Users from the app

    Does anyone know if the Community Reports, specifically the Active User number, incorporates the viewing of content on the Jive app?  Since the Jive app isn't for my community in particular I'm not sure that view...
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  • Issue Tracking Document for Jive Customers | 2018

    I am creating this document to track and share important discussions, blogs, questions that are happening in the AureaWorks community related to mission-critical functionality in Jive communities. Customers are helpin...
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  • What Jive Implementation Partner would you recommend?

    Does anybody have a Jive implementation partner that they were happy with that they can recommend? I am looking for someone to handle our integration with Microsoft 36-SharePoint and perhaps to do some user training.
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  • Make private group content visible to all internal contributors

    Folks, We use private groups (not secret) for client extranets. Is there an easy way to make all of the content in these private groups visible to all employees so it shows up in their search results. I really don't ...
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  • Jive UI non-responsive at the moment!

    It's 6:03pm here in Melbourne Australia and for the second time in 6 days the Jive user interface is non-operational. We are an AWS cloud customer on 2018.1.1:    All I get is the animated progress imag...
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    created by gregor.scott