• Slowness in Response Time and Search

    Is anyone else experiencing delays in response time in Jive? We experienced this in our internal community today, with search results not coming up, or being very slow, and in the AureaWorks community. I tried to post...
    Patty McEnaney
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  • Can anyone get TOC or anchors to work in Jive Daily App?

    In our internal cloud community, we always try to design for the optimal Jive Daily App experience. We cannot get Table of Contents links to work in Jive Daily (version 2.24.0) so we tried html anchors to see if that ...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • How do I remove content from Categories

    I used Bulk content manage and set up several items in a category. I need to remove a couple items from a category. How do I do that? I don't see a way to remove items.
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  • Jiveworld 2018

    Hi,   i maybe outdated but has anyone heard any news on when and where jiveworld2018 is? Assuming there will be one.   thanks
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  • How to change navigation link colors

    Dear all,   Does someone know how to change the navigation link colors in the home page?     Many thanks,   Loïc
    created by llv
  • Has Jive done any general usability studies and has data we can refer to?

    I am wondering if Jive has done any past (or present) general usability studies with the general graphical layout out of the box that we can read or refer to or benefit from. Anything will do... User Experience... nav...
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  • Any other customers with significant Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook problems?

    In the last year, the number of issues reported for these two add-ins has increased. And at the same time, the resolution for anything discovered has decreased significantly. In fact, in at least one of our cases, we ...
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  • Creating a "communications cascade"

    A question about how to create a "communications cascade" was asked by Denise Kruft in this week's Ask a Consultant - March 15, 2018. I'm posting the solutions we came up with here in case anyone has a similar situati...
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  • Jive daily

    Some of my colleagues asked me where to find the backslash in the iOS version of Jive daily. I'm using Android so I couldn't help. Is there a special trick? Thanks in advance.
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  • How do you create a backup of Jive spaces?

    We are moving away from Jive and would like to know if Jive provides any backup/export features
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  • Convert To Discussion: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    I'm trying to use Jive for Outlook to convert an existing email thread into a Jive discussions. However, when I attempt to post my discussion I receive the following error:   Can't post discussion. Object refer...
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  • Is there a way to get a list of unregistered and deactive accounts?

    Is there a way to export a .CSV of accounts that were created, never registered, and since deactivated? For example, this could happen for an employee who never showed up to work on day-one, even though an account was...
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  • Can you load more than one video on a blogpost and get them not to play all at once?

    Hi,   My CMO did a series of short videos in her blog post and when they play they all play together. is there any way to work around or fix this?
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  • I assume you guys know that your latest AureaWorks upgrade exposed more k-codes?

    Kosheno Moore and Sarah O'Meara   I wasn't going to post, but it seems to be harder and harder to interact. Here are two of the latest screens I've seen, but these are showing up EVERYWHERE in AureaWorks now. ...
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  • Restrict Marking Official Document

    Is it possible to only allow certain people the right to mark action: Official? Or any other?
  • Is it possible to upload an avatar for someone else?

    I need to do this for some of our leadership team but can't see how to.   thanks
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  • Gmail Calendar integration

    I am so stumped, it would only make sense to me with as many tools that are available and integrations that Jive's own Calender can integrate with Gmail's, Or even outlook... But search the KB, I find nothing?
  • Anyone know if/how you can download a CSV of content in a place and sort it by categories?

    Hello!   Does anyone know how a place owner could get a CSV report of content in their place, and then ideally filter it by category? I don't see category or tag information included in the standard CSV from Pla...
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  • event - email notification

    Hello, when I create an event, isit possible to receive an email notification when someone register to this event? thanks
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  • Jive webparts r not working in SharePoint online and getting authentication error

    We have recently integrated jive with SharePoint online environment ...However the jive webparts r not displaying any content on the page and getting an error message related to authentication. Can any one have seen s...
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