• Could the User to User interactions visualisation be changed into a Worldmap?

    Dear Jive team   Currently the User to User interactions visualisation is like a bubble with links within...   Would it be possible to turn that bubble into a world map instead?   Such as what we've ...
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    created by ernestoizquierdo
  • How do I get (more) data on email notifications from Jive?

    We are trying to automate our data collection and report generation so that we have standard reports for our community that go beyond what is in the out-of-the-box reports and combine data in different ways. We are do...
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    last modified by tmaurer
  • Having better stats to send mailings for different users on Jive

    How relevant would it be for your team to be able to send targeted emails based on the different users:   Send an email to all those who have recently joined in the past week > help them onboard   Send...
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  • Missing DES data 10/20 - 24

    Sharing to try to avert panic for those of you using DES data and are finding your numbers off a bit this week -  There was an outage 10/20 - 24 of the DES functionality resulting in missing data. We have seen th...
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    last modified by Helen Chen
  • Is the new place analytics report correct? Numbers don't match

    Hi all,   I'm trying hard to understand the new analytics for one or our spaces.   As you can see below, this space (as an example) has only two pieces of content:   According to the analytics repo...
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    last modified by Marcelo Yamada
  • Does anyone have any best practice ideas/suggestions for reporting on top content across an entire instance?

    Previously, I would report on the top 10-15 pieces of content from across our community based on the Content Leaderboard and the excellent document Content Leaderboard. However, this approach is no longer possible wit...
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    last modified by barry.grant
  • What's the difference between the new quest reports?

    Hello! Very excited to dig into the new quest reporting, and wondering what the difference in the Quest Steps report and the Quest Event report is? They both seem to display the same information. Also wondering if the...
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    last modified by oonagh.m
  • Does impact metrics show a list of viewers by date range?

    I'm looking to find a list of users who viewed a particular video in my community in the past month, and when they viewed it. I know impact metrics can tell me how many people viewed it in a given time, is there any w...
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  • Community Analytics (filtering)

    I need to get usage analytics for a group within our community - we think adoption is low but I want to see specifics.  I thought I could filter by department as a starting point but it isn't working.  Ideas?
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    last modified by kacie.conroy@m3ins.com
  • Does anyone know how to determine the number of documents indexed and number of search queries performed per month in a jive instance? I need these stats.

    I need to know how many documents are indexed by our JIVE search and the average number of search queries performed each month.
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    created by modell1
  • Engagement Analytics has been down for over a week

    Our Engagement Analytics reports have been down since Aug 14th. We promptly created a case in the Aurea Support Portal but have not received any response to this issue.   When we try to open it, we get: WhoopsTh...
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    last modified by Nik Edmiidz
  • Is there a way to report who received a user badge in Jive Rewards?

    I would like to be able to pull a list of people who have received a user badge from someone else. Is there a way to do this?
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    last modified by Donna Skoog
  • craigslist like feature

    Hello Everyone,   Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We are trying to create a marketplace similar to the one they have on craigslist and facebook. So the community can post and sell things in a gr...
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    last modified by marinabcoding
  • how to interprete revisions in activity report?

    we have difficulties with interpreting the term 'revisions' in the activity report. I found on this page  Analytics  the definition:  Revisions = The number of times a user viewed revised a document, di...
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  • Is there a way to allow people other then the author of a piece of content view its metrics?

    Is there a way to allow someone to view the "global reach" metrics of a specific piece of content that they did not author the content? I mean other then making them a full access admin to the entire Jive instance. ...
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    last modified by eric.anastas
  • How do you manage Top & Trending?

    Hello Community Managers,   having asked this question in support (and having received an answer also): Tailor (configure) Top and Trending? - I'd like to tap into your experience, if I may.   How do you m...
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    last modified by markus@tembosocial.com
  • How do you pull a list of space admins or owners?

    We are pretty sure there is a way to easily export a list of all space admins, however, cannot find a way via Admin Console. Does anyone know how to do this - perhaps via Data Export Service (DES)? We are on Jive 8....
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    last modified by shirlin
  • How is your experience with Place analytics in 2017.1

    In Issue Tracking Document for Jive Customers | 2018 I have an entry around inaccurate analytics for a place in 2017.1.   It might not seem such a big issue, so I thought it worth showing a few pretty pictures t...
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    last modified by gregor.scott
  • What does Succesfull Search Queries mean

    In Community Manger Report you can get a list of the Most Succesfull Search Queries, but what does this means?   Do they need to click on a link in the search results, do they need to press enter or how does it ...
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  • Counts of views of content linked in a banner

    It appears that when a page is show with a banner tile, the count of views to the each of the linked items in the banner are incremented. This occurs even the banner is partially displayed on the screen.   Is t...
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    last modified by yphelan