• My takeaways from AureaExperience 18 in Munich

    Here's a LinkedIn article about our journey with Jive at the International Committee of the Red Cross, and my takeaways from Aurea Experience in Munich   Don't worry Scott I did not reveal your plans for Amazon...
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  • craigslist like feature

    Hello Everyone,   Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We are trying to create a marketplace similar to the one they have on craigslist and facebook. So the community can post and sell things in a gr...
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  • Can clicking on a URL in email will directly make a user- "Follower" of that project?

    The projects created on AureaWorks can be followed by other users only when they visit the project and click on "Follow" button on that page. This is a two step process for the user. I want to share my project link(U...
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  • Looking for an engaging presentation

    @Hi all   I am due to present at a forthcoming meeting to promote Jive among our workforce. At the moment the engagement levels are low, so I was looking for a fun and engaging game or activity i could use to ge...
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  • Join us online for CMAD next Monday

    New: Updated and more detailed agenda below   Hey everyone,   Next Monday (Jan 23) is Community Manager Appreciation Day (I know -- whut? We're appreciated? ).  There is a line-up of great free onli...
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  • Any nonprofits or socially oriented orgs using Jive that are interested in being part of a proposed JW17 panel on using Jive for social good?

    We are planning to submit a proposal for a JW17 panel on how Jive can be used effectively by non-profits and other mission driven orgs, both internally and externally. We're a Jive partner focused on supporting the us...
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  • Budgeting for Jive World Conference 2017

    Hi all,   I was wondering when the 2017 Jive World Conference is?   I've never attended a Jive Conference and wanted to pick one of their conferences to go to next year, but I'm finding conflicting date in...
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  • Incorporating Meeting/conferences into Jive

    So, I have been researching this on my own for a while now, I was asked by a few of the Executive staff in my Agency whether it is a possibility that I can set up a way that they can book meetings within Jive in a dyn...
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  • Best Practices for User Avatars

    One of the most unexpected experiences I had at JiveWorld was the single thing nearly every person I met mentioned to me: "I recognize you from your avatar."  I certainly expected people to recognize me by name p...
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  • Getting creative with JiveWorld16... I would love your thoughts!

    Hey everyone (and also External Communities and JiveWorld365 and The specified item was not found.)   JiveWorld16 is coming.... remember these moments?       We are planning JiveWorld16 as we s...
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  • Community Manager Shout-Out 2016: Here's to the next most awesome year ever!

    It's 2016 and I know you're already rolling. I thought this might be a good moment for a shout-out to the whole CM community out there. Another year of full-on passion has just begun.  Even at my company people ...
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  • Community Manager Appreciation Day Panel

    Hi all,   CMAD is rapidly approaching and I still have room on my panel - this is a call to all you fabulous community managers who may be interested in participating.   The topic: "Community Managers and ...
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  • Why JiveWorld?

    JiveWorld Alumni - I want to hear from YOU! I'm looking for your reasons why JiveWorld is a can't-miss experience for new Jive customers (and seasoned ones too). What do you love most about it? What have you gained fr...
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  • Looking for JiveWorld16 speakers... sign up today!

    Heeeey everyone!   We are looking for speakers across the board for JiveWorld16... The specified item was not found. (you have to join the The specified item was not found. group to get into that project). ...
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  • Full-Time Intranet Specialist role at World's Largest Brand Management company in Manhattan

    Full-time, Intranet Specialist role at the world’s largest brand management company in Manhattan, offering a highly competitive salary. The successful candidate will have knowledge and experience using Jive...
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  • Are you in Toronto or a nearby city? Jive User Group - 1st June 2015

    Hello Jive Internal Community Managers,   You may not have seen this at the Toronto User Group yet.   The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is hosting the next Jive Toronto User Group,  we have speakers fr...
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  • Countdown widget?

    Hi Sharon Waligora   I saw your excellent presentation at JiveWorld about an internal IdeaFest, and it looked like you had a countdown tracker on the page. I have submitted an idea for this here but meanwhile I...
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  • Who Developed the JW14 Mobile App

    OK, I looked around a fair amount on the JC, including the partner page. What's the name of the firm that developed the JW2014 app? Thanks.
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  • Learn Something from #CMAD?

    I saw some Jivers out there in the CMAD-o-sphere yesterday.  Did you attend a session?  Tweet about the event?  Use the hashtag to reach a larger, CM-oriented crowd?
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  • Next generation user support and training in Jive

    So as you might have guessed, this is our April fools contribution to the Jive community. Hopefully you all agree that the result of a usability study on Jive shouldn't be the reintroduction of Clippy, the Microsoft O...
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