• Creating a "communications cascade"

    A question about how to create a "communications cascade" was asked by Denise Kruft in this week's Ask a Consultant - March 15, 2018. I'm posting the solutions we came up with here in case anyone has a similar situati...
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  • Quick Tips: Using Email to Create Jive Content

    Quick Tips: Using Email to Create Jive Content  Do you send emails that you'd like to have automatically posted to the Hub? This is a GREAT method to use when you want to use a distribution list of people to rec...
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  • Optimal Image Sizes

    There are lots of images within the Jive platform, and finding the optimal size to use can get confusing. Use this table to help. Add more or update what you see if you have better or more information. This is a crowd...
    Ted Hopton
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  • Microsoft Teams vs Jive | Analysis and Guidance | Dec 2017

    What your team is working on dictates the best place to do your work.   What are your goals?Question If Yes Is your team working on content that will eventually be published in an employee facing space in Jive? C...
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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Cloud (2016.3)

    While working with a customer recently on their upgrade planning to Jive 8, they asked if we had a document comparing the existing widgets and tiles side by side.  I ended up creating a grid for them.  Then ...
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  • Concept of the best way to search the profiles of a specific set of users (feedback please!)

    I would appreciate some community input on this, as we are close to starting an effort on this subject that will have us asking ~ 1,500 users to update their profiles. I'm not a Jive developer, so my apologies if my ...
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  • Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Jive 9

    As you move more of your places from widgetized overview pages to Tile-ized place pages this reference doc may be useful to you.   In v9 (compared to v8) seven new tiles were added: HTML, Hero, Banner, Category...
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  • One Stop Doc for New Member Onboarding : Tips and Tricks Directory

    One Stop Doc for New Member Onboarding   Step 1: Bookmark this doc to refer back to the full list of onboarding materials for new members. Consider this list your series of Tips and Tricks for getting the most o...
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  • Banner Tile - Image Dimensions

    A couple of users in our Jive community have asked about the image size for the banner tile. I've had a look around the JC and i couldn't find the information. I played around with different sized images and the follo...
    Dina Vekaria
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  • News Page - Overview and Examples

    This presentation provides a high level overview of configuring news streams for your cloud community.  News provides the ability to push relevant and important communications to targeted audiences throughout you...
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  • MarketStar Connect Screenshot #CMAD

    The past year and a half has been quite the ride as the Social Community Manager of MarketStar Connect. Here's what our home page looks like:   We use "Quick Links" for our most-visited corporate systems: W...
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  • Pearson Overview Page

    This document is part of Internal Overview Page Customer Examples   Company / Jive instance summary:   Pearson has a simple mission: to help people make more of their lives through learning. We’re th...
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  • Mentors: Do's and Don'ts

    The Jive Mentors Program provides a unique opportunity for community managers, execs, and admins to have real, authentic conversations around their social business objectives and challenges.   In order to have a ...
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  • Jive Terminology

    Term Definition More Powerful, Farther-Reaching Microblogging @mentioning can now be used all over the community, including in the Rich Text Editor. You can use it not only to direct traffic to people’s Communi...
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  • Mentors Program Resources Library

    Community Planning Community Building Community Management Community Adoption/Engagement Mentoring Resources Community PlanningResources from Adoption Resource Center Identifying Your Project Team...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Open Mentoring Opportunities

    Use this document to stay on top of all of the mentoring opportunities available to you via the Jive Mentors Program!   New Status column added.   Mentor Sign-Up JWX Link to request Mentee Company Comm...
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  • T-Mobile Overview Page(s)

    Company / Jive Instance Summary: T-Community Home Page T-Community Space Overview Page: T-Mobile.com Support Home Page GoSmart Mobile Home Page   This document is part of Internal Overview Pa...
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  • Examples of employee-centric communities on Jive

    I'm starting this list as a result of all the great customer and partner community examples Jive customers shared during our Community Manager Appreciation Day offer ( Community Managers - have a Starbucks on Jive! )....
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  • Tutorial: Reclaim Your Whitespace on Your Overview Page

    One piece of feedback I've experienced myself and also heard from other users, is the frustration with how much empty space there is on every page within our instance of Jive-n, named Cloud City. In most cases, the ex...
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • Volunteers at JiveWorld17's Jive 101 Boot Camp (Table Expert List)

    Below is the ongoing list of table experts identified for Jive 101 Boot Camp:   The "Table Expert" job involves: Being present at Jive 101 for the whole day (Monday, May 1, 2017, scheduled for 8 am to 5 pm) He...
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