• What happens when a user leaves the company?

    What happens when a user leaves the company, his or her contract is terminated? How will their name be shown on the platform? Is there a way to sync the AD and change the persons name into something like: "Contract en...
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  • Can we undo our rating after rating a content?

    Hi All,   Could someone guide me?   I can see option for changing rating but can we undo it completely?   Thanks, Prashant
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  • Jive webparts r not working in SharePoint online and getting authentication error

    We have recently integrated jive with SharePoint online environment ...However the jive webparts r not displaying any content on the page and getting an error message related to authentication. Can any one have seen s...
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  • Is there a way to limit the REST API output?

    Is there a way to limit the REST API output, specically for the creator of a place ? I have tried ?fields=creator.id, creator.displayName but it always returns the whole creator object. I can limit the place resource...
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  • Does Super List only work within a Space?

    I took a filter view using the Use this view in a tile from within the Browse Content option.   When I put it in a Super List tile in a Space (on Activity Page or a custom page) it doesn't show.   If I tak...
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  • Newsfeed-superlist-other...is there a way to display the nr of responses to a question?

    Hello everyone,   hope you can help a newbie like me to understand if there is any way i can display in Jive (using tiles) additional information to that currently displayed by the default tiles. My hope would ...
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  • send an email for unanswered questions

    HI guys,   Just wondering how I manage the settings of Jive Admin to send an email when a question has been unanswered for a period of time.   thanks,   Patrick
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  • Is there a way to download a full member CSV file?

    By full, I mean including name and email address and not just user ID.
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  • Is there a Jive Desktop app?

    We are wondering if there's a Jive Desktop app?   And if you have installed it your company, how many of your staff actually use it? Is it really useful or necessary?
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  • is there a way to create a simple database in Jive

    is there a way to create a simple database in Jive
  • What's this icon?

    In the Spirit of This Old House.....   Name the icon.... It points to a Blog post so I'm wondering if it is a bookmark.... Looks somewhat like a file icon but missing the arrow..
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  • Members in a public (not restricted) group

    Hello,   can anyone explain to me how a public group (not a restricted public group) can have members? Do not all followers have the same rights (except for the admin of the group)?   When clicking on the ...
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  • Change PDF default view to continuous

    Hi, Is there a way to change the default PDF view from single page to continuous in the PDF preview? Thank you, Stephanie
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  • anyone else having recent problems loading custom backgrounds for spaces and workgroups

    Trying to use custom background - used many times before but cant load to background on spaces anymore??
  • Is it possible to merge two user profiles ?

    Does anyone knows how to merge two user profiles ?  We have an external user who has joined ous company. Because of our HR database a second user has been created for the same person. Do you know any way to me...
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  • Is there a way to add a link to a user's profile to another users profile?

    We are about to roll out Jive cloud at our office, and one request we've had recently is to provide a way to identify the administrative assistant for members of the senior leadership. Currently, this information is d...
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  • what is the difference between mobile notifications and Email notifications?

    So many check boxes, so little time. On the Jive preferences menu, one can choose between mobile and email notifications, but I haven't been able to really tell the difference when one button is set vs another?  ...
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  • Cutting and pasting contents from a Word document into a Jive Blog or Discussion post in IRE browser doesn't seems to work. Is this a known issue with Jive?

    I have tried cutting and pasting contents from a Word document into my Jive Blog and Discussion post but this operation is not working at all. Issue seems to be related to IE 11 browser since Chrome is not having this...
    created by aparekh
  • How can I find the volume of data/content in my community?

    Hello,   Within the admin console, is there a way to see the volume of data and content that is currently sitting on my community?   Thanks, Meghann
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  • Gamification Reporting

    Is there a way to bulk export all users with their points levels?
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