• Slowness in Response Time and Search

    Is anyone else experiencing delays in response time in Jive? We experienced this in our internal community today, with search results not coming up, or being very slow, and in the AureaWorks community. I tried to post...
    Patty McEnaney
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  • What does Succesfull Search Queries mean

    In Community Manger Report you can get a list of the Most Succesfull Search Queries, but what does this means?   Do they need to click on a link in the search results, do they need to press enter or how does it ...
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  • How do I turn off users receiving email notifications for a specific space?

    Every time I create a document in my space or add a page, it sends out email notification to all followers. How can I stop that from happening?     Thanks! Bethany
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  • Anyone experiencing Jive Daily Webview Issues

    I wonder if anyone else is facing the issue of getting an error 'Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found" in Jive Daily webview for their internal websites. We are not wrapping the Jive Daily ap...
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  • Welcome to the Internal Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome to the Internal Community Managers group! This group has been around for a few years, and is chock-full of fantastic tips and techniques from social business practitioners around the world. Most of t...
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  • Under Construction Page?  What will end-users see when instance gets upgrade?

    Our instance gets the upgrade to 2016.3.10 cloud release tomorrow.  What will end-users see when they try to access our community during the scheduled downtime hours?
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  • [GDPR] How Do Recommender Service, Spotlight Search and Other Algorithms Keep and Use Data about a User

    Dear Aurea, (I do not have permission to ask a question in the Aurea and GDPR Compliance space, unfortunately.)   In light of GDPR and the personal data which is collected and stored by the Jive software product...
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  • How to unsubscribe to Jive Cloud outage alerts

    How do I unsubscribe to text messages regarding Jive Cloud outages? I went to Jive Software Status  and could not find anything.
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  • Is anyone else having trouble getting into their private support group?

    I tried to go into my support group just now to open a case related to the search issues (Slowness in Response Time and Search) which we are now starting to see, and I kept getting an unexpected error. Then I was sort...
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  • Sustainability/Go-Green related use case

    Hi!   Has anyone here encountered any sustainability/go-green use case? I'm keen to know what type of segments or contents I can incorporate into the community. Any guidelines/best practices will do!   Tha...
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  • Historical Replay Product Team Approval

    Hi,   Product Team approval is needed for on-prem instances historical replay request (Requesting Historical Replay ) as per https://brewspace.jiveland.com/docs/DOC-288838#jive_content_id_Jive_Cloud:   Prod...
    created by jacob.jones
  • How can I determine who has opted in for email notifications and who has not?

    I have looked at the DES documentation, but nothing appears to answer this question; can I pull data to show which community members have opted into email notifications and which opted out?
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  • Counts of views of content linked in a banner

    It appears that when a page is show with a banner tile, the count of views to the each of the linked items in the banner are incremented. This occurs even the banner is partially displayed on the screen.   Is t...
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  • Create Task using username

    Hi Team, We are looking forward to automate some task creation and some other operation on collaborate/jive using its REST API. the issue we are facing is, the api require personid instead of username the nive way ...
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  • Users being deactivated in Rewards

    Hi,   In my community users reported either not accumulating points anymore and/or being unable to complete quests. I opened a case and the agent told me all complaining users had been deactivated. We did not do...
    Dori Gray
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  • External email links not working

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this warrants a ticket or if this is a bug, so I'd love to hear if there's a workaround for it. We use blogs as the way to send out corporate communications, in part because of the emails t...
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  • News Stream - Private Group

    If I create a private group for Managers, and then create a News Feed which pushes this private groups content to all people with a profile field designating them a manager, will all managers see the content regardles...
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  • Can I Update My Email Digest Sender to My Company Name?

    We're using Jive-n Cloud, and I wasn't able to find anywhere in the Documentation how to update the Sender name for our weekly email digests. Is there any way to update this?   Thanks!
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  • External add ons having issues on 9.0.4

    Hi ,   We just upgraded our UAT environment to 9.0.4 . One of the major issues that we encountered that external add-ons like HTML Tile are displaying inconsistently on the page (i.e some some they display someti...
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  • Is it possible to lock users ability to delete their own profile photos?

    Our users often delete their Team Member avatar photo. Is there a way to lock this setting?
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