• Missing place graphics

    Has anyone else been noticing graphics at the top of places just disappearing (jive-n cloud)?  It used to happen once in a while, but it feels like it is happening quite frequently now. You can see the graphic st...
    Helen Chen
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  • Is there a recent content or activity tile?

    In the Activity + Pages place navigation, is there a recent content or activity tile? If not, has anyone used another tile that can work as a substitute?   Thanks!
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  • Has anyone documented the process for training place administrators on how to convert widgets to tiles?

    I would like to create a step by step tutorial both in document and video form to help our place owners convert from widgets to tiles? The more comprehensive this is - the less 1 on 1 for me.   Has anyone put s...
    last modified by judicardinal
  • Agent logged in showing on phone display?

    Is there any way to configure the system so the agents' phone displays show logged in state?
    last modified by bob@clubexpress.com
  • Remove user from user group - am I missing something?

    Hi,   I'm coming back from some time off and I must be missing something. I want to remove a user that is currently in two user groups. I have tried Admin Console>People>Management>User Group Summary>...
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  • Collaboration Feed like Facebook or LinkedIN

    I trying to determine if it's possible to create a collaboration feed, something like LinkedIn or Facebook, inside of my space that would allow end users to share information and ideas without it being part of the Act...
    last modified by billmorton
  • Is there a way to hide tiles?

    We are having issues with one of the tiles in our instance and would like to disable the use of it, or hide it as an option. Is this possible? If so, how? We have version 8.0.4 on premise.     Thanks!
    last modified by lherd
  • Anyone found a really clever way to produce reports on individual content views?

    Hi,   I'm in the Jive Cloud premise and would like to know if anyone has found out a way to report on the number of individual views per content in a particular Place.   Ideally what I'd like to do is matc...
    last modified by andbata
  • Wanted everyone to know about an HTML tile  bug related to a recent Chrome upgrade

    Here are the steps to reproduce: Prerequisite: Must be the place admin Go to a place page that contains an HTML tile Click the gear to edit the tile Either replace the HTML with new code, OR change one small text ...
    last modified by tmaurer
  • I look like to create a group collaboration tile that had the same look/feel of Facebook or LinkedIn and allow end users to post, ask questions, etc.  Any thoughts on the best way to get this done?

    This is what I am currently doing using these filters to sort the Content area.  
    created by billmorton
  • Creating Collaborative Groups with Tiles

    Hi there,   We have recently upgraded to Jive 9, and with that are undergoing the transition of moving our groups from widgets to tiles. While we are enjoying the new graphic elements, creating collaborative pag...
    last modified by erinroberts
  • How to follow up 'I also have this question'.

    Hi, we got a question from one of our colleagues and are not 100% sure of the answer. If people mark a question of a colleague with 'I also have this question', they expect to get a notification when the question is a...
    last modified by ingevwb
  • Is there a way to bulk download?

    Hey all, Wondering if there's a way to bulk download files from our community? A lot of the documents we transferred to Jive when we ended our old Intranet platform have versions saved on a server, but there's lots o...
    last modified by oonagh.m
  • Private vs public : where should I post  ?

    Hello In our internal Community a situation keeps repeating itself. I'm sure some of you have had to face it and I would like to hear about your choices and feedback .   Let's say there is a  "private gro...
    last modified by clairelesage
  • Hotspots lost when uploading image with multiple URLs to HTML widget

    I've followed Libby Taylor's advice in How to create a clickable image map & added my hotspots using Dreamweaver. When I open my Dreamweaver .html file it works great, but when I upload the code to an HTML widget ...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Group Administrators leaving the company, what happens ?

    Dears,   maybe a stupid question, but what happens with a group if the creator (owner) of a group leaves the company, he/she is removed from AD and did not assign another administrator?     Is it corr...
    last modified by ingevwb
  • Analytics for Community Managers - Groups & Spaces

    Hi there, can someone tell me if it is possible to find out how many spaces and groups have been created within a community please?   Thanks   Denise
    last modified by denise.church
  • Jive image sizing guide - cheat sheet

    Hello fellow Jive Community Managers       I wonder if anyone has a cheat sheet or guide for the resolution of images used in a Jive Cloud environment? I spend a lot of time creating banners...
    last modified by tony.stewart@nbcuni.com
  • Best Practice for managing User Groups

    I'm going through our community to see if the spaces and user groups are still correct. What I noticed that we have lots of user groups with only one or a few people in it that need admin or moderate rights, what resu...
    last modified by susannebrands
  • Does anyone have any best practices for using Jive for Office?

    We get a number of questions from our user base for our internal community around prime use cases, optimal doc size, # of contributors, etc. for using Jive for Office.   Would love to see any best practices or g...
    Morgan Johnson
    created by Morgan Johnson