• Adding more than 5 pages to a space?

    Anyway to override this ridiculous limitation?
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  • News feed shows "0 replies" to a post when there are in fact replies

    Hi there,   We are running on a Jive x v8 hosted community. A community member noticed that when a question appears in one of their custom news streams, it shows that it has "0 replies", when in fact, the questi...
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  • Tagged Content tile for multiple tags

    Is anyone successful Using the Tagged Content tile for multiple tags?   It looks like it is supposed to work, but when I add a second tag, it fails to find any content.      Thanks in adva...
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  • Does anyone know if it is possible to give a user view-only access within Jive?

    Setting up a new user so they can only view content, and not post or like or engage in any way.   Thanks!
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  • Jive based intranet picks up an award

    Good to see a Jive based intranet picking up an intranet & digital workplace award. I am familiar with Step Two, they do a lot of great work in the intranet space and they have been running these awards for some t...
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  • Is there a way to restrict who can mark answers as correct in a discussion forum?

    We have a discussion forum and only want the "experts" to make questions as answered so members know the answer is truly correct. Is there a permission level that allows only certain people to click Correct Answer?
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  • Content Leaderboard/ Analytics

    Since the new analytics format has changed, I'm struggling to see how the content leaderboard can be downloaded - am I blind or is this no longer a feature. I desperately need to find a way to gain an understanding of...
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  • Role in the Role Badge

    Hi,   we are looking for the possibility if we can edit/ add more different ‘Role’. Now we only have admin, champion, employee, expert, moderator, support… can we add more Role like Community&...
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  • Force password reset?

    Hello,   Wondering if it's possible to force users to reset their passwords in a certain time period (i.e. every 90 days). I've been through the admin console and haven't seen anything that will do it.
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  • What's the best way to build a space but keep the content hidden until it is final?

    I want to build a space for our Finance team, but it will be a work in progress for a few weeks, with placeholder text, etc. How do I do this without having the sample blog posts and documents showing up on people's "...
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  • Mark a document for action only works once...is that normal?

    In our on Prem environment of Jive (9.0.2), when we mark a document for action, we lose that option going forward.  In other words, once I mark a document for action, I can no longer mark that document for action...
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  • Support Issues

    Daniela Villamor, I'm hoping you can help provide some clarity here. I'm currently experiencing an issue with my static resources. Images uploaded as static resources are now not displaying in tiles, and when I open...
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  • Anyone experiencing frequent disconnections from Jive Daily mobile app?

    Hello   We have had this issue for two months now, some users in our company (including me) are systematically disconnected from Jive Daily mobile application everytime they have logged into Jive's browser versi...
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  • 2018.2 and Sharepoint Connector

    For anyone who has migrated to AWS and uses the SharePoint connector, have you experienced any improvements to functionality with the connector in particular as it relates to version control and updates to the editor ...
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    created by lcartwright
  • Has anyone use the Contact Us for in Aurea Support?

    I have a related question... when I was not receiving updates on my call, I selected 'contact us' in the Aurea Support portal.  I filled in the form and submitted this, receiving a notification saying someone wou...
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  • Is anyone else having a problem with search functionality?

    Hi everyone   has anyone else noticed that there is something odd with the search results?  Places / content not showing up - and only some people?   I am on cloud version.     s
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  • I am trying to help one of my coworkers registered on the Aureaworks website. She received an email with two links.  We have tried both, but when we get to the code at the bottom, that is as far as we can get.  The only code we have is the token, which is

    What do we have to do to get my coworker registered on this website.  We have the email with the links and a token.  The site asks for a "code" to enter at the bottom of the registration.  We don't have...
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  • Content Evolution on-prem

    Hi - when will on-prem customers get the content evolution (updated look and feel for content)? 
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  • Anyone else having video issues? We can't upload or edit videos

    A few hours ago I started getting reports from users that they couldn't edit videos and were getting error messages. Then shortly after that we were unable to upload videos at all. We are getting the following errors ...
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  • Is anyone having accessibility issues in their communities?

    Hi - anyone having issues with their community members who use Jive and screen readers?  We've had a bug filed for more than three years that access Jive through JAWS (Job Access With Speech - a screen reader for...
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    created by Kathryn