• RSS Subscription Widget Error

    I'd like to incorporate some RSS feeds from external sites into the Overview page of one of our Groups. However, when I tried to do this using the RSS Subscription widget, I got the following error message.   &...
    Sandra Flanagan
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  • Activating the "Activity page"

    I'm trying to turn on the Activity page for a group created a few years ago. However, when I click on Settings > Advanced Options - the only option I have is to change the Locale, nothing about Overview/Activity pa...
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  • How Are Registered Users Calculated on the License Metering Tab in my Company Supportal Group?

    I just noticed the License Metering tab in my Jive Support group today -- has it always been there? Anyway, it has two charts in it and the Registered Users chart displays a number for each month, going back 12 months...
    Ted Hopton
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  • What about the previous 'Jive Support' space

    Maybe I've missed the information somewhere but I does seem that there is no longer a dedicated 'Jive Support' space as before. It seems to have been archived : Jive Training and Support Resources   Is the ide...
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  • Amending group administrators

    We Have public, restricted groups on our JAM site, each page has owners and Administrators as this was how the groups were set up originally, Now JAM has changed to a Follow preference and invitation / members cannot ...
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  • How many slides does a Carousel Tile hold?

    Hello! We have a user that is adding about ten slides to the Carousel Tile, but the "Done" button at the bottom of the tile is disappearing as the tile gets longer (scrolling is not an option). When I built my own Car...
    last modified by umillm6
  • How do you track emails with DES?

    I am trying to use DES to determine how many emails get sent from people following places (Follow > Inbox) and bonus points if I can see what users get the emails.  I figured ACTIVITY_SEND_EMAIL was a logical ...
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  • Does anyone have, or can you point me to a list of all Jive functionality?

    I'm currently trying to understand and map the Jive functionalities that are used in our community and wondered if anyone had already created a comprehensive list of all the functionality that Jive offers so I don't m...
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  • Maximum Document Versions?

    I received a question asking about the maximum amount of versions a document can store from editing.  I was unable to find any documentation on this.  Does anybody know the answer or have any experience with...
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  • Jiveworld 2018

    Hi,   i maybe outdated but has anyone heard any news on when and where jiveworld2018 is? Assuming there will be one.   thanks
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  • How many JiveWorks community members work from home? Any tips?

    Hey JiveWorks! As you may (or may not know) Aurea is a largely remote company, which means that I will eventually become remote as well! While I'm 90% excited, I'm also a little worried. I'm a self-proclaimed workaho...
    Sarah O'Meara
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  • How do you manage copyright on your instance ?

    Hello   We are currently facing different situations : people use any picture they find on google they integrate vides from YouTube, they use suppliers' videos without written consent they spead newspaper a...
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  • Has anyone done a 'site takeover' for a big product/event launch?

    We are launching a new product in the next few weeks, it's exclusive to us for the first two months of its launch and we're trying to make a big splash with the launch. I've been tasked with finding out what options t...
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  • Can you upload image files larger than 1mb in Jive-n Cloud?

    I'm suddenly getting error messages when trying to upload image files in our Jive Cloud instance when the file size is greater than 1mb. There's no issue when I upload a larger PPT file, for example. Just image files,...
    Ted Hopton
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  • Wanted everyone to know about an HTML tile  bug related to a recent Chrome upgrade

    Here are the steps to reproduce: Prerequisite: Must be the place admin Go to a place page that contains an HTML tile Click the gear to edit the tile Either replace the HTML with new code, OR change one small text ...
    last modified by tmaurer
  • Unable to create new spaces in the Admin Console, and other full admin-type errors

    HI All,   Just posted a case in our Supportal, but wanted to bring it to everyone's attention in case you are seeing weirdness and think it is just you. I'll save you a few gray hairs I hope.   Issues I'm ...
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  • Is there a way to change a public group to a secured or private group?

    Is there a way to change a public group to a secured or private group without re-creating the group?
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  • Schedule reminders on content

    Hi everyone   I have been asked if there is a way to set reminders on content - for updating, annual review, etc.  Does anyone know if it is possible to do this.  The info I have found by searching all...
    last modified by sandra.e.marini
  • Does anyone have experience with copying spaces created by another person?

    One of our users copied a space originally created by another, then removed the original creator as admin and put herself as admin, but cannot publish changes to the new space now. Looking for any guidance here.
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  • Have you integrated an Employee Recognition Program (Software) with your Internal JIVE community?

    We are evaluating 3 vendors that all say they have been integrated with JIVE. We are interested in learning: Who was the vendor? Who did the integration? Internal External Consulting Lessons Learned   Tha...
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