• Restrict Marking Official Document

    Is it possible to only allow certain people the right to mark action: Official? Or any other?
  • How do you post on behalf of someone else?

    We use single sign on and I'm trying to figure out how to go off network to post for someone but hope there's an easier way then having to do that work off site and/or using their login information to post on their be...
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  • Suggestions for when Community Manager leaves the company

    I'm going to be leaving my company in 2 weeks as I'm moving out of state, and was wondering for any tips/tricks to phase me out of my community.   I'm currently in there as my name, and everyone has single sign ...
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  • Javascript in HTML Widget Prevents Hyperlinks from Opening in Browser

    Hi All, I'm working on some redesign work for our site which utilizes some JS. I'm finding that if you put JS in an HTML widget, it makes your hyperlink (href) open within the widget itself, rather than the browser....
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  • Why does Jive Software Status page say Rewards is operational when it is down for us? (March 1, 2018)

    We have had a case open since mid February when we noticed that badges weren't being awarded properly. Now we also notice that points aren't working either. We are in the Phoenix data center on Cloud.   The Jive...
    Keeley Sorokti
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  • send an email for unanswered questions

    HI guys,   Just wondering how I manage the settings of Jive Admin to send an email when a question has been unanswered for a period of time.   thanks,   Patrick
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  • Examples of Champions / Advocates approach

    Hi everyone   I'm looking for some examples of fantastic approaches to the creation of champions and advocates networks and thought I'd reach out. If you know of any I'd be really grateful to see them!   T...
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  • How do I edit my main navigation bar?

    Hello,   I am the manager of my Jive community and am having difficulty editing the main navigation bar. I believe you should be able to edit the nav when customizing your site (see picture below), however I ...
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  • Jive question - Points not adding

    My points are not adding up for 3 days already... This problem is only with my account, my colleagues are fine.   I mean, I see the activity but the points stay on the same score from last week   Any help...
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  • Aurea Conference?

    Has anyone heard if Aurea is going to have a Conference this year? I know Jive would normally have theirs in May in Nevada, and wanted to plan ahead to get approvals if Aurea will be doing something similar.
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  • What's this icon?

    In the Spirit of This Old House.....   Name the icon.... It points to a Blog post so I'm wondering if it is a bookmark.... Looks somewhat like a file icon but missing the arrow..
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  • what is the difference between mobile notifications and Email notifications?

    So many check boxes, so little time. On the Jive preferences menu, one can choose between mobile and email notifications, but I haven't been able to really tell the difference when one button is set vs another?  ...
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  • Will you be holding more of these user group meetings in Palo Alto later in the year?

    I work at Amex and we just adopted Jive as our intranet and I am in charge of migrating all of technology content...   Will you be holding more of these user group meetings in Palo Alto later in the year? ...
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  • Is there any system property to increase page tiles?

    @ We are looking to increase number of tiles in a page to 10. Right now the number of tiles are 4, do we have any system property to increase it?     Note : Currently our solution hosted in JIVE Cloud
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  • Does anyone else have issues collaborating on Office files using the Jive Office connector?

    Hi all, Recently our instance is experiencing problems when trying to collaborate on MS Office documents, and I was curious if anyone else had similar issues?   Our company uses IE11 on Windows 7 OS, and if an ...
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  • Does anyone know if the content in a PDF file is indexed for use in Jive search?

    I know for sure that content in Word, Excel and PPT files is indexed in search. I'm less certain about PDFs since they are sometimes treated more as images than as actual text, and I have a user asking. I also can't f...
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  • What's your opinion on the Jive mobile experience?

    Hello,   My organization's cloud instance features widget overview pages. We'd like to pivot to a mobile friendly version and are trying to outline the following: *Changes we'd need to make to accommodate mobil...
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  • Jiveworld 2018

    Hi,   i maybe outdated but has anyone heard any news on when and where jiveworld2018 is? Assuming there will be one.   thanks
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  • Pros and Cons of Switching Now from Widget to Tiles?

    Hello,   I'm researching the experience of switching from widgets to tiles in our Cloud instance and am slightly confused by the multiple documents I'm finding comparing the two.   I'm trying to summarize ...
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  • Single Sign On (SSO) Between Jive and Cornerstone (LMS)?

    A couple questions for the Community:   Is anyone using Cornerstone as their Learning Management System (LMS)? Has anyone implemented Single Sign On (SSO) between Jive and Cornerstone?   If you have, let...
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