• How do you merge categories on Jive Cloud?

    Hi. I have a 2018 category and folks here would like to combine 2018 Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 categories into the 2018 category. How do I do this? Thank you
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  • Transferring ownership of a project

    I'm trying to transfer ownership of one project to a colleague. But I'm getting the error message "The selected user does not have sufficient permissions to be the owner of this project."   Does anyone know how...
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  • Is there a Jive Mobile app for Android on Google Play? I cannot find it.

    The Android app for Jive used to be at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jivesoftware.android.mobile  but it is not there anymore. I searched Google and cannot find it anywhere. Is Jive Mobile app...
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  • Change name of activity page

    Is it possible to change the name of the Activity page? I know I am able to have up to 5 configurable pages and need all 5, but I think the obligatory "activity" page is taking up one of  my five. I'd like to use...
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  • Tile-based homepage that is not the "News" page?

    So, I know what the official answer is for this, but I'm curious if any entrepreneurial CMs have come up with a workaround yet.   Is there any possible way, through hacks, a consultant-engagement, an Aurea Profe...
  • How to access the "I also have this question"

    Discussions marked as a question present a link for readers to indicate that they also have that question. Is there any way to access that information (the number of people who also have the question) from outside tha...
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  • Suggestion - calendar : automated event's creation

    Hi,   Does it sound possible to take into account this suggestion for furture versions. I'm a community manager using jive groups and I definitely need functionalities to be able to create event in an automated...
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  • Suggestion - Calendar : apply diffferent colors for the events

    Hi,   could you please take into account this suggestion.   I'm a community manager and I manage Jive groups with calendars. I want to apply a different color according to the events categories. For examp...
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  • Anyone experiencing frequent disconnections from Jive Daily mobile app?

    Hello   We have had this issue for two months now, some users in our company (including me) are systematically disconnected from Jive Daily mobile application everytime they have logged into Jive's browser versi...
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  • What is going on with the support portal?

    I've just tried twice in a row to post an update to a case: First time, I clicked to post the response, and it prompted me to login again (had just done that prior to entering the response). Then once I logged in, my...
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  • DES Explorer - How to get all content created

    Hi All - does anyone know how to get a list of all content created during a specific timeframe for a specific place? I am using the DES Explorer with Destination > URL set for activity filter. I am getting data bac...
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  • Draft vs Hidden?

    Can someone explain the difference between setting the publish location of a piece of content to "Hidden", versus saving  as a draft? In both cases I'm the only person that view the content correct? Why would I w...
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  • Aurea password reset not working

    So I cannot log into the Aurea Support site due to a forgotten password. So I click on the forgot password link in the page and it does not work. Nothing happens. No email is sent or anything. Sometimes it looks like ...
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  • Why does "Recent Activity" clear its contents, and when does this take place?

    We have one project where all the Recent Activity (on the Activity tab) got all its items deleted. You can still find the items on the Content tab... b@ut we are wondering when and why does this Recent activity items ...
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  • html tile

    Hi everyone   I seem to have a problem in that people in my community who have tried to use the html tile are not able to do so.  I can add the code they provide and it works for me but I think this must be...
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  • When sharing content "Marked as..." with additional spaces, the content doesn't show up in the content filters or tiles for that attribute.  Is this a bug?

    When I create content in Place A and mark it as Mark for Action, then share it with Place B, the content shows in Place B as Marked for Action, but it does not appear in the Actions tile not does it appear on the cont...
  • Where did our People go?

    When logging into the Admin portal all the people are missing.   Everyone one can still log into our instance, but we show no people in the admin portal.   Why is that?
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  • Disable Community Newsletter

    How do we stop the Community Newsletter from being sent to our users?
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  • Page Limits and Default Pages

    Is there a way to have more than five pages in a space or group? Also, can you remove the default pages such as people, reports and events from displaying?
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  • How can we bring up new activities from Projects onto the homepage of the Group they belong to?

    We have several groups with projects within them.   Our community managers would like to bring the "new discussions" on the projects to the higher level of the group homepage, either under the "Recent Activity" ...
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