• Moderation stock response

    Is there any way to change the "your post is currently being moderated" response to something custom?
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  • SuperList Tile query syntax

    The SuperList Tile is indeed a cool tile that saves the day on many occasions when you need to either replace missing widget functionality or just implement something less conventional. However it does have its limita...
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    last modified by mratner
  • Instagram widgets

    Hi, We've heavily relied on pulling instagram photos into our spaces based on hashtags, which are recently prohibited under Instagram's June 1 privacy changes. Does anyone have another photo sharing widget/hack that ...
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    last modified by meghancarey
  • Jive / Mailchimp integration?

    Hi!  Has anyone seen an integration between MailChimp and Jive?  Specifically, I'm trying to get the emails that are sent from Jive (ideally just the ones resulting from News) to be tracked through MailChimp...
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    last modified by Kathryn
  • Export of group's followers

    How can I get a download of a group's followers, just like I can for members (Manage > Members > Export...). The People tab shows both lists, but not a way to download a list into Excel, for instance. Do you kno...
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  • Competitive positioning of JIVE vs Salesforce Communities?  Need to understand differences in order to contrast and defend JIVE

    As is inevitable, companies are creatures of habit and always like exploring other tools. I am looking for information I can use to contrast JIVE against Salesforce Communities to a point where hopefully I dont have t...
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    created by mikescully
  • Posting an HTML newsletter into a blogpost

    Hey - has anyone tried to post an HTML-based newsletter into a blog (in an automated way) with any success?  I tried using the create from email and sending  as both HTML-formatted content as well as source ...
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  • event - email notification

    Hello, when I create an event, isit possible to receive an email notification when someone register to this event? thanks
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  • Questions from 2017 Aug 22 Jive/Aurea Roadmap Webinar

    I miss Q&A on Jive webinars, including in the chat window. I liked the openness and transparency among Jive's customers and employees during those exchanges. Seems like those days are gone now that Aurea has acqui...
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  • What is your reporting strategy?

    Hi team! I'm wondering what else everyone is doing for reporting community stats at your organization. How far up do you communicate to about your community? How much do you do vs. tell people to check their communit...
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  • Add Share to the list of items in the Bulk Manage tool

    There are times when a strategy changes, or when a community manager realizes that people have forgotten to share content regularly, that it would be useful to have the ability to Bulk Share content from one place to ...
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  • Anyone else having Video encoding issues Jive AWS?

    Currently having issues with videos stuck encoding. I have opened a case but curious if anyone else is having the same issue.
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    last modified by Donna Skoog
  • Homepage Examples?

    Is anyone willing to show their homepages or homepage wireframe for their community? I'm researching ways to streamline/simplify our current homepage (HTML) and am finding it hard to find examples.
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  • Integrating ServiceNow search results into Jive Search

    I am looking to integrate our current ServiceNow search results into Jive's searh interface.   The OpenSearch Engines interface appears to have all the necessary pieces to do this:   Has anyone actually ...
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  • External email links not working

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this warrants a ticket or if this is a bug, so I'd love to hear if there's a workaround for it. We use blogs as the way to send out corporate communications, in part because of the emails t...
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  • Is there a new version of Jive Anywhere for Firefox Quantum (Version 57.0) planned?

    The actual Version 3.2 of  Jive Anywhere is not supported by Firefox Quantum (Version 57.0) anymore. See Firefox add-on technology is modernizing | Firefox Help I have done this question already in Jive Anywher...
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    last modified by gerold.kiefer
  • Ask a Question tile does not return results for questions that are posted via Jive for Outlook

    Is this a bug or is there are reason why results are not returned for discussions/questions posted from outlook/email?   The use case is that a team is getting lots of questions via email. They want to post them...
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    last modified by clairetaz
  • Searching for Tags Using the Cloud Tag

    My colleague Mary  S. Butler and I were conducting some research on finding tags using the tag cloud. Mary created a test document with the unique tag "pattys trip to Italy" in Space A, and I created a test docu...
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    created by Patty McEnaney
  • Blog HTML Tile

    Hey all - hoping someone might be able to help.   Has anyone created some code for pulling blogs from other parts of the community into a place? I want to use Activity + Pages but there isn't much flex with the ...
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  • Governance

    Hi,   I am working on ASUG's JIVE Governance to make our Community spaces more valuable to our members instead of a repository for documents. Can anyone share how they are approaching this within their communiti...
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