• How are your advocate programs doing?

    Hi everyone,   I am an RBC employee who is new to Jive as well as the company.  I have been handed the task of putting an advocacy program in place and have found lots of great information from this commun...
    Stephanie Rodriguez
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  • The HUB at Philadelphia Insurance Companies

    The HUB at Philadelphia Insurance Companies - How we are adopting the future of work Our internal community has been live for 15 months.  We gave the community a face lift in July with the assistance of Socia...
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  • New eBook: Defining Community Management Roles

    Community management is an evolving discipline.   I like to think of it like teaching - everyone does it, those who succeed tend to do it well and some people do it professionally. Because community management i...
    Rachel Happe
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  • Best practices for redesigning live Jive instance.

    Hello there,   Our team is planning a redesign of our instance. We are changing/adding: Color schemes, Overview page layout, and Jabber integration, just to name the main ones. With this in mind, I'm wondering i...
    Austin Openshaw
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  • Contractor access to your internal community?

    Hi! We're working on our first launch of Jive to our beta testers in a couple of weeks and to the entire company at the beginning of March. I'm curious on how some of you have managed access for contractors in your In...
    Lanie James
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  • How do we delete a status level image?

    I see that we can replace or add a status level image, but how do we delete it all together?  We are trying to clean up all of the images and have a lot of orphaned images out there.
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  • A Journalist's Formula for Crafting Killer Internal Messages

    Here's how to resonate with readers when communicating on an internal platform like Jive: First, tackle the big questions. What is the article about? Make sure your topic has broad appeal. Who is involved? Wh...
    Rachel Nebozuk
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  • Community Manager Reports and Overall Metrics

    Hi - We are looking to standardize community reporting on a monthly basis as we evolve and build additional infrastructure / resources for our global community.  Just wondering if most share some key data from th...
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  • Any successes or learnings on an "Ask Me Anything" capability?

    Our CIO wants to engage via an "Ask Me Anything" capability.  This would be similar to Reddit.  Anyone have any successes or learnings?   Thanks for your consideration.
    Miles Appel
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  • What is Workplace Culture?

    Culture in the workplace is an extremely hot topic. Statistics show that creating your culture will affect your bottom line. When provided with a good environment employees will be happier, perform better, and make ha...
    Dana Pope
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  • Test Discussion

    I am real new to the JIVE portal. This is just a test to know how the Discussion works.   Anybody have idea to help me understanding JIVE ??     Thanks, Viru.....
  • Anyone successfully using BrightCove videos in Jive 7.0+?

    The mechanism to embed video has changed, and Jive added the ability to integrate BrightCove videos, but to me it seems pretty complex. I'm trying to figure out how best to implement. While we have one BC account, eac...
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  • Community Managers: What's your WorkType?

    Here in Jive, we talk a lot about each other's WorkTypes. Unforch, with the exception of Kosheno Moore (our Jive internal Brewspace manager), there are no other community managers inside Jive!   (Still need to t...
    grace chang
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  • Launch Communication Campaign - Ready for a Hubcation?

    I am happy to announce that JM Family successfully launched our community this past Tuesday.  As I am sure all companies do, we did a ton of work to make this as successful as possible.  We identified early ...
    Jay Graff
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  • Community Management Roles eBook coming next week...... Any fun stories to share?

    Wanted to let you all know that Jive and Community Roundtable will be posting a new eBook on Monday Feb 23rd, that's full of great information about the distinction between community management roles and will include ...
    Nicole Fuselier
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  • Creating an Org Chart

    Hi everyone -   Has anyone had success creating a dynamic org chart?   Trying to create something simple with a tree-diagram but not having any luck so far..  seems like most of the work would have t...
    Brandon I
    created by Brandon I
  • Sales Enablement use case benefits - references needed

    I would like to find some published Jive documents, articles, surveys to use as reference for the below stats so that I can use them to support my sales enablement use case. Is there a place here in the Jive Community...
    Claire Richardson
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  • Use magic to engage and entice your community members

    It's a new year and whether you have a new social business platform right out of the box or something established that is struggling with widespread engagement, using a little magic might help bring more of your audie...
  • Magical social exploration via the Super Puzzle II

    Think of a number but don't tell me.   Welcome to the Super Puzzle II, a fun and interactive way to learn more about me. Why about me? Actually it's not about me, but I'm the guinea pig here. The Super Puzzle II...
  • Discussion regarding Community Manager Training 101

    it appears the URL for the Introduction in the Inception Phase is blocked - when clicking there is no action (no open, etc.), however, a right-click "open in new tab" revealed a 403-Forbidden error with a Pokeshot URL...
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