• Best practices for Watch it widget

    Hello, We are thinking of implementing the Watch it widget on our homepage to crowd source information that may not necessarily be vital to all employees, but rather of interest, i.e. food trucks, towing notices, fun...
    Stephanie Field
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  • Anyone else have people marking as Success instead of Correct?

    I've noticed several times that when I suggest to people that they mark a response as correct if it has answered their question, their reaction is to instead mark as Success. I suspect this is because they are respond...
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  • How can users see a list of space members?

    Unlike groups (which under the people tab on the menu list the members), spaces only show followers of a space under their people tab. Why doesn't it show a list of users who have been granted access to the space thro...
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  • Any experiences using TWiki (or other Wiki) converter tools to migrate content into Jive?

    Hi.  In our internal Jive instance, we have a lot of legacy content in our TWiki that we want to migrate automatically into Jive documents.  Anyone have any experience using these tools or recommend others t...
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  • Thank you for an amazing journey

    We had an amazing (and long) upgrade night. Connected (our new intranet) has never looked better... Bertrand Quesada Dominic Doyle Albert Rouben Jelena Vasic John Toker Miriam Smith Kieran Kelly Paul Hearn albert...
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  • Email formatting setting?

    Normally when I received email notifications in Jive 6 the format looked like a Jive discussion:   Now  for me there is no formatting. It's a flat thread, which is less engaging/helpful:     ...
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  • Community Engagement Cheat Sheet for Place Owners

    This is a cheat sheet I've given to place owners after training to remind them of things they can do to encourage engagement in their places.  I'm sharing this in response to Alvaro's question Does anyone have a ...
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  • Recent Update? HTML Widget removing CSS

    Hey there!   We have hyperlinks that are stacked and branded to our instance. (Cloud). If I add the code, which contains ONLY HTML and CSS to the widget and publish, it displays correctly. As soon as I have anot...
    Austin Openshaw
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  • Emoticon Shortcuts?

    A few of my users are looking for a list of shortcuts for the emoticons in the Jive toolbar.   (We are currently on Jive 7 so if the shortcuts are unique to versions, we'd like those please!)
    Kirsten Laaspere
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  • Is there a way for the org chart widget to appear inside a group or space?

    The org chart inside an individual profile is a great mapping of who report to who and its peers. If the same team create their team group, is it possible for the org chart widget to appear within the group so instead...
    Delfin Juan
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  • A Guide to organise an AMA on Jive

    Within a year since I initiated an AMA (online Q&A) on our on-prem Jive instance, more than 60 senior executives got on.  It became an additional communications channel for executives to engage the global sta...
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  • Welcome to the Jive family, IRESS!

    I want to extend a sincere welcome to one of the newest additions to the Jive family, IRESS! This morning we publicly announced they have chosen Jive to power their internal community called “The Wire.” Pl...
    Ashlee Crabtree
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  • What Is Your Top Reason Why Social Collaboration Could Fail?

    There are a couple of reasons, why Social Collaboration could possibly fail. Out of Three Key Tenets of Optimal Social Collaboration and 5 Reasons Why Corporate Social Tools Fail I compiled my top 7 reasons why Social...
    André Oksas
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  • New to Jive... What is There to Know?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in the Jive Community! I am fairly new to Jive and would like to learn the top things to know about Jive. At Aetna we have a Jive connection space where all employees can ask questio...
    Holly DeFelice
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  • T-Mobile Overview Page(s)

    Company / Jive Instance Summary: T-Community Home Page T-Community Space Overview Page: T-Mobile.com Support Home Page GoSmart Mobile Home Page   This document is part of Internal Overview Pa...
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  • External contributor at space level

    Couple of questions I'm hoping the group can help with:   1)  Is it possible to have an external contributor at the space level instead of group level?   2) Can I set the login landing page for an ex...
    Ana Cournane
    created by Ana Cournane
  • Best method of creating a stand-alone page

    I have a few items of content that work best as stand-alone web pages, where we don't necessarily want people to comment or engage socially. One example is a web form that queries one of our membership databases and p...
    Steven Sprouse
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  • Can you pull metrics for tags?

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to pull the metrics for tags? For example, we are trying to discern the amount of views for our "must read" tag vs. our "announcement" tag. If not, any suggestions/best practi...
    Stephanie Field
    created by Stephanie Field
  • Product area organization

    Organization/Design Query:   We have over 80 sub-products that are add-ons to our main product. This could potentially grow. Each sub-product has a few videos, discussions, and documents. I would like to be abl...
    Emily Garcia
    created by Emily Garcia
  • Endorsements - did you need to deactivate for HR reasons?

    Wondering if any other communities were required by HR or legal for that matter to deactivate endorsements. If someone is endorsed and then gets a poor review or is fired, creates a discrepancy and potential issues. &...
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