• What if we stopped using distribution list ?

    Hello community members, In Devoteam, we are thinking about stopping using distribution list, because they are so difficult to maintain when your organization changes very often, because it overlaps with JIVE when i...
    Elise Bruchet
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  • Does anyone have strong usage of Jive Anywhere?

    Hello -   I'm wondering if anyone can share usage and use cases for Jive Anywhere?  We've had some road blocks with it given that a lot of collaboration occurs in spaces vs. groups.  Our community pre...
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  • Has anyone defined "how to be a good Community Member"?

    In our internal instance, our folks want me to be very prescriptive.   They are asking, "Can you describe what it means to be a good community member of [our internal instance]?"   I found Libby's Rules o...
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  • How are you managing diversity and inclusion groups on your Jive?

    At my company, we have a very active set of company-sponsored Employee Resources Groups organized around shared backgrounds like PRIDE (our GLBT group), PWIR (Our women's group) and BOLD (black employees) etc.  A...
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  • Favorite Christmas Song Poll

    Just trying out the poll, feature.  Seems super easy to use, now that you have stopped by please click a vote for your favorite Christmas song.
  • How are your advocate programs doing?

    Hi everyone,   I am an RBC employee who is new to Jive as well as the company.  I have been handed the task of putting an advocacy program in place and have found lots of great information from this commun...
    Stephanie Rodriguez
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  • Non-disclosure agreements for Community Managers?

    As community managers - I know many of us have the proverbial "keys to the castle" - often with the ability to see everything. While I know many of our employee agreements already cover non-disclosure - does anyone go...
    Lanie James
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  • Who is using the keyword interceptor to block specific words, phrases, content from posting to your Jive community?

    Just curious if there are any organizations out there actually using the keyword interceptor to actually block or restrict a specific word or phrase from being used in their Jive community for the purpose of legal/com...
    Lanie James
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  • Podcasts in Jive SBS

    Does anyone have any experience enabling podcasting in Jive? Is there a module that is required? Also, here's a concept I wanted to throw out there for comments. If I wanted to record a podcast while out on the road t...
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  • Like the new Jive 8 UI? You won't believe what the next generation looks like!

    I hope that, same as last year (Next generation user support and training in Jive) you didn't take this too seriously. If anyone wants invest in this, please contact me for our consulting rates. That being said, this ...
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  • What Is Your Top Reason Why Social Collaboration Could Fail?

    There are a couple of reasons, why Social Collaboration could possibly fail. Out of Three Key Tenets of Optimal Social Collaboration and 5 Reasons Why Corporate Social Tools Fail I compiled my top 7 reasons why Social...
    André Oksas
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  • Un-follow just the blog?

    We have a user who is getting great information from a group but the very active blog is not particularly helpful to him, so he'd like to keep following the group but un-follow the blog.  Since the blog has its o...
    Kirsten Laaspere
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  • DM/Sharing User Override

    Can anyone give a good definition for what allowing/denying this features turns on/off in your community? I did not see anything under the Jive Help documents that address this.   You can find this via  ad...
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  • Has anyone done a Jive Hack Day at their company?

    We do Innovation Challenges within our organization to try to build out prototypes of ideas for our internal products.  In addition, we know about Jive's hackathons at JiveWorld.  What I'm curious to know is...
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  • This one's for my homies in Rouge (aka Internal CMGRs)

    A great read for all my internal community homies, particularly those who are struggling with executive engagement. So, basically everyone. Link in the title for reference.     Digital hives: Creating a sur...
    Anne Shaneen
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  • How are your Legal teams using Jive?

    My team and I are planning a 2 hour workshop with our Legal department to help get them on board and how to work in new ways. Besides showing them how they can decrease email, quickly find what the need and other quic...
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  • Are you using a dashboard within your Community?

    We are in the process of creating a dashboard for our users so we can include data and I am wondering what other Communities are doing.   If you are utilizing a dashboard have you decided what to share with your...
    created by ac255026
  • Discussion regarding Community Manager Training: Inception Phase knowledge check

    Community Manager Training: Inception Phase knowledge check A quick review and knowledge check for the first phase of the community manager training undefined
    Holly DeFelice
    created by Holly DeFelice
  • Uses for Place Categories

    In the Introducing Jive Summer 2014 Release, Place Categories were introduced.   Besides being able to filter search results by place category, what are other use cases?   Is there a tile/widget that can s...
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  • CM certification - Did anyone take the Womma Community Specialist classes?

    I am following up on a previous discussion: Re: Is there a CM "certification" program available? Does this forum believe a CM "certification" is necessary to work as a CM?   Has anyone taken the Community Specia...
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