• Has anyone run into HR/Legal issues with Impact Metrics?

    There is some concern with our internal community that if someone looks at a Mental Health Benefits document, for example, then the author and admins can see that in the impact metrics and that could potentially be an...
    Kirsten Laaspere
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  • Looking for training material you can share... please

    Hi,   My company has recently started using Jive internally and while adoption has been ok we want to teach our teammates more about it and how they can use it better. We're planning on doing a couple of intern...
    Sheldon Levine
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  • When can we see the badge for internal training?

    I completed the internal community manager course. When can I get the badge assigned? Thanks!
    Gregory Sewell
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  • Proactively managing abusive content - keyword monitoring?

    Does anyone use a tool to proactively manage 'abusive' content, e.g. through keyword monitoring or anything like that. Often by the time someone notices an offensive post and reports it via 'Alert Administrator' it is...
    Claire Richardson
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  • How do you explain Jive in 3 minutes?

    A recent article in Blogs: Jive Talks spoke about engaging users and the common mistake of selling it as your corporate facebook (yes, me too...)   One of the things that I try to do now is to present a classic ...
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  • Issues with Jive for Office upgrade to 30.2?

    We've had several users upgrade from Jive for Office 30.1 to 30.2 when prompted, and the results are not good. This seems to have reintroduced an issue with the ribbon disappearing.  We had a "fix" for this that ...
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  • Concept of the best way to search the profiles of a specific set of users (feedback please!)

    I would appreciate some community input on this, as we are close to starting an effort on this subject that will have us asking ~ 1,500 users to update their profiles. I'm not a Jive developer, so my apologies if my ...
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  • Usage Metrics and Reporting

    I'm in the process of creating a template for a monthly report of usage and activities on our Jive instance. We've identified a number of metrics that we'd like to track, but since the Jive SBS doesn't generate a dash...
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  • For what type of content do you have the 5* User Rating feature on?

    Hello Internal Community Managers,   I see in this Jive Community, you can rate 1-star to 5-stars documents and blog posts, but not discussions. However, the admin console allows to turn on User Rating for al...
    created by Hady
  • Update on combining the Internal and External community groups

    Hey everyone, just wanted to give you an update: we will not be combining the two groups.   About the situation   I've dug a little deeper and thought more strategically about this and have come up with the ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Shouldn't other group admins be able to edit discussions, update tags?

    Hi all-   Noticing that another group administrator cannot edit a discussion I created or update the tags for content posted to that group.  Thought if you had group admin rights you had full control. Not s...
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  • ConnX Screenshot and Quotes (for CMAD)

    Here's a screenshot of our internal community at Chubb, ConnX!  Chubb is a global property and casualty insurance firm.     Here's a quote from one of our users: "ConnX was a tremendous success duri...
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  • Can you move a personal blog into a space blog?

    I'm considering creating an Executive corner space with categories for each executive. Employees would only have to follow one space and/or one space blog to get all executive communications. Some of our executives ar...
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  • Need your feedback on Community Manager Central

    I'm hoping I can get some feedback from the community managers in our midst. I want to create a space in the Jive Community that pulls together all things pertinent to community management (aka Community Manager C...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Has anyone used or integrated Citia for packaging and delivering targeted content?

    We have an issue with people not being able to find content from their mobiles because it is arranged/linked in HTML / widgets etc on Overview pages that are not viewable on cell... and they don't know what they are s...
  • Error in Notifications when an Event is Edited

    Hi there,   Curious if anyone has seen this issue before and if there is a way to fix it:   I created an event, and a user has accepted. Then, when I make edits to this event, the user is notified but rece...
    created by akoplen
  • How do you teach people to navigate Jive?

    Biggest complaint: They can log in, but they aren't sure how to navigate overall.   I think the best way to navigate is by typing keywords into the upper right hand search bar, but how do you teach every indi...
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  • Financial services - How have you navigated FINRA rules around licensed employees?

    I've seen some threads from 2011 on this topic but without detailed discussion around strategies.  Would be much obliged to connect with others at financial services firms who have already/are currently navigatin...
    created by leeannbird
  • Your View - useful?

    Hi All,   We are going live with Cloud in the next 3 weeks, and trying to receive some feedback on the "Your View" feature. We are aware that this feature can be enabled or disabled. Some of the concepts behind ...
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  • Watch a Tag - sorting the results

    Hello Community -   We are now using the "Watch a Tag" widget in some of our newer spaces, as a way to present different types of content to our community members.  I can't see an obvious way to sort the li...
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