• Ideas - Custom Fields per Place?

    We've been running an innovation challenge internally to all employees, and have been encouraging people to submit ideas to a specific space. We've used categories to organize the ideas submitted by topic. We want be...
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  • Ode to Jive

    I have email fatigue today, and this is what came out of it.  I put it as my status here, but no carriage returns messed up the meter and verse, so I thought I'd add it here.      I find email pa...
    Linda Doty
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  • Recreating Yesterday's Office Online

    In today’s multi-national companies, meeting rooms and hallways are virtual.   An enterprise social network helps us recreate yesterday’s office online.  It allows us to continue to converse an...
    (Sharon) Lina PEARCE
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  • Welcome to the Internal #cmgrs group! Please introduce yourself.

    Hello and welcome to the Internal Community Managers group! This group has been around for a few years, and is chock-full of fantastic tips and techniques from social business practitioners around the world. Most of t...
    Gia Lyons
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  • Email Notification Infographic (Decision Tree)

    Email notifications have been a big element of confusion for our users since we upgraded to Jive 6 from 4.5, because now email notifications are connected to streams, and many users don't yet understand what streams a...
    Caitlin Servilio
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  • Jive Terminology

    Term Definition More Powerful, Farther-Reaching Microblogging @mentioning can now be used all over the community, including in the Rich Text Editor. You can use it not only to direct traffic to people’s Communi...
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  • How do you induct people into your community?

    Here at Pearson we are really good at getting people onboard with Neo for existing colleagues, but we are struggling with the WOW factor for our new starters. We want to make our community part of the induction proces...
    Kim England
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  • Next generation user support and training in Jive

    So as you might have guessed, this is our April fools contribution to the Jive community. Hopefully you all agree that the result of a usability study on Jive shouldn't be the reintroduction of Clippy, the Microsoft O...
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  • Link shorteners not working anymore in MSN documents?

    Hi everyone -- we know there's an MSN bug that prevents us from hyperlinking directly to any content in our Jive instance from an MSN document (Word, Excel, etc.) To get around that, we've always suggested users use G...
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  • How do we delete a status level image?

    I see that we can replace or add a status level image, but how do we delete it all together?  We are trying to clean up all of the images and have a lot of orphaned images out there.
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  • Would you attend a monthly User Group and/or "Showcase" call with other internal community managers?

    In my former and current organizations I held/hold monthly user group meetings where we discuss a specific topic in detail.  I hold a second call that I call the Collaboration Showcase, but it is basically a show...
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  • Directory of social software

    Name Vendor              Features Integration Mobile Delivery       Jive         ...
    Olga Koz
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  • Benchmarking our User Adoption Stats

    Hi everyone, I've recently been doing a lot more analysis of of our Community's performance and pulled together this graph of User Adoption rates so far this year. We're really pleased to see all indicators trending u...
    Grant Costello
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  • How do I get a list of all spaces and subspaces AND their administrators, and groups and group owners?

    I need to reach out to all space admins and group owners. I haven't found a way to get a report of all spaces and their sub-spaces, with the space admin name.  And a report of all groups and group owners (althou...
    Tracy Adams
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  • Connecting Users/Sharing Profiles

    An employee asked me if there was a best practice for connecting users. Currently, he is creating direct messages or discussions and @mentioning the users he is wanting to introduce to each other, but he wishes there ...
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  • Jive Client Adoption Stats 2014

    The charts below catalog and track Jive Client adoptions stats. Feel free to share your stats by editing the appropriate chart.   When calculating percentages for Active, Participating and Contributing, be sure ...
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  • Jive Client Adoption Stats 2013

    The charts below catalog and track Jive Client adoptions stats. Feel free to share your stats by editing the appropriate chart.   Jive Clients - Analytics Module Latest Adoption Stats - How Do You Compare?  ...
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  • Corporate communications and your communities

    Hi everyone,   I'm the enterprise community manager for our internal company-wide Jive site (call Spark) and am looking for some info about how others have rolled out (or rolled in, as the case may be) corporate...
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  • Polling - hiding results

    Does anyone know of way that we can hide the results of a poll while it is still active.  One of my employees wants to run a recognition contest through a poll but does not want people to see who is in the lead u...
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  • Jive content expiration/general workflow app - Functionality review - Session #1

    3/13/14 8:00 AM
    Hello Internal Communities. As discussed in this thread: Anyone interested in getting a Jive app to set content expiration dates? we would like to present to interested parties the scope of functionality of this solut...
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    Jive content expiration/general workflow app - Functionality review - Session #1

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