• Calls to Action

    Gia Lyons and John Toker   Acknowledging Difference between Tiles and Widgets, in the 'old' days we might have added a call to action on an Overview page using an HTML widget and some bold graphics, perhaps the ...
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  • External Contributor Guide by Pearson

    A guide for community managers to share with their external contributors.
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  • How big is your team?

    I'm the sole community manager for our platform, doing everything from setting the vision to creating the educational components for user training and then handling service issues/requests. At times it feels like it's...
    Justin Thompson
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  • Resource Slide.ppt

    I was talking to April Jacobs about the challenge we can have getting additional resources.   This is a PPT I used to show how my job had changed over time as the community grew, the demands on me increased as w...
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  • Staffing Resources for Your Community

    I imagine Community Roundtable or other organizations might have something like this but I am curious as to the head count of resources for social collaboration at your company. Might you share?   It would grea...
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  • Workflow add-on for Jive: scope and letter of intent template

    Hello community managers. Thank you all for your broad participation in the initial discussion on this topic (Anyone interested in getting a Jive app to set content expiration dates?) and the two sessions we did with ...
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  • Using #hashtags (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) on company intranet/community

    Is anyone currently using #hashtag functionality on their internal company intranet/social community? If so, what are the business cases and reason for use? This question came up from one of our users and we are tryin...
    Jason Clemens
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  • Who is using the keyword interceptor to block specific words, phrases, content from posting to your Jive community?

    Just curious if there are any organizations out there actually using the keyword interceptor to actually block or restrict a specific word or phrase from being used in their Jive community for the purpose of legal/com...
    Lanie James
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  • Is there any way to change the default landing page when users create groups?

    Currently, our users have the ability to create groups, but the general feedback is the default landing page (activity) is not useful at all.  This is causing many groups to be abandoned because they don't know t...
    Tamera Rousseau-Vesta
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  • Jive versus SharePoint

    Does anyone have formal or informal documentation around Jive versus SharePoint comparison? I can cobble together some thoughts but I am sure someone already has a nice comparison capabilities and benefits flushed out...
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  • Register Now! Webinar: How to Lead in the Era of Digital Transformation

    Join us May 21st at 10am PDT for a webinar with Charlene Li, Founder and CEO of the Alimeter Group, Kristy Sundjaja, Chief of Staff at LivePerson, and our very own Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Katherine Lulkiewicz, ...
    Jen Burns
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  • Places: Group vs. Space

    One of the hardest concepts community members had difficulty understanding was the differences between Groups and Spaces when we launched our internal Jive community.  I had many people request a space for a proj...
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  • How do you decide if you should delete or archive a group?

    We have over 1,000 groups created in our community - we've been live for almost 3 months. We created a governance council but we are still trying to figure out the process for deleting and/or archiving groups. For exa...
    Sara Miller
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  • Community Manager Reports and Overall Metrics

    Hi - We are looking to standardize community reporting on a monthly basis as we evolve and build additional infrastructure / resources for our global community.  Just wondering if most share some key data from th...
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  • Activity pages & Purposeful places

    We're upgrading to Jive 7 (finally!) and we think our users will struggle with a couple of things: activity pages and purposeful places. We’ll provide comms and training for sure, but would appreciate learning ...
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  • Closed captioning on Jive videos -- what are other companies doing?

    We just turned on the Jive video module in our Jive instance for the first time (yay!) and we need to add closed captioning to videos that we have created to make them accessible.  I've been made aware that Youtu...
    created by cservilio
  • What works best in a "water cooler" space?

    Hi All,   We are working on a new concept for our "Community" page, where employees can freely interact.  I'm wondering if anyone has examples of what has worked in this environment.  Is it more "open ...
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  • How did Jive create the Hero Carousel?

    Does anyone know how Jive created the hero carousel on: https://community.jivesoftware.com/welcome   Is it using the HTML widget?  Can Jive share how this was achieved?  Has anybody else recreated?&nbs...
    Miles Appel
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  • Has anyone used Jive to accommodate a formal mentor program?

    Jive is a great platform for informal mentoring, but we want to also use it for formal mentoring relationships where not only can they search profiles and make connections, but we want to be able to track formal mento...
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  • How do you agregate blog posts from different blogs?

    Our use case is that we have a number of leadership blogs we would like to aggregate within a group. I want to have the Avatar and the 200 character description.  Stacking the "View Blog" widget works, but then I...
    Miles Appel
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