• Anyone else have people marking as Success instead of Correct?

    I've noticed several times that when I suggest to people that they mark a response as correct if it has answered their question, their reaction is to instead mark as Success. I suspect this is because they are respond...
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  • Follow Versus Join a Group

    An example of what I wrote in FALive --   Above each group, each user has the option to Follow or Join this group. What are the differences?     First, remember the different types of groups:  ...
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  • Skills vs Expertise - how are you explaining the difference?

    And is there one?   Let me explain, Dennis Pearce and I are looking at ways to increase our number of completed profiles in our Jive community (Innovate).  That problem isn't unique among most us Jive CM's ...
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  • Customizing Homepage for Different Groups of People?

    Not sure if this is possible without customization but is it possible to customize the homepage for different groups of people?   Our community is unique in that it's kind of external&internal in one-- with ...
    April Jianto
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  • Jive 6 Icons - Description / Styles

    Is there a location that has all the jive icons and an explanation / naming convention of each of them? We would really like this for our community and thought we should reach out to this community for it. If not, we ...
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  • Has anyone created a Jive + Box Integration user document?

    I am looking for something similar to Google Drive Integration: Everything You Need To Know for the Box+ Jive Integration. Or has anyone created a guide for their end users? I am noticing that the JC is lacking in Box...
    April Jianto
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  • The Field Year in Review

    Open video

    Austin Openshaw
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  • Tweetwall... the Jive version

    Hey guys,   We have an event taking place soon, and want to support this with live updates from our Wave community here at NBCUniversal International.   Is there a Tweetwall equivalent for Jive that will...
    Tony Stewart
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  • Concept of the best way to search the profiles of a specific set of users (feedback please!)

    I would appreciate some community input on this, as we are close to starting an effort on this subject that will have us asking ~ 1,500 users to update their profiles. I'm not a Jive developer, so my apologies if my ...
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  • Value the Opinions of Others?

    Many use social without knowing how to reach out and see the bigger picture by listening to others.  In Help Social Learners Look Beyond What They See | Better Learning Communities, I take a look at ways we can f...
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  • What do you do with content created by someone who has left your company?

    We have a community that has invited in in external and internal users.  Much of the content created in our community is useful to an external user, even if the employee who created the content has left the compa...
    Dana Grennier
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  • Quick access to Places via Mobile

    I am looking for the fastest way to access a group via Mobile.  It is a common action, but I have not found an easy way to do it other than via search, or backing into a Place via Activity stream.   I am ab...
    Miles Appel
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  • Successful Campaigns

    Hello fellow community managers...   We've been working on a tool to help our organisation understand our company structure and how this plays out in our community Neo. Our big reveal will be in July and we are ...
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  • Welcome to the Internal Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome to the Internal Community Managers group! This group has been around for a few years, and is chock-full of fantastic tips and techniques from social business practitioners around the world. Most of t...
    Gia Lyons
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  • Changing Default Text Settings

    Is there a way to change the default text size, color, font?   Right now it is at 10pt, and it just seems too small.  The color and font I threw in for the fun of it.  I don't intend to change those de...
    Kevin Jones
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  • Activity pages & Purposeful places

    We're upgrading to Jive 7 (finally!) and we think our users will struggle with a couple of things: activity pages and purposeful places. We’ll provide comms and training for sure, but would appreciate learning ...
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  • Looking for advice on zipping all space content for download

    Hi, We've had a few requests from our Space Admins to be able to get all the content (documents, discussions) from a space that is no longer in use before we close it down. We're looking into ways we might be able to...
    Jeff Crump
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  • A Journalist's Formula for Crafting Killer Internal Messages

    Here's how to resonate with readers when communicating on an internal platform like Jive:       First, tackle the big questions. What is the article about? Make sure your topic has broad appeal....
    Rachel Nebozuk
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  • Check this out: State of Community Management 2015

    In case you live under a really big rock or you are new to community management, I want to point out to you some amazing research done yearly by the Community Roundtable which is headed up by Rachel Happe.   She...
    Libby Taylor
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  • How can I gather all "ideas" from different spaces in Jive into one space where we can organize them?

    Hi anyone who can help me,   My company has a very specific ask in terms of Jive's Idea function and I'm hoping that someone else has done this before and can help me figure it out for our instance. Here's wha...
    Sheldon Levine
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