Most of the interactions in your Jive community are “asynchronous” – one user posts a question to the community, which other users discover and comment on. Another user posts a poll, which receives submissions throughout the day, as other users discover it. How would you like to enable real-time interactions within your Jive community? Let’s first consider the “why,” then I’ll cover the “how.”


The Benefits of Real-Time Interactions in Your Community


1) Strengthens the Bonds Within the Community.

Image of the Emmy Award. Photo courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on flickr.


Let’s consider a community of daytime television fans. They interact and converse (online) throughout the year, writing posts, commenting on posts and voting on polls. This activity happens every day, every week, every month. It’s a constant stream of activity, all year round.


But let’s consider what happens on the evening of The Emmy Awards. Now, the community gathers for an “event,” during which they’re all online at once, commenting, tweeting, cheering (for their favorite show or actress) and sharing. The real-time interactions from the Emmy Awards help to strengthen the community ties. For baseball fans, a similar analogy would be The All-Star Game or The World Series.


2) Follow Up on Pre-Existing Conversation Threads.


I’m sure you’ve spotted them: extended and multi-threaded conversations in your Jive communities. The depth of a conversation tells me one thing: the topic of the conversation has struck a chord. It’s something the community feels passionately about. So whether your community is for internal communications or external communications, identify the topics receiving the most conversation and schedule a live webcast to address it.


For internal communications, it might be your CEO addressing the changes to your stock option plan. For external communications, it may be your VP Product addressing the feature changes in your cloud-based ERP system. In either case, the real-time communications provide an effective mechanism extending the dialog around conversations – and perhaps even gaining closure on some.


3) Tap Into Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Community.


Your Jive community is already providing you with significant business value. With real-time communications, however, you have the opportunity to engage with them at a single point in time. Use interactive tools such as real-time polls, chat and Q&A to tap into the wisdom of the crowd (i.e. your community). Get feedback on everything from your company policies (internal communications) to your product features (external communications). You can also hold brainstorming sessions to “crowdsource” product ideas.


4) Give Your Community Direct Access to Executives or Thought Leaders.


Give your community opportunities they otherwise would not have received. If you’re a Fortune 500 company with tens of thousands of employees, make your CEO available for a 30 minute “Ask Me Anything” session. If you’re a technology vendor, make your rock star CTO available to answer real-time questions about your technology solution.


But How Can This Be Done?


Answer: the INXPO !App, which is available in the Jive !Apps Market.


With our !App, you can enable a "Social Business TV" network right within your Jive community. Users can view live webcasts, engage in real-time chat and even play social games, all without leaving Jive. Here's a video that provides more information on Social Business TV: