Dr. Carmen Taran is a leading expert in online presentations. Carmen is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rexi Media, a San Francisco based company that provides training and workshops in presentations techniques. On Thursday, December 13th at 12:00pm ET, Carmen will present a live program in INXPO TV titled "Presentation Tips for Your Webcasts". If you've ever wondered how to make your webcasts more engaging - and, to get an audience of multi-taskers to actually pay attention to you, then this is the webcast for you.


Attend the Webcast: Right Here in Jive


But wait! There's more to this offer. Not only is this webcast absolutely free, but if you're willing to attend, we'll throw in something else: you can attend right here from the Jive Community.


That's right! You can attend right here from the Jive Community.


But wait a second! How could that be possible? Call it the magic of the INXPO app. Here are directions:


Directions to Attend the Webcast


1) Visit the Jive Apps Market, then search for "inxpo". I get an "Installed" button, because I've already taken this step. If you haven't installed our app yet, simply click the "Install" button to do so.




2) Confirm that the app appears in your Apps Dashboard:




3) Click "Attend" and you'll enter the "always on" INXPO TV environment (note: it really is like TV; there's something to watch any time of day or night - and you'll also have live programming, like this Thursday's webcast). Here's how it looks (in Jive) once you enter:




4) Click on the "Thought Leadership" Channel, in which Carmen's webcast is airing:




5) Once you've completed all these steps, add this program to your calendar, so that when Thursday arrives, you'll receive a reminder to join. Alternatively, visit this link to access the calendar reminder directly:




Can't make it to our live program on 12/13? That's quite alright! Just follow the same steps (above) and you'll be able to view Carmen's program on demand (just like the on-demand menu on your TV system at home) as soon as it's concluded. And in the meantime, there's plenty of on-demand content available for your viewing right this moment. So what are you waiting for? I'll see you in INXPO TV, via Jive!ting