We will be performing an upgrade of our US VPN infrastructure during the Maintenance Window on Saturday March 8th, 2014 at 10:00pm PST. It is estimated that this work will take one hour, during which all customer VPNs in the US will experience an outage.


This upgrade is necessary in order to meet network platform requirements for reliable, supportable, and secure operation of the VPN service. This upgrade also ensures accommodation for current and future VPN demands.  As with most upgrades, the new version brings bug fixes, improved stability, and enhanced security.

There are no gateway changes on the customer-end required for this upgrade. Extensive testing has been performed to avoid needing customer involvement as much as possible. If any troubleshooting is required, we will contact individual customers directly.


For more details on the work being performed during this upgrade, how we will test once the upgrade is complete, and more please see the VPN Gateway Upgrades FAQ