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With the release of Jive 7 and the number of customers undergoing a Major Upgrade or onboarding a new community, we have seen an increase in requests to upgrade to minor versions such as 7.0.1 before the new site is live. To meet this demand in the most effective way possible we have developed the Fast Track Upgrade Program for Minor Upgrades.


The goal of this program is to ensure our customers have an easy and expedient option for being on the latest and most stable version available when they launch their community.


Full details on the program and how to take advantage of it can be found in the Minor Upgrade Fast Track Program Overview document. We ask that anyone who may be interested in exercising this option reads through that document in it's entirety, as the process to request a Fast Track upgrade is included there. We have also tried to address some anticipated questions in the Minor Upgrades Fast Track Program FAQ.


If you have any questions regarding this program which are not addressed in the FAQ, please submit a case in your private support group. We look forward to helping customers take full advantage of this new option.