• AWS Cloud Search Outage

    Jive Software Status Investigating - This only affects European customers using AWS Cloud Serach Sep 10, 03:43 PDT   I think it's been two week since our migration to AWS Cloud Search. I can find very fe...
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  • Migration from Jive cloud to Jive Hosted

    Hi Experts,   Greetings!!   We are exploring different solutions Jive provides for its customers and would like to explore the Hosted solution for our project. We would be required to migrate data and cont...
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  • System requirements for Jive hosted latest

    Hi All,    I have a problem with jive hosted 8.0.2 setup. For this, we have some following questions. 1) What is the latest version for Jive hosted? 2) What is the maven version for latest jive hosted env...
  • how to disable logout link in avatar menu

    Hi, We are trying to disable the Logout option in jive hosted environment. Is there any property to disable the logout menu item in avatar.  Please any one help us as soon as possible   Thank you Sunil G
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  • From which version add-on option available

    From which version add-on option available
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  • Where is the documentation for migration from Hosted to Cloud

    I noticed that there is process documentation for upgrades and migration, but the documentation for instances migrating from hosted to cloud is either missing or elsewhere. Can you point me in the right direction?
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  • Automated deployments via JCA.

    Hi, We are toying with the idea of automating the deployments of the plugins we use to our hosted jive instances. We have an internal Jenkins instance running tests and building this plugins in a continuous manner a...
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  • Copy of PHX availability event 2014-03-22, original thread has disabled commenting

    Jive experienced a power outage this morning in our Phoenix data center that affected some of our US-based customers.  The team worked quickly to resolve the issue and restore all functionality. We know that this...
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  • Pending invite

    Hi,   Please can you approve Kathy Marshall as a group member? She is new to our team and will need access to these materials as part of our upgrade to Jive 7.   Thanks, Ollie
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  • Make the JCA highlight more clearly when you are on the Prod system!

    When ever I log in to the JCA it always drops me into the prod site.   This resulted today in nearly taking the system down when trying to update UAT.   Could it be made so that the JCA defaults to UAT, an...
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  • Is there a Cloud customer group?

    I'm a Cloud Essentials customer. Is this Hosted group the correct place for me or is there another Cloud customer group I should be a part of as well?
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  • Search issues for hosted instance?

    It looks like the same issues from Cloud Search Issue 2013-09-10 have returned.   @mentions don't work, the search box only returns people results, etc.   [10:26am] kpeters: can reproduce results in jive c...
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  • Our hosted Jive site is down. Yours?

    It went down early Saturday morning, March 9th (US Pacific Time).   Is anyone else effected? Or is it it just us?  We are running on Jive 2.6, if that matters, and were apparently recently moved to the Pho...
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  • Latency accessing our Jive On-prem instance from Europe, solution?

    Hi Support team,   Context of our concern : We are global company located in multiple cities around the world (we are not alone I guest) (Montreal - Toronto - NYC - Amsterdam - Paris). We've invest incredible ...
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  • What does "go/no go date" mean?  re: Phoenix migration

    Hello-   Could some one help clarify what this date means? This pertains to the scheduling of the Phoenix migration, thanks.
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  • reset cloud admin password

    How can I reset my cloud admin password.   thanks
  • Open Discussion about Phoenix Data Center

    This thread has been created from conversations originating here: Jive Data Center FAQ   If would like to ask open questions to this group around this topic, please consider posting them here, as our team will ...
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  • List of ports, connections & requirements for Jive hosted instances

    I've seen the documentation for Jive hosted applications, plug-ins, etc in the documentation.   Is there a complete document listing the ports, connections and other client security & infrastructure require...
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  • Questions regarding Phoenix Data Center and our migration there

    Hello, I would like to receive answers to the following questions: 1. BSC was scheduled for a dry run on 5/28. I would like to know if that happened or not. 2. I would like to know if the previous data center had t...
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  • Jive Hosting roles and responsibilities

    Hi Jive Hosting, we are in the process of moving hosting to you and am looking for info on what is included in your Hosting package. Reason I ask is, for example, when we recently installed the new ‘Community Ma...
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