Thanks to Oudi Antebi I want to share his approach on how to talk to a MS Sharepoint customer when you are invited to position Jive.

This talk track works, I want to hear from Rita Brandao her experience on how good or bad this will help.

Here it goes:


Lately i've been involved in several prospect meetings where the customer wants to get a "deep dive into our SharePoint connector".



I want to share how i've been doing these sessions and give some of what I found to be a good best practice:






Even when a customer is requesting the entire session to be a deep dive on SharePoint, it is extremely important that we start by sharing the Jive point of view FIRST. The reason this is so important is because we sometimes assume the customer already knows the value and Jive's unique point of view (probably because this is not the first customer meeting / demo). However when the deep dive SP sessions take place it is very common that people from IT who run SP come in to the meeting for the first time and don't know Jive too well. Their impression in many cases is that we are very similar to SP and their entire attitude is negative. While they don't often say it they might be thinking "why the hell doIi need to even bother with this integration when SP can / will do all of that".






The other thing I highly recommend you do even before you start any demo or POV sharing is to talk about how we have no intention to replace SP. the way i convey the message is as follows:






Jive and SharePoint are 2 complimentary solutions, Jive focuses on people engagement and SP does things that we have no intention to do. For example SP is used as a .net development platform, SP provides advanced project management with MS Project, Infopath workflows, BI dashboards and more.

By admitting that we have no intention to do all of these things we are basically reinforcing the message that SP is not going anywhere and that those IT guys have nothing to fear when it comes to losing their jobs.

Then talk about the fact that because we don't have any aspirations to replace SP our integration strategy is not a one time "hit and run" but rather we have a dedicated team that is constantly building a better together story. we want to make sure SP and Jive have a long term co existence strategy. and that today we will show V2 but we are already working on V3 and beyond. The people working on this project are SP experts and SP gurues who care about making these 2 platforms Jive






I can't express enough how important it is to put this on the table and deflate this perception those SP guys have that we are all about replacing their "baby".






Then I say "before we do a deep dive on the SP integration I wanted to give a quick reminder of why we believe we are so complimentary and have a collaboration solution that is DIFFERENT.






So always start with a 10 minute overview and demo of our unique POV:






talk and show that Jive believes in collaborating with a purpose and demo purposeful places (I recommend the deal room as the SFDC integration makes a great story of how we package our integrations right into the product)

Talk about our unique view that "talking is not enough and good collaboration platforms need to allow people to take action right from within a conversation" and show structured outcomes.

Talk about the importance of knowing how a message being sent is impacting people, how many and who saw my message, understand sentiment of my message.... and show impact stats on a blog. explain how this will transform the way people communicate in the enterprise and know what happens with their message.

Talk and show how Jive can augment any line of business app with Jive anywhere

Finish by talking about the fact that SP is not the only platform we integrate with and that we believe people spend even more time in outlook and office and show / talk about what we do there.






Then you can go into the deep dive around our SP integration solution and take that out of the way.






I know this is a lot, it can be done by sharing a combination of screenshots and live demos but I promise you this makes the whole difference.






At that point, as you get ready to talk about the SP integration, you know that the people in the room know WHY they should even bother thinking about integrating Jive into SP to benefit from the unique capabilities we offer. otherwise those people are there just have no understanding and therefore incentive to even do



I know Account reps hear from the customer many times "focus only on the module and SP" and I encourage everybody to take control over the conversation and ensure people ALWAYS know why they should even bother with an integration.






Has anyone done the above and can share their experience?