While things are still subject to change before the release is finalized, here are the highlights of what we've been working on... We can't tell you everything yet (our PR team is holding back some juicy stuff...) but this should be enough whet the taste buds. The features listed here will be available to our Cloud customers when the Fall Release goes live (currently slotted for November), and will be rolled up into Jive 7 for release later in the year.


Connecting People and Identifying ExpertiseScreen Shot 2013-09-16 at 5.34.21 PM.png

Get more from your investment in people

  • Dynamic and personalized profiles: In addition to a super slick redesign, we've made profiles much more relevant to day-to-day work. Highlights included tiles for featured content, recent activity, and connections / org chart, and a gallery view for photos with automatic re-size and a full-screen image viewer. New profiles are easily configured by admins for specific company needs.
  • Expertise and endorsements: Roughly 20% of an employee's time is spent looking for the right people with the right knowledge. We've tackled the problem in our Fall Release. You'll be able to list your expertise in your profile, suggest expertise in your co-worker's profiles, and endorse co-workers for existing expertise. You'll also be able to search by expertise, with higher-ranking search results for most-endorsed expertise, and invite members to groups based on expertise.



Understanding Impact

Greater visibility for individual content creators and community leaders alike


  • Much awaited Analytics Service: This is the foundation for the next generation of reporting, insights, and BI on Jive. We've created a centralized analytics backend that will power Impact Metrics and a new Data Export API, making custom reports as easy as exporting to CSV.
  • Impact Metrics: Leveraging the new Analytics Service, Impact Metrics will become real time! We are adding the ability to view data by Department to know who you're impacting, and adding visibility into how much email your content is generating, so you can track your impact beyond your single piece of content. The most innovative part of the new Impact Metrics is our referrer capture, which will show you who drives viewers to your content, giving you visibility into who is aiding the distribution of your message and helping you learn how to improve your influence and your reach.
  • Jive Business Analytics: While Impact Metrics measure the impact of a specific piece of content, the new Jive Business Analytics module gives administrators visibility into community-level behavior. Configurable for each company's goals and objectives, Jive Business Analytics allows administrators to dig deep into user behavior and analyze employee productivity with three out-of-the-box use-cases: On Boarding, Organizational Intelligence, and Strategic Alignment.


Talk to Action

For customers who use Jive as their social productivity platform, we are continuing to add features that add power to productivity, including a new social task system and smarter search.


  • New Structured Outcomes with smarter search: New structured outcomes include the option to mark content as "Outdated," as "Official," or as "[Community Name] Success." Search results will be weighted by outcomes (which means that Official rises to the top, and Outdated can say a quiet goodbye as it grows old in peace... Yea!)
  • Producteev + Jive Task Integration. [Cloud-only Beta] We're introducing our first deep integration with Producteev! The new integration will replace the existing Jive task system, and will bring task-specific tiles to Groups, Space, and Projects. The new integration will also allow for in-line task creation. Yippie!
  • Producteev in Outlook: We're bringing tasks to where people need them--in their inbox. If you're using Jive for Outlook, you can create, assign, and manage tasks directly from your Outlook inbox, and easily convert an email to a task.


Collaborate with a Purpose

More power for Purposeful Places

  • Enhanced theming for top level nav and individual Places
  • Centrally curated tiles that update in all Places where they are used
  • New Place templates including Producteev Task Template


Beyond a Destination

Bring Jive to wherever work is done

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.52.05 AM.png

  • Mobile: Our iPad app is growing up and becoming Universal. It's getting experience improvements, feature additions, and coming to iPhone too! This not only means rich creation experiences and an iOS7 look, but also that the iPhone and iPad app will be one app to manage across devices. With the release of the new app, we'll also be tested and certified for both Good and Mobile Iron, which will allow for app wraps and management. We're enhancing the mobile web experience, too, with a focus on public communities, giving our customers more flexibility in branding and theming their community on mobile. Whether logged in or browsing as a guest, users can view videos, start discussions, share their latest gamification mission completion in a status update and much more. Finally, we're beefing up Jive Present with the ability to add HTML applications to deliver forms, interactive presentations, and add 3D renderings...
  • Box Integration. We're adding much-requested support for Spaces and Projects and for connecting existing places in Jive to new Box folders. Desktop sync can now be enabled for Box folders connected to Jive.
  • Tile, template, and integration management. GUI based administration of tiles, templates, and integrations. If you have the Events plugin, you'll now see those events in a tile; same with the video plugin.  We've also added a gallery tile, where you can showcase images or files.  Furthermore, tiles are now organized into categories, just like templates. And, based on feedback from the field, we've updated our list of available templates to more accurately reflect the needs of our customers.
  • StreamOnce. In addition to having live e-mail conversations from Jive through your Email Distribution List in Exchange or Google Group, you can now also do so with Groups in other internal social networks like Chatter and Yammer. For external communities, we have also added Twitter, Facebook (fan pages), and RSS feed so that you can bring your various different channels of social interaction into Jive. For sales and business development teams that collaborate with partners and customers through Dropbox and Evernote, we can also bring those into Jive so that you can work inside of Jive and can still see important files or notes that partners share with you.
  • Add-Ons Registry: Now any third-party developer can upload a package to the registry and have it be available to any Jive instance that's connected to cloud.


And More...

Video communications are an important part of how our customers want to use Jive. Now, the Jive video experience is like a professional YouTube for the enterprise.


  • Import 3rd Party Videos. Create videos by importing them from other video websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Ted, Dailymotion and many more.
  • Improved Video Viewing Experience. The video content page has been redesigned to give users a much larger and immersive video viewing experience.
  • Better Video Player. Much simpler, cleaner and capable video player that can play HD videos in full 16:9 aspect ration and resizes based on any view size.
  • Better Video Creator. The video creation process has been significantly improved to allow for a better video uploading experience, a new and powerful recording experience, and the all new create by importing from a another video site option.