En palabras de nuestro lider Alex Van Deusen - Em palavras de nosso líder Alex Van Deusen:


Driving success with our Partners is one of the key ways that we are going to create velocity in 2015.    Cisco is a key strategic partner and working successfully with Cisco can help accelerate our sales in a big way. However partnering with Cisco over the last few months hasn't been easy.    Cisco is big and sells lots of products not just collaboration.   What we have heard from Cisco teams is " Jive seems big and complicated" or " I have a difficult time understanding what Jive sells exactly".  We have also heard from Cisco Sales teams is "how can I make money when selling Jive".

When partnering with Cisco sales teams and Cisco partners we need to simplify the offers we jointly sell and position them in terms they understand.  Therefore in 2015 we are going to get laser focused on three offers with Cisco. The offers are Jive Social Intranet for Cisco, Jive X Customer Support for Cisco and Jive Employee Support for Cisco.   To make them easier to understand  with Cisco Sales. We will position them with the Cisco sales teams and Cisco partners as follows: Social Intranet/Smart Directory,  Customer Communities/Next Generation Contact Center and Employee Support/Social Support Desk.

Our Goal should be very clear.   Meet with your Cisco Sales Teams or Partners in your Geo.  Present are simplified offers and approach.  Show the Cisco Sales Team or Partner how this drive Cisco Products. Than leverage them to find at least one customer opportunity per sales rep.  




They key to exciting Cisco Sales about these offers is showing how these will drive Cisco Products and Solutions which is how Cisco sales teams make money.   Each of these solutions is bundled with Cisco products and drives Cisco sales as well as Jive.


To make this as easy as possible for the Cisco Sales Teams and Partners we have created Cisco selling tools simplified and designed for Cisco Sales.   Cisco one page battle cards, email template scripts, case studies, and demo scripts.  All of this we have made accessible here: Jive for Cisco Sales Brief-1


This deck is for YOU to meet with Cisco sales teams and partners and within 10 minutes explain Why Jive,

What We sell Together and How They Make Money. 

Then point them to the selling collateral or share it with them directly.  We will posting all the collateral and links to Jive on the Cisco Marketplace https://marketplace.cisco.com/catalog/companies/jive-software


Go get an appoitment and sell some Jive.